Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer Beginning

I would like to make a public announcement that we have officially been able to step back out into the real, living world. We have been back to church for two weeks straight now and no one has gotten deathly ill. I thought Davis was coming down with another round of that nasty cough that lasts for ages upon ages. Thankfully he only coughed for two days, popped 4 molars through...and we are back in business for a happy little camper once again.

This is what we have been up to lately. A lot of planting plants, Cole asks every day if we can go get some more veggies to plant. I think we have a farmer in the making. Too bad, his mama is about as far from a green thumb as they come. I chuckled as I took the following series of photos. Mainly because there was never no movement. Kyle was patiently trying to plant some plants while 3 other "helpers" scurried all around, grabbing things, moving things, getting under foot, making someone squeal, dumping dirt where is shouldn't be dumped, and so on. They looked like a small herd of ants.

But they were so cute and such eager beavers to plant a garden that it turned into a really fun time. And it has given them a big responsibility to make sure they water them every day. And they usually do, and then sometimes they find mischief in the midst of their doing good.

I almost stopped them, and I probably should have. But then I was reminded of my best friend. Way back in like the 5th grade (I think) we were asked to bring our favorite pictures of our childhood. And she brought a picture of her with her two brothers, covered head to toe in mud. And it was a good memory, a fun memory, something her parents probably laugh about and tell the story of now. And I told myself, this, is one of those moments. I can either be the sour apple or let them be little, and be boys, and get dirty. So we laughed about it, until i saw that the puddle they jumped in created a big ole hole in the grass that Kyle has been trying to resurrect since it's slow death last year.... He didn't find the funny it...that is, until I showed him the pictures.

Poor Davis, he always gets the brunt of it and takes it all with a smile. All the time.

And then there is his middle brother. Somebody doesn't do so well being on the receiving end of payback....but he sure knows how to dole it out.

He he, I can't even count on my hands the number of times he has pulled this same stunt on both his brothers. So I really didn't have much sympathy for the above ear-piercing-surprise-sprinkler-episode.

I also made the mistake of announcing to Cole that it was summer. He has had a party planned in his mind for the past 6 months. This is the party of all parties where everyone withing a thousand mile radius is coming to our house. And I'm to make cupcakes and treats and have a bouncy house, a fire pit, s'mores, and tents will be set up because clearly it is a camping everyone will be camping in our backyard.....the moment "summer" left my tongue and I saw Cole's head whip around to look at me. There was the excited glimmer in his eye as he jumped up and down telling me to invite "all the people....."

How do you break your little boy's heart?  So who wants to come camping?

Oh, and did I mention I jumped head first into starting a photography business? Some days I wonder what I was thinking, especially when I peruse some of my favorite photography blogs. But mostly, I am having so much fun and finally feel like I found a bit of an outlet.

Not that I needed an outlet from my boys...OK, perhaps I needed a bit of one when we have a day full of nothing but fighting, whining and deck it out attitudes. But I really do love that I can do it and not lose time with these boys that are my world.

Clearly, I need to take Cole with me to help in the styling and posing department. he insisted on that leaf (I have about a dozen other pictures with him holding that leaf up next to his face while he smiled for the camera). Why the peace sign? your guess is as good as mine.....

I finally decided some update pics were needed of my boys...and well, it went as well as it usually does when you "officially" try to take pictures. Actually, the older boys were good sports and Cole is always down for a shoot...he's my poser (remember? Above pic) Davis, vanished and went off chasing a ball. And I didn't have the heart to turn a good experience into a bad one. So I went with whatever the older boys wanted to give me.

No shoot would be complete without a little of this.

Then they both channeled their inner GQ. And no, I had nothing to do with these next was all them. :)

Weeeeeerk it.

I just love them. So much. All of them.

They keep life fun and interesting, all the time.

And seriously, whose coming camping, because someone is going to want to know.....