Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Lately

It has been refreshing on many different levels.

We got to spend some quality time with my dear friend and her boy....and we kicked back while all of our boys ran around, playing with sticks, turning over trampolines to be used as a slide and launch pad, and doing what little boys do best.

There were only a few swings and scuffles, but mostly it was so much fun to be able to chat while watching our boys enjoy life.

Davis rolled over. I missed it, but Cole didn't. Cole had just demonstrated to him how to roll over. I  turned my back for two seconds to clean up some toys. Then Cole started yelling praises and yelling at me that baby rolled over. He looked like such a proud big brother as he got to witness such a big milestone.

He then stood up in a super-hero-like stance and yelled, "I'm going to teach him everything I know!" 

That proud big brother has also proven to me over and over again how much of a heart of gold he truly has. I know that deep down he wants to please, he wants to obey, and he wants to make Jesus smile. He has truly been working hard on controlling his out of control emotions when I tell him "no". He has been choosing to say "OK mom" instead. As I was tucking him in for his nap today, I hugged him and couldn't help but tell him how proud I was of him and what a great big brother role model he was being. I could see his little eyes beaming even in the darkness of his room.

I will never forget when he sat down next to me, wrapped his arms around my neck, leaned in and said "mama, I love everything about you." 

It doesn't get much more refreshing than that. A mama's joy, found in the heart of her boys.

Bennett's joy was found in sneaking off with a whole tub of chocolate ovaltine (or cocoa) and helping himself. He sat in a pile of it and had a merry little time. He just smiled his chocolate coated grin, and I...tried to hide my laughter.

 Or when I stepped out of the room for two seconds-- TWO SECONDS! And I returned to Bennett "drinking" my almond butter out of the jar. He had an almond butter ring covering most of his face.

That boy. Oh the stories I will be able to tell.

You tell him "no" he says, "yes". You say "one bite" he says "two bites". You say "just a little bit" he says "a lot mom". 

But he more than makes up for his mischievous ways as he says, "Mama, I wub you" a million times throughout the day. Or "hold me mom". And he has a way when he cups my chin in his hands and lays a big ole smooch on my lips.

But oh, how that boys needs to be watched at all times. He's a sneaky one.

I found a tire gauge gun looking thing in my cereal box tonight. Compliments of guess who.

I've had more super heroes running around my couch than I know what to do with.

They point at me and make a "shwooooo" sound, kind of like spider man (only they've never seen spider man) and then yell, "mom, your frozen!"

I have had bins and laundry baskets full of clothes dumped out, clothes everywhere....because, "mom, it's my spaceship".

Of course, of course.

I tried to teach them "What time is it Mr. Fox" I realized I had completely lost them when it turned into a game called Fox and Camel and the whole goal of the game was for the fox to bite the "buns buns" of the camel. I was the camel. And Bennett had no problem sinking his chops into the so called "buns buns".....

They helped daddy wash the car, thanks to mommy running it into the side of the garage door...

Bennett simply cannot handle not drenching himself if the hose or water is around.

I've had endless smiles from this guy.

The last couple nights he has slept really well. But I'm not going to say how well, because the moment I do....well, it's bound to change.

Bennett thought it would be a great idea today to pull out every last wipe and pile them up all over Davis.

That was the look Bennett got from me.

But Davis just keeps on keepin' on.

And we all just keep on trying to figure out how to squeeze as much happiness out of each day as possible.

Lately, we have been doing pretty well. Some days more than others. And some days.....well, I may just want to grab that jar of almond butter and drink some myself.

P.S. I'm not going to tell you how long it has taken me to write this blog post....

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Davis: 3 months

He's growing, he is.

He's getting bigger, and stronger, and more loveable by the minute (if that is even possible).

I keep thinking this is the best. And then it gets better. 

He smiles all day long, except when I pull the camera out.

He is the happiest baby I know. Always watching, waiting for someone to look at him. Usually with a little smirk on his lips. And when you look at him, that smirk erupts into a full blown smile.

He still will only give a half smile if he's just not totally feeling it.

He's giggling more and more these days. His Nana had him in stitches the other day just by talking goofy. He's ticklish under his arms and on his feet.

 He startles super easy.

And hates to be carried down the stairs. Especially by Kyle...usually ends in wailing.

To calm him, he likes me to hold his head in super close and loves to be sung too.

He can't decide if he truly likes his binky. Sometimes yes, and sometimes it just make him madder than anything.

He is starting to get too tall for 0-3 month clothing. And I find myself getting teary eyed as I fold and box them up. But I haven't been able to bring myself to put him into any 3-6 months clothing yet other than onesies....because if I do that, then it would even further solidify how fast this is going.

Someone told me that they thought he was 5-6 months old today. No...just no.

His eyes look like they are starting to turn dark. I would be shocked if they stayed steely blue. I love that his eyes might be one of his very own unique features, completely different than both brothers. But not his rolls, they seem to be following closely in Cole's footsteps.

I adore baby rolls. Especially his.

His sleeping isn't horrible, but seems to be slightly getting worse. Please baby, I'm begging you, do not follow in Bennett's footsteps in the sleep department.

I have not pushed any type of scheduling with him. But he is starting to fall into his own little rhythm. He usually wakes up between 4/5 and comes to bed with me. Then starts his day (usually not by choice, but by his brother's) between 6:45-7:00. And then is ready for a little cat nap around 8:45ish. It literally only lasts like 20-30 minutes and then he is a happy little clam until his next little cat nap about 2 hours later. But his big nap is always around noon when his brothers go down for their naps. Probably because it's the only time he gets some peace and quiet. He still naps on me. I know, I know....I need to put him down. But I just can't. Soon, maybe....I will start working on it.


He awakens with smiles, chit-chatty coos, and tender eyes.

If he ever sticks out that lower lip, or the tears start to flow, a diaper change usually does the trick. Or if you just look at him and talk and smile a lot, then he typically snaps out of it and will start talking and smiling right back.

I'm thinking he is going to be a chatter-box when he finds his words.

He has a new obsession with his hands and fingers. And I have caught him sucking his thumb several times....but only for brief seconds. And if he doesn't have his hands, he will go for your arm.

Cole obviously thinks this is great.

In fact, they seem to think everything about him is great and love him more and more each day. His head still gets kissed and rubbed and touched. All.Day.Long.

Bennett is fine as long as he gets in some good mama snuggles throughout the day.

Both boys try to capture their little brother by taking pictures....

They love him and think he is soooooo "TUTE!"

And he is. Very, very "tute". 

So "tute" that some days I just can't stand it. And I lose it with the kisses. And hold him as tight as I can. His cheeks, oh his cheeks...I want to nibble and smoosh them next to mine.

I breathe in this not-so-tiny-little-being as deeply as I possibly can. Not wanting to miss a millisecond of my time with him.

Because 3 months.


Boom. Gone.

Pleeeeeaaaaasssseeee, slow it down sweet boy. My heart is not ready for this. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My arms.

Time has been hard to finds these days. The evenings or nap time were usually the moments i found to devote to writing on this blog.

But this dimply little boy came along.

And my arms would much rather be holding him than anything else. So..... I'm sorry, but not really.

Because good grief, look at that sweet thing.

I have whispered to Kyle while Davis is zonked in my arms that I never want to put him down.

I have kindly declined help at church when people offer to hold him. Because honestly, when he is asleep in his car seat sitting at my feet, I secretly want him to wake a little so I have an excuse to get him out and drape him on my chest. He usually does, because him and the car seat aren't the best of friends. And then I do my best to listen and pay attention to the sermon.....but sometimes I get a little distracted by those cheeks, that spot on his head, and kissing them both as I hold him in close.

And then sometimes I actually do let him escape the clasp of my arms, and give him to his brother. Because he asks to hold him over and over and over again. and then will look at me and say "he doing berry well in my arms mama". He's a baby hog, takes after his mother.

And sweet Davis, just goes with it.

Sometimes he gives me looks as if secretly begging me to come rescue him.....

But for the most part he just chills with the best of them.

And then some days after returning from a trip to Trader Joe's,  I realize all boys actually have clothes on, AAAAANNND they match. I try and take advantage of a photo opportunity.

Some how I convinced Bennett to sit down for two seconds...

I hardly finished snapping the above pic when that little blonde haired boy scrambled away and refused to be anywhere near my camera.  Until he decided he would like to hold baby Dabis.

And then....


Sometimes the days seem to blur together. Some days my head hits my pillow and I smile at where the day took us. And sometimes I bury my head and cry at the mistakes I made. But one thing never changes.

I love them.

And they love each other. For the most part.

There are always sweet moments, like when Cole climbed up into my lap, leaned into me and whispered "I love sitting with you mama". And I whispered back, "Will you please never grow too old to sit in my lap?" For the record, he agreed.  I just might hold him to it.

I love watching them grow. Listening to them play. And praying for their little hearts. Praying lots for my own heart.....

 And May I learn to have half as much patience as Davis.