Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Soccer balls and potatoes

This boy has been knocking my socks off lately. I know I just talked about how we have been struggling with him and his attitude lately. But even amongst that I have seen a little boy turning into a big boy right before my eyes. I have watched him debate within himself and choosing to make good decisions. I have seen such a generous and kind spirit as he shared his prized Easter candy with his cousin and Aunt. Or watching him in my rear view mirror and yelling back to him how much I loved him, and then seeing him smile from ear to ear as he hollered back, " I love yoooooou so much mama!"

I realize more and more that he is most definitely not my little boy anymore because we are venturing into the land of big boys. Sports. This is the time of parenthood that I'm pretty sure Kyle dreamed of from the moment we first learned Cole would be a boy. We have only been at it for a couple weeks now, and it has already made such a positive impact on him. He is braver, wants to be stronger, and seems to be growing in leaps and bounds in so many other areas.

And his team's name is green grapes. It just doesn't get any better or cuter ( I mean, big boy) than that.

Green grapes. It makes me smile. Especially since it was pridefully decided upon by a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds.

But it does get better, because his daddy gets to be the assistant coach. I just love getting to watch on the sidelines yelling "Go green grapes!"

There's a lot of pointing and reminding which direction to kick the ball. But they did soooo well their first game, and if they actually kept track of the goals, they totally slaughtered the other team. Cole even made two goals, one with an assist from the other team...but oh well, we're not keeping track ;)

I was actually surprised by the determination and pride I saw in him during the game.

It was another layer to this boy that I am discovering more and more of lately.

Determined. Hard-working. Passionate about what he loves.

Yes, with that determination comes some kinks that we are trying to work out. But I am so proud that he gets to be the biggest big brother. Because he is a good one.

So get used to seeing pics of my favorite green grape, because he makes me proud.

He also brought a huge smile to my face when he got the chance to play mini farmer with my dad, his Papa.

My dad invited both boys out to help plant potatoes. I forgot Cole's boots, and it was a particularly muddy morning. So my dad found a pair of my mom's and we improvised.

He was the cutest with boots up to his crotch, ready to plant some "matoes".

Bennett was all excited to come plant potatoes until he discovered that they would get to ride behind the tractor, then he refused to leave the trailer. And thought playing in bark dust and tossing it over the side was more fun.

I love these next few pictures, my dad, in his element. Teaching his grandsons the joy of planting a crop.

Here he is showing them the sprouting potatoes and explaining that soon they will grow new potatoes that the boys can come and help dig up.

Then Papa helped the only willing participant waddle his way out to plant the potatoes.

Together they worked hard and planted a row of red potatoes and then a row of yukons (I believe).

Such precious memories.

Meanwhile Bennett observed from a distance, so true to his personality through and through.

And then he decided he did in fact want to help with the soon as they were finished.


But then decided he was fine with not planting any once he heard the possibility of "driving" the tractor was next. So he happily hopped back on. And a meltdown was avoided.

And away my boys went. Driving tractors with papa, and soaking in the fresh spring air. Happy little clams.

And watching this along with the green grapes makes me one really happy and proud mama. So proud to continue to watch them shape and mold into what God planned them to be.

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