Monday, December 19, 2016

He's Six!

So you think it's about time I post something....anything...on this poor neglected blog of mine? I finally have a little bit of break to breathe between photo sessions and thought I would take a moment to write up my oldest's 6 year post.

6. SIX.

Some days I can't even believe it. Then I look at him and I feel like every day I notice something about him that looks older. The way he is stretching out, his dimply round face looking a bit more chiseled and refined. His pants are getting shorter, and his hands bigger and stronger. I'm realizing more and more that we are getting closer and closer to a young man in the making.

 This has been a big year. He started kindergarten, and he could not possibly love it any more if he tried.. His teacher has put in a request for a class full of Cole's. :) I get comments pretty much every week about how he's never without a smile. He walks (runs) in with a gigantic, ear-to-ear-smile. Often times his brothers and I are left in the dust of his run every morning. I'm pretty sure  he would rather be at school than at home with me.

 He wastes no time to  hang up his coat and backpack, grab his supply box and get right to work on whatever his teacher has set at his desk. Apparently he is usually the first one finished and I'm so not surprised by this. He has always been a bit of an overachiever.

Every day I'm reminded how ready he was for this and how thankful I am that we found a school that we adore as much as he does. So far he says his favorite subjects are P.E. and Library. And of course, he anxiously awaits what his weekly role with be....he has been dying to be on calendar duty but has put a lot of pride in being the weather man.

I've noticed a change in his vocabulary. It includes things like "cool-cool" and his most recent "definitely". Kyle and I both crack up whenever he uses the last. 

Me: "Cole, are you ready for dinner?"
Cole: "definitely"

Of course, there are many types of scenarios and questions that he uses this word for, and every time it makes me smile.  I just feel like it is another way he makes himself feel bigger and older. 

And I'm realizing now that I never blogged about his my....poor first born. 

He decided last year that he wanted a minion party. He hadn't even seen any of the minion movies when he made his decision. But he stuck with it. So a minion party we had.

I feel like our parties are getting less and less in the creative department. Mainly, because I'm tired. Always tired. And throwing two parties about a month apart is proving to kick my tushy.  But in all honesty, I'm finding that the details just don't seem to matter. What matters is that we set aside one day to celebrate and throw some extra special love on my boys. Just having their family there (and presents and cupcakes--of course) seems to be all that is needed. 

I've also loosened my grips a bit and let them step in and help when they asked. My former perfectionistic ways would have had a panic attack. But now, I am embracing the help and.....perhaps the excuse that it wasn't my fault if they don't turn out. ;)

Cole and Bennett were in charge of helping make the twinkie minions for the cupcakes. Speaking of which, when was the last time anyone ate a twinkie?! They were more disgusting than I remember them being. But the boys thought they were amazing! 

But by golly, they looked pretty cute and I just loved watching how intently and hard they worked on them and the little details.

in addition to the cupcakes, we served banana cream pie cups, pineapple fizzy sludge drink, and of course, more bananas--because I was informed that was a minions favorite thing to eat.

And then I got the bright idea that we would get a photo of all the boys....

I asked them nicely to get together and smile---please?!


Check out the birthday boys face.....can you guess who was the guilty party in this picture?  

He slightly redeemed himself, but Davis was less than impressed.

I'm pretty sure Cole wrapped some random things around the house for presents for others... he does this often--birthday or not. He just loves to wrap things up and give them away. 

He;'s also been my decorator sidekick. I've never met someone his age who loves to rearrange, organize, decorate and put such a personal spin on everything. I've given up on any kind of pinterest worthy room and just let him do what he wants. Because he will spends hours turning his room into his latest vision. 

He spent a full day covering his room wall-to-wall in pictures that he artistically drew. 

And then there were a few weeks/months were he had converted his room into an office like dad's. He used spare wood beams and old cardboard boxes. But everything had a special place and absolutely HAD to be realistic or it just wouldn't cut it.  The times that him and Bennett spent in their "office" was bliss. For several hours they actually got along while answering phones and typing on their computers. They stayed very very busy, I think their boss is a bit of work horse and runs a tight shift. Where else are undies the appropriate work attire? Undies....always the undies.

Then there was the library inspired after a recent trip to ours. He had certain sections for different books, a scanner, and was, of course, the sole librarian.

He received a huge tub of legos for his birthday and those have become a favorite pastime when not turning our home into one of his organized creations. And when he isn't building, he can often be found drawing or wrapping a present for someone.

Seriously, this boy loves presents---giving them almost as much as receiving (almost). I have just loved to see this generous and thoughtful side come out of him. I think it's pretty safe to say that giving of gifts is one of his strongest love languages.

I love to watch his eyes sparkle and dance when he gifts things to people. He get so incredibly excited and then slightly awkward and embarrassed when he receives the praises of thanks. This is just a smidge of the many things that I adore about him.

He is thoughtful and kind and such a giver.

 We've had lots of hard moments this year. There's been a lot of adjustments. But I have got to say, that I'm loving to see the kind of person he is growing up to be. I love learning knew ways he ticks, I like to see what catches his attention. And I have LOVED watching him shine as he has gone to school. I love that he loves to learn, takes pride in following all the little details of assignments and strives to do the very best he can. Those are such amazing traits that will carry him far in life.

I know too often there are days that I run out of energy to keep up with him...days I feel I strike out and should have--could have done better. But he has been so resilient to my shortcomings and I couldn't be prouder.

Proud mom. Right here.

Proud of him, proud of what he has accomplished...what he wishes to accomplish. We lucked out when God gave him to us as our firstborn. Sometimes my heart gets stuck in this weird position where I catch a glimpse of him as a teenager. I get excited (a lot scared) but mostly excited for what is to come with him.

Cole, you are an amazing amazing young boy. Thank you for who you are and for lavishing me with so many gifts. My most favorite gift though, is you. You were the greatest gift born back that October day 6 years ago. You are the gift that keeps on giving (literally). You are always giving, you little sweetheart.

Love you to infinity and beyond bud (and no, you can't top that kind of love---my love is stronger and always will be ;) ) 

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Since it's almost time to celebrate Cole's birthday party, I thought it would be a good idea to get Bennett's done and documented.

Somewhere along the line of last year he developed a love of dinosaurs. He's been asking for a dinosaur party for as long as he realized he could actually put in a request for the type of party he wanted.

I actually loved the idea, and knew we would be able to use a lot of his dinosaurs for decoration. I've also had to let go of the fact that things are going to get reorganized and redecorated despite my best efforts. I'm learning to loosen up and embrace the "help".

Sure, it may not look "perfect" in some eyes, but it does in mine. Because I know that there were some cute little hands that worked very hard to make their display look party worthy.

All the dino's lined up and ready for the party to start!

 Grandma Bonnie helped make us the volcano while the boy's cousins were visiting from Germany. And then the boys got to finish it up and help paint it. Which turned into a huuuuuge mess that I won't even go into details about. But it was a mess and they nearly lost having their volcano at all.

I had some nests around that we threw up there as dino nests filled with cupcakes and rock candy.

In my heart of hearts I wanted to have "herbivore" and "carnivore" snacks....but when it came right down to it, I just didn't have the energy or time. And decided it wasn't worth the stress, so we kept it simple and stuck to oreo "dirt" cupcakes and "swamp juice".

The boys just love all their cousins, so we decided to have some fun with them. I got everyone dinosaur masks. They looked so cute, and the littlest dino didn't seem to be very enthused about the mask idea.

P.S. You know your cousin is completely comfortable and right at home when she packs up her slippers to wear at the party. :) 

 We had a dino egg scavenger hunt. Which was brought to my attention that no, they were not actual dinosaur eggs, but plastic Easter eggs. Duh. We all raised a bunch of literals. Once they moved past that little fact, they hunted and found eggs stuffed with dinosaur tattoos, hatching dino eggs, and something else...I can't really remember now.

The best part happened when Cole announced that I needed to pass out goodie bags. And I looked at him completely confused and told him that I didn't have goodie bags....he went running inside and came out with ziplocs full of "stuff". He had made everyone their own goodie bag! In case you forgot, he breathes for parties and picks the ball up when I apparently drop it. We all got a good laugh and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the things that he randomly put in each bag. This one included a game piece (thank you Na for giving it back), a bracelet that he had made, one solo purple crayon and a sucker. He needs to be my party coordinator from now on....

We did all the normal party stuff like opening presents, playing, story time for my littlest bookworm, and of course cupcakes.

Mmmm....cupcakes. Easiest recipe ever! Yes, usually I'm all about cupcakes from scratch, but I was in the mood for a white based batter, and I just needed easy. Plus, I could have eaten a bowl full of that oreo frosting by itself.

Davis thought so too....he would have gladly gone for a few more cupcakes. I'm pretty sure he sat there saying "pease?" in his sweetest voice. Let's just say he gets lots of extra cookies and sweets that I never would have allowed his brothers....perks of being third child I suppose.

It was such a fun day celebrating my big boy! I'm so thankful for all who showed up to make him feel dinosauriffic (too much?)

We love you sweet Bennett boy, happy (very late) 4th birthday dude!