Friday, April 24, 2015

These are a few of my favorite things....

Super heroes on tricycles.

Dollar bin pirates (good thing, because they played pirates for all of 5 seconds)

Little boys and big boy tools....and helping daddy make a project take twice as long...

Long walks on sunny days.

Playdough playing wearing their finest.

Trying to fill daddy's shoes.

Including baby in their play.

Snuggles of course.

Big blue eyes.

Pleading eyes.

Cheesy Bennett grins

3 sets of toes.

Bennett, being Bennett and clearly demonstrating why his crib mattress is now completely on the floor...

Playing in the crib.

Baby "winks"

And baby faces.

Baby hands and baby feet.

Baby pouts ( don't you just want to scoop him up and nibble his cheeks?)

Meanwhile.... the entertainment.

Those boys. This boy....

They are my favorite.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Davis: 2 months

This boy.

I love him. So much.

He is 2 months old.

And looking older by the minute. I want him to slow down, yet I am sooo excited watch him grow. I wish I could have both simultaneously.

He weighs 11 lbs (20th percentile) is 22 inches long (7th percentile--sorry Kyle, my genes win again), and his noggin is more proportioned at the 40th percentile.

He is calm, sweet, and incredibly laid back.

He loves to be snuggled close, and I don't complain.

He recently discovered his hands, and works really hard getting them to his mouth. 

He always holds on to my shirt or hair while I carry him around.

He still loves to nap on my chest, and I still like to let him. I'm only slightly concerned that he will never be able to nap on his own....but oh well, I may never get those moments again.

He expresses everything with his eyebrows. Happy. Sad. Perplexed. Those eyebrows are all I need to gauge his mood.

He also uses  his lower lip. Sometimes that little lip will silently jet out, then in, then out, then in...until someone notices and scoops him up.

His temperament is like a dream come true, seriously, I couldn't have prayed for a more perfect personality in such a tiny person.

This happened when he started kind of "fussing", so I flipped him around....and seconds later....

Out like a light.

He coos and talks and GIGGLES! I have only gotten him to giggle once and close a second time, all by making him clap his hands.

If he doesn't completely feel like smiling, he will often give you a courtesy smirk or half smile.

He knows my voice and stares at my eyes.

He also discovered a love of his reflection.

He smiles when I smile and talk in high pitched voices.

He's not a huge fan of his car seat, will put up with it for car rides, but the minute we stop, he is awake and wanting to come out.

It goes without saying that we all love him so much. We still can't get enough of his sweetness. And his big brothers still think he is the next best thing since jelly beans.

There are always more hands than needed to help. And toys still get swung in front of his face in hopes that he is now big enough to play.

I simply could not be any happier.

They are my world.

Thanks sweetie pie for rockin this baby stage. You are precious beyond belief. We love you more and more every day, even when it doesn't seem possible to love any deeper. We do.

Meanwhile, we still love this one more and more too.... he apologizes for hijacking your post. Truly.

Hard core evidence that a midst the baby bliss, our life is not perfect....and just solidifying what I said in a previous post about markers.


(oh, and he is crying not from the scolding but because his mama stuck a camera in his face...hence the reason you haven't seen a ton of pictures starring this one. He's on camera strike.) 

And that's not the only place where that ink wound up....

Love him, love them all. My precious treasures.