Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My arms.

Time has been hard to finds these days. The evenings or nap time were usually the moments i found to devote to writing on this blog.

But this dimply little boy came along.

And my arms would much rather be holding him than anything else. So..... I'm sorry, but not really.

Because good grief, look at that sweet thing.

I have whispered to Kyle while Davis is zonked in my arms that I never want to put him down.

I have kindly declined help at church when people offer to hold him. Because honestly, when he is asleep in his car seat sitting at my feet, I secretly want him to wake a little so I have an excuse to get him out and drape him on my chest. He usually does, because him and the car seat aren't the best of friends. And then I do my best to listen and pay attention to the sermon.....but sometimes I get a little distracted by those cheeks, that spot on his head, and kissing them both as I hold him in close.

And then sometimes I actually do let him escape the clasp of my arms, and give him to his brother. Because he asks to hold him over and over and over again. and then will look at me and say "he doing berry well in my arms mama". He's a baby hog, takes after his mother.

And sweet Davis, just goes with it.

Sometimes he gives me looks as if secretly begging me to come rescue him.....

But for the most part he just chills with the best of them.

And then some days after returning from a trip to Trader Joe's,  I realize all boys actually have clothes on, AAAAANNND they match. I try and take advantage of a photo opportunity.

Some how I convinced Bennett to sit down for two seconds...

I hardly finished snapping the above pic when that little blonde haired boy scrambled away and refused to be anywhere near my camera.  Until he decided he would like to hold baby Dabis.

And then....


Sometimes the days seem to blur together. Some days my head hits my pillow and I smile at where the day took us. And sometimes I bury my head and cry at the mistakes I made. But one thing never changes.

I love them.

And they love each other. For the most part.

There are always sweet moments, like when Cole climbed up into my lap, leaned into me and whispered "I love sitting with you mama". And I whispered back, "Will you please never grow too old to sit in my lap?" For the record, he agreed.  I just might hold him to it.

I love watching them grow. Listening to them play. And praying for their little hearts. Praying lots for my own heart.....

 And May I learn to have half as much patience as Davis.

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  1. Such a precious time. You're making me miss having a new born!