Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wild and Free Five and Three

"Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid....for the Lord your God goes with you, He will never leave you or forsake you." Deuteronomy 31:6

Be Brave. Be bold. Seek Adventure. Be little boys, be wild and free.

That about sums up the theme for my older boy's birthday party. I'm not sure how much longer they are going to be pumped to do combined parties. But since they both agreed, and Cole was eager to get his party started early (surprise, surprise...Mr. cupcake, sprinkles, party hats and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate...and celebrate some more...even months after.....)

I really wanted to focus on the root of raising little boys. And create a party where we could really rally behind God's promises, and send us all off into another year of seeking guidance through this great adventure.

Raising boys is truly wonderful. But it's also incredibly terrifying at times. So this party was just as much of a reminder to myself to embrace them, accept the crazy, and trust that God would protect them when I cannot.

A friend from college was so sweet to send me some decorations that she made for a baby shower. I actually teared up when I opened the generous package full of all kinds of beautiful goodies. If you have a moment, you totally need to check out her shop. She makes GORGEOUS fabric banners and pillow cases. And is so talented when it comes to decorating not only her house but parties. Check her out out HERE at The Olive Grove. Her banner and arrows became my inspiration, she gave ma a good starting point and she saved me from having to be super crafty...which I'm really not a fan of. So thanks Sarah!

I did however, pick up a hot glue gun, some feathers, and a wee bit of paint to make my own little feather garland for the dessert table and mantel. As well as paint some wooden arrows that will make their way into the nursery for Davis. And that was about as much "crafting" I could handle.

We served desserts that had an outdoorsy/messy boy theme. Such as peanut butter "s'more" pops, "muddy buddies" popcorn, chocolate-caramel covered pretzel "sticks", and boston cream cupcakes that ended up looking like they were covered in mud...or piles of something else due to a malfunction with my frosting tip. I didn't freak out like I normally do, but managed to just laugh and serve them anyway.

We had a coloring station, since both boys...especially Cole LOVE to color. I found some really great printables HERE at the Lost Bumblebee. I also found the "Oh Darling, let's be adventurers" and the "Be Brave" prints, that I hope to also include in baby brother's nursery. Because they really are just too cute and powerful reminders for any growing boy (as well as their mothers).

Cole and his cousin took their coloring very seriously.

While Bennett, on the otherhand.....slapped some color on his and called it good! Always fast and furious and straight forward in his ways with life.

And so fitting that he chose the "adventure" coloring sheet. Because adventure should be his middle name, either that or "give mama a heart attack", but adventure has a better ring to it. :)

We (I mean, Kyle) hauled the teepee that was given to them by their grandparents last year for Christmas, into the living room to house the gifts... and cute little boys with their cousins.

And then there was that moment when we tried to get pictures of both birthday boys in front of said teepee.....

Cole's smile couldn't look more fake and Bennett's went from this to....this....

At least he was kind enough to put his arm around his big brother. And at least I remembered to ask someone to take a family picture of us all...unlike last year.

Both boys enjoyed opening everyone's very generous gifts.

And of course, the lighting of candles, singing happy birthday (what Cole lives for) was on the agenda, and was enjoyed almost as much as the eating of the cakes.

I was super impressed with how quickly both boys demolished and polished off their cupcakes. It was record speed. 

And then just like that the party was done.

And I'm left all sentimental as I take a long look at my boys and notice how much they have stretched out, matured, and are one step closer to becoming little men. Soon, so very soon, wiping their crumb laden mugs and helping them put on their shoes will be a thing of the past. I won't have little boys giggling and rolling around, shrieking and hitting, and laughing at the most ridiculous and completely-makes-no-sense-jokes. They will embark on bigger adventures, scarier even. They will learn how to be brave and courageous in the midst of adversity. And I will have to learn my new role as their mom and what that looks like. And sometimes that makes me really sad. Ok, very very sad. I know these years are tough, I know some days are soooooo long. But they are sweet and precious and short compared to the rest of their life.

So, to my two big boys. Go, show your brave selves to the world. I hope and pray every day for what your future will look like. And i pray that even when it doesn't come as you had imagined or even wanted that you will remember the words from above. That God will "never forsake you" and that He will be with you and help you , even when being courageous seems like that last thing you wan to be. He will help you. He has two difference adventures designed for two very precious little boys. 

Embrace them. All of it. And never stop dreaming the big dream. Never give up. Never stop seeking the God you will carry you through them all. He is your biggest adventure the one that won't let you down. Love Him. Love others. Love yourself. And never forget, that your dad and I will always love you. 

Happy (early) Birthday my little warriors. You both make the world a better place.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Davis: 7 months

It's really hard to grasp how fast these months are flying by. Some days I feel like I can barely keep up with the demands that come with raising three little ones. Don't even get me started on the laundry...

But then I get to witness milestones, big baby achievements, sweet faces fill my day and I am so thankful for these moments I get to spend with my babies.

And my littlest baby, doesn't seem so little any more. I look at him and sometimes am caught off guard by how much older he is looking.

His hair is getting longer and thicker and it coming in all blonde. His eyes darker and bigger. And his rolls are still filling out nicely.

I get comments all the time about his cheeks and how irresistible they are. It's true, they are pretty irresistible and are kissed all the days long.

He's still in a size 3-6 month for most of this clothes. And I plan on trying to squeeze him in as long as he comfortable, no use in buying more summer clothes when the season will be changing so soon.

He is finishing up his size 2 diapers and then we are moving him up to a 3. We tried the Honest Co. diaper this month and surprisingly LOVE them. Now if only I could get such good deals on them all the time!

He got his first two bottom teeth this month. Totally and completely took me by surprise. I had just taken him in for his 6 month well baby, and told his pediatrician that I wasn't expecting any teeth until he was close to one, just like his brothers. he even said that he didn't see any signs other than the excessive drool (but for my boys, not unusual). No more than  a few days later I was bewildered at the clingy, unhappy, always needing to be held baby. Not ONCE did it occur to me that he was in the middle of teething. So poor little guy and had to fight his way through it without much help from me, his clueless mom. After feeling his first tooth, I cried and mourned the loss of his gummy smile. Then I stocked up on some hylands teething tablets, but they seemed to do diddly squat.

His sleeping has been all out of whack. Mainly because of the whole teething fiasco and probably because we don't offer much hope when it comes to good little sleepers. Have I mentioned the up all night seems to be a whole family affair now? Kyle and I rotate popping in and out of rooms all night long. Sleep? It seems to be something that has faded off into that of my dying past.

Not that I'm surprised by this. But still.

He wakes at least 3 times a night....or last night, 10? 20? I lost count.

I've created all kinds of bad habits for him. I nurse him to sleep for his naps and bed time now. Isn't that like big, fat rule #1 of what NOT to do? I have tried just putting him down awake, and sometimes it works....but then sometimes, I just can't. I would rather spend these fleeting moments holding him, rocking him, and staring at him rather than listening to him cry.

The moments we share are sweet, it's just "our" time. The time I tune out everything else (well, except for the occasional blood curdling screaming that can sometimes be heard from below--magically it always seems to happen when I tell them to be quiet because I will be putting baby down). I love when I can feel every ounce of his body fall into deep relaxation, and his hand that clutches tightly to my shirt falls down perfectly to his side. I love carrying him over to his crib and swaying back and forth a few more times before I gently roll him onto his side. And then I stand there, in awe of his perfect, peaceful innocence.

He always wakes up happy and gives me coos and big, close-mouthed-cheeky grins. Even when he hasn't slept and takes 5 minute naps. He will spend the next two hours of his life completely happy, super giggly and always trying to steal my food.

My absolute favorite from this month was when I would gather him up in my arms, he would reach around my neck and use his full body to squeeze me back. I am pretty sure that is his way of giving me hugs. 

he is getting more and more agile. And will grab and reach for anything he wants. Both boys have gotten a little taste of what is to come when he becomes mobile. He digs in things and wants to be a part of the big boys' world. he likes blocks, duplos, paper, and the remote. If he sees the remote his legs become like jello and he makes his body limp, casually he will droop his body in whatever direction towards the remote until he gets it.

I should just cut my losses and prepare myself for a future of football and sports turned on, All. The. Time.

His demeanor hasn't changed much since the day he was born. He's still calm, sweet, and patient...oh, so patient.

Bennett insisted it was a good idea to drive his car all over his face. And Davis just sat there allowing it. I can usually tell when he has had enough though. In the picture below Bennett was filling the back of his shirt with cars.

His talks with his eyes.....

That's when I usually swoop in and save his from becoming a parking garage.

But man, he loves his brothers. He watches them intently. I know he is going to want to be right in the middle. I hear Bennett, say things like "No, no Dabis...I  Biddee (busy)" when he doesn't want Davis getting into what he's playing with.

But Bennett makes him laugh the easiest (surprise, surprise). Then sometimes his ornery streak gets the best of him and he will take away toys from him, throw toys at him, or push him over....

But he does love him dearly

I have so enjoyed watching the relationship blossom  between Cole and him.

He still asks to hold him, and lets him rip out his hair, and pinch his face. He also spends a lot of time looking for toys that are safe and suitable for Davis to play with. Davis really adores him.

He's still not crawling yet. But is getting so so close. It's only a matter of time....

I've noticed bits and pieces of separation anxiety. Sometimes if I walk out of the room he cries. There have been a couple times if someone else has him and he sees me, he wants me. I left him with my mom for the first time while I got a lovely root canal. It was during his nap, he was tired, I was worried how he would do.  He did, just fabulous. And was all smiles the moment he saw me.

This boy. Loves to EAT! He has not snubbed his nose at one thing I have given him. His favorite have by far been pears and guacamole (with seasoning of course). But if I am eating anything, he laser beams me until I share. I don't really have a method to my feeding, except I keep a mixture of homemade food in the freezer, and then feed him bites of whatever we are eating.

Still nursing strong. About every 3 hours, sometimes less...sometimes more.

What else can I say about him?

That we are so blessed to have him in our life. He still brings such a contentment and roundness to our family. Though some days I'm so very tired, I still try to allow my heart to be captivated. I let him be little. I don't try to push forward but try to just let the moments be moments. Moments that I treasure.

Because already we are closer to one than we were. And once they hit one I'm usually ready for another.

Only there won't be.

My last. Aaaah, how those words hit me some days.

My last baby, the one with the soft skin, perfect rolls and dark, kind eyes. You have done this baby thing so well.

I feel so torn right now. I love watching you grow, but mourn what you are leaving behind. The warmth of your soft little body as I hold you makes me never want to let you go. No one warned me that being a mom would be full of "letting go" moments, and so soon. And how it would be a constant work on my part to do just that. To let you grow, let you mold, let you be and do what God has created you for.

I'm sure you will hate this as you grow older, but to me, you will always be my baby. I will probably always long to hold you. I will always be cheering  you on, and you will probably need to remind me to take a step back on the side lines, to let you go and do great things.

But know that I'm trying now and will try then.

Thanks my sweet, amazing boy for you. 7 months looks good on you.