Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sick Days

Our house has been sad, sad, sad.

A lot of sick, a lot of coughs, colds, ear infections, much snot, not much sleep, 3 boys and a mom running on pretty much empty.

The other day I actually took all boys to the store...just to get out. Because going to the doctor was beginning to be the highlight of our weeks and whether they were going to pick out a paw patrol sticker or a minion one. (That, and getting to go to Nana's or having Grandma and Grandpa come over were kind of life savers. Thank you)

Yes, I was that mom with crusty-nosed-hacking-up-something-awful kids wandering the aisles of Trader Joe's looking for that monkey. And I'm sure I got judgement stares as to why I was bringing my germ land mines out into public.  Because I know I've passed the same judgement before.

Oh, how I love when things like that come to a full circle and I'm humbled, yet again.

Some days it took us getting creative, and taking advantage of rain breaks. Our neighbor gave the boys the most adorable vintage outdoor tools. And they spent several afternoons going to town on "yard work" or digging massive holes and making "rivers" in our flower beds. Not sure that Kyle was all too pumped about their work, but it kept them busy for hours and pretty much fight and squeel free (except when the beloved rake was needed by both parties)

Davis got right in there, of eye and all. Oh yes, he got that right before he got his nasty ear infection. Talk about looking like mom of the year when I took him to the doctor the next day....

And Bennett kept getting distracted by the large trucks that were across the street. Nothing like lounging on the job.

Oh how we love when the sun comes out, we need all the fresh air we can get these days. And can I just take a minute and say how excited for warmer weather and no longer trying to track down socks...not even matching ones any more....just socks, any of them. Seriously, where do they all go??

And I'm loving that Davis can walk around and explore his new world. he just wanders wherever his brothers go.  Picking up pine cones and rocks along the way. Grinning at me whenever he looks up.

He also found his first big pile of doggy poo in our front yard.....luckily I saw it before he did....yeah, that was fun to scrape out of all the nooks and crannies of his shoes.....

Meanwhile, I had a very reputable photographer at my disposal, check out his big, fancy camera.

I suppose maybe that's a little my fault, perhaps I take a few too many pictures of my boys.... especially when they follow you around sticking that thing in your face, telling you to "smile".

Cole gets so bored with staying home. He's got places to go and people to see every day, all day. So it takes a little bit more for him to get his sweet little mind wrapped around the fact that his brother is sick, and therefore all his socializing plans are down the drain.

So we do crafts. And draw pictures. He's on an Easter kick, so naturally our walls and windows look like it's raining paper eggs.

And then one day he noticed the wind had picked suddenly it was do or die when it came to getting a perfectly crafted and constructed kite up and flying.

I have to admit, it was pretty cute watching his determination and seeing how proud he was of that kite.

My boy, the one who loves to create, and is always first in line to help daddy with odd jobs around the house. While Bennett pretends to like to help, but it's more like hiding the drill bits and then swearing up and down that he absolutely has no idea what you are talking about....only to find them
folded up neatly in a book days later......

And sometimes when all else fails, I just let them all pile in the crib with Davis. And Davis is all, "seriously, this again...."

But it ALWAYS cheers everyone up.

And when Bennett isn't shoving Davis over (why Bennett....why?) he actually is very loving and kind with him. And sometimes I walk in on seconds of sweetness. (Davis is like, "whoa....are you for reals" I don't blame him for being a bit hesitant)

I'm more than ready for this winter season to be over, and ready for us to all be healthy again...and even more ready for Davis to learn to sleep for longer than 2 minute stretches. But all in all, we are surviving (thanks to french presses, chocolate and lots and lots of prayers). We have learned a lot about getting along, about being patient, about making up new games (octopus tag anyone? Burrito boys?).

I learned that Davis is a big fan of the Gilmore Girls theme song....and loves to get down with the best of them.

Cole and Bennett love to talk toot talk and I see a lot of mooning all day long. They think it's hilarious. And I just hope that it's normal behavior for a house of boys.....

Please tell me all of this is normal...because some days, I'm just not so sure.

But whatever, normal or not, I'm trying my very best, snotty nosed and all to enjoy this time. It's not always easy, but no one ever said it would be. Some days are good days, and some days just aren't.

But it's a season, and all seasons soon pass and change into new days. And that is where we are at right now. Trying our darndest to make it and at least enjoy it as best as we can.

(P.S. there should be a rule that mom's aren't allowed to get sick. EVER. That's all.)