Tuesday, December 30, 2014

34 week update

I knew time would really start flying with all the holiday hustle and bustle, and that has been just the case. What's really catching me off guard is knowing that in less than a month I will be considered full term. I have become so attached to toting my little guy around in my belly 24/7, I kind of forget that soon this will be over. Feeling his every move. It's my favorite. And I know I am going to be very sad when I am hit with the realization that never again (unless God has some other crazy plan!) will I get to experience such a sweet, intimate experience with my baby. But seeing his face and smelling his milk breath will make up for it all.

 Oh, how my arms long to hold him.

Bennett thinks he is ready too. But honestly, I am the most worried about him and the transition to no longer being the "baby". Over the long weekend while Kyle was home, he did a lot of snuggling and sleeping with me. He would wake up early calling for me. Kyle would go get him and lay him down where he would immediately snuggle his head close to my neck, tuck his toes between my knees, wrap his arms around me and fall back into a deep sleep. I would usually fall back asleep too, but there were several moments I just lay there, listening to his breathing, feeling the warmth of it. And I wondered how this was all going to work. How would our bed and my body be able to accommodate two sweet boys who both need their mama?

I suppose we will figure it out as we go. Just as most mama's do.

And oh, how I better start preparing my mind for the long nights ahead. We don't seem to have the best of luck when it comes to sleepers. We produce only the "party all night" kind of babies.

But sweet one, I wouldn't complain if you chose to prove us wrong. 

So here we wait, we wait for the arrival of another precious baby boy. We wait for the day, the time, that God has planned to call his birth day. And this mama is getting so so excited!

How far along: 34 weeks and 4 days.

Weight gain: No clue. I will find out this Friday. As usual, I just try to feed my body and don't bother with the scale until my scheduled OB visits.

Best Moment this week: Being with family for Christmas, feeling this little guy duke it out in my belly, and literally laughing at the waves he was making my belly do.

Sleep: I was just thinking how I have slept the most this pregnancy than I have my entire life! Such a blessing. However, I have had quite a few nights where I wake up with this incredible itching right about my bump (so not related to possible stretching skin) I literally feel like I have bugs crawling all over just that one single strip of skin. When it wakes me up, it is almost impossible to fall back asleep. Also, I seem to hit that point in this pregnancy where even when I get a good nights rest i am WIPED OUT by 11 or 12. My eyes start burning and my lids get extremely heavy. Yesterday, I finally gave in and took a nap while the boy's napped. Haven't done that since the first trimester. I was worried it might mess with the ability to fall asleep last night, but around 6pm the same eye burning and heavy lids hit me.....I think it's just the way it's going to be from here on out.

Food Cravings: Oh my goodness, smoothies, tea and french pressed coffee! My latest smoothie obsession is sooooooo good, and so good for the guy I have a brewin'. In fact, it is so good....I would feel bad not sharing it with you. Please don't be freaked out by the dates, you don't even taste them, and they are crazy good for you.

Coconut, Date Protein Smoothie:

1/3 C. Low fat Coconut milk from the can (I used Trader Joe's because it doesn't have any additives in it) You can also do a full cup, but I found it to be too sweet(and too high in carbs) and I actually preferred the taste of breaking it up with the almond milk
2/3 C. Unsweetened almond milk
2-3 dates (mine are the sweetened medjool dates, because that is all I could find) These help add sweetness and more nutrition to the smoothie.
1/2 frozen banana (you could certainly use a whole one, just depends on how sweet you want you smoothie to be)
1 Tbls salted, unsweetened almond butter
chia seeds or flax meal ( I usually just dump some in)
a couple ice cubes ( I like my smoothies thick and cold)
a couple handfuls of greens (make sure you are rotating what greens you use, with this one I used some baby chard and have had it with spinach....you can't even taste it!)

Add the liquid first and then toss everything else in, blend on high until everything is incorporated and smooth. (if it is too thick, feel free to add more milk or water) Makes one smoothie, but I find that it is so filling that I can only drink half in the morning and the other half for lunch. It keeps me full much longer than any other smoothie I have made. I hope you like it!


Ok, other cravings. Breakfast foods. I have been dying for some french toast, but have resisted the urge to make it. My mom made some amazing cinnamon rolls Christmas morning, I had one (I wanted 20) but ate just the one, and maybe snuck a bite or two out of the middle of the pan (that is always the best part!) If you follow me on Pinterest you have probably seen all of the oatmeal and granola bars that I have been pinning. I love to have on the go snacks, and have been craving all kind of things like that. This is what we just made this morning, and I usually like to make them for new mom's because they are perfect for when you are nursing (or pregnant) and need some nourishment.
Morning Maple Cranberry Bars from Skinny Taste (Link Here) Feel free to sub in what you like, I have used peanut butter for the almond (and you can even add about 1/2 C instead of the full 1 C), I added in dried apricots, subbed almonds or cashews for the pecans, etc. They are sooo good, and I can't wait for them to finish firming up so I can have one.

I also had a strong craving for poppy seed dressing, and found a recipe that is pretty perfect! I have been making salads with it all week. Which have also sounded really good...which has probably helped balance out my cinnamon roll from Christmas! I can't tell you how many time I have told Kyle how good a blizzard sounds, but then i always pep talk myself out of it.

Oh, POMEGRANATES. I have been popping those little seeds and they satisfy so well. Cole actually tried them for the first time and shares my love of them...I was pretty surprised. I even found one lonely seed that had jumped ship into my shirt and was hanging out next to my belly button. You kind of don't notice those things when your belly is like a torpedo.

Aversions: Ham. I have been trying to use up some ham from Christmas, and found myself gagging as I was chopping it up the other day.

Labor signs:  Those darn Braxton Hicks, still at large. I actually had some really painful ones that included back labor pain while sitting in church. I'm sure the young college girl sitting next to me thought I was either crazy or she was going to be delivering my baby! I literally had to grab hold of Kyle's arm and lean into him through a couple of them. I think it's just the stage we are at, I have an over active uterus anyways, so just getting closer and closer I think they will just get stronger and more frequent.

Movement:  So much movement! He likes to play a lot more than either of his brothers did while in the womb. I can get him riled up pretty easy just by poking and squeezing him. He gets mad when he gets hiccups, which is a lot. And he still likes to kick out on the right side.

How are you feeling: Heartburn, heartburn, heartburn. I've also still been experiencing nausea at random times. Sometimes it comes on strong and sometimes it just kind of lingers there. My left ankle has started swelling just a leeeetle bit, but my wedding rings are still on! I I actually had a crazy dream last night that both my legs swelled up like 20x's their normal size, and 3 of my teeth fell out after brushing them...hmmm?) I don't feel that my bump looks a whole lot bigger, but it just feels heavier and like I'm having to heave and ho it to and fro. Like I said earlier, I am getting exhausted so much quicker now, and bending over to pick things up...yeah, Cole as been my little helper in that department. Still, when all is said and done....I have no complaints.

My thoughts: This.Is. Happening! After a really good morning with both boys, they actually played for several hours together without the typical squealing, yelling, and hitting. Then we played a few games together, and topped it off with a round of "Super Cole and Super Bennett" and I actually started thinking, we can do this. We will be able to raise 3 boys. I think I have had a really hard time with the self doubt lately, especially because my patience has been non existent, and I often fear that my boys will grow up thinking they have a grumpy mom and not a happy one. That makes my heart so sad, and sometimes I just pray that their little minds won't remember some of the moments we have weathered together. But after mornings like today, I get a bit rejuvenated. I see how life can actually look if I just breathe, pray, and calm my self down. I know it's going to be hard, and a transition, and probably no sleep for the next 3+ years. But you know what? It's going to be blissful, tearful, beautiful, and full of so much amazing love. Because truly, love takes on a whole new meaning when God gives you a human life that is formed from your being.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pondering Christmas

This weekend we kicked Christmas in to full force. We celebrated with my side of the family, devoured our annual hockey puffs, and tried to keep the kids from turning the happiness into an all out war! The cousins love each other so, but when crammed in a small room, with new presents to be played with, and sugar consumed.....things are bound to not go so perfectly. We had to break up a few brawls, there were screamers, and tears, and all out Christmas joy.

But we were able to pause from the tears for a brief moment while papa read the Story of Jesus' birth, the whole reason we celebrate this special day in the first place.

Bennett managed to sneak a present and rip it open while everyone patiently waited and listened to Papa. And Cole yelled, "What did you get?!?" Have I ever mentioned that we are constantly working on patience in our house?

I was actually surprised by Cole, he was kind of patient, and kind of listened. And when asked what the story of Christmas was about, he responded with "Jesus"! That's my sweet boy.

I wish that I had taken more pictures, but it seems to get harder and harder each year with more and more kids. And sadly those are about all the pictures I have to document such a wonderful time with family. My sister was able to get a group shot, and shockingly everyone but the the two babies were looking and "smiling" for the camera.

It simply would not be Christmas without my two adorable Grandma's and their Christmas sweaters that they have faithfully worn every year since we have been little.  I still can't believe this time next year we will have another little boy added to the bunch, and possibly crawling around at that!

The boys and I have also been celebrating this season by spending a lot of time in the kitchen. We have made lots of cookies and treats. Cole asks what we are going to make first thing each morning. Sometimes I have to make something lame up, like OATMEAL! Or a SMOOTHIE! And sometimes that satisfies Cole's inner chef...and then sometimes he responds with "OR...how about we make cupcakes, with frosting, with sprinkles, with candles....."

But this is why, I have to be sneaky and limit the sugar that makes it into their tummies. I usually will let them have a couple bites or a couple licks of batter, depending on what we are making,

And this is why.....

And that grin is the result of this.

It used to have frosting and sprinkles on it.....

And that is also why, I have separate cookies for the boys and ones that I am actually taking somewhere. Unless you don't mind a little slick spit with your cookie.....

Kyle surprised the boys the other night by bringing home a gingerbread house kit. It was such a hit that every day after Cole would ask me what daddy was going to bring home for them.

They did such a good job, and actually only ate one piece of candy while decorating. I think that is a record. We also had a good laugh because just a few days earlier Kyle had seen one of his friend's little girl who had decorated the same kind of house. Only hers looked like the exact replica of the box, every candy perfectly placed, frosting immaculately iced, and ready to be photographed. 

So we couldn't resist.

I think that might be the front door hanging sideways where the windows should be. Not bad for their second attempt ever of making gingerbread houses.  I thought it was beautiful, and apparently so did Cole. I found Bennett the next day with a chair shoved up next to the console table, helping himself to whatever he could pull off....

Bennett. Only you.

In an attempt to avoid some sugar spike, I happened to find some star ornaments on sale 4/$1.00 at the craft store. Cole has been asking to get glitter every time we stock up on craft supplies. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use some. 

And then I remembered why I had put off using glitter for so long.....

Glitter for days.

He always has a way of adding his own flare to craft time. Cole of course listened to directions and loved being able to make his ornament all his own.

He even double fisted it with the glitter shakers.

I know I have said it before, but it has been so much fun watching the delight in their faces as they learn about this special season. The joy as they anticipate new activities and new traditions. And the excitement of why we celebrate Christmas. 

This year I get to count many many blessings. Yes, it has been hard and trying and even discouraging at times. But the joy, the joy overtakes and trumps it all. I would not be who I am today without my family and without my two precious boys. Oh how I pray they will be able to find the true meaning of Christmas and tuck it close in their heart some day. But until that day, we will continue to experience life the way God intended. To remember the birth of His son, to think upon the miracle of the season, and the hope that it brings with it. 

I cannot thank Jesus enough for His many blessings. I cannot help but ponder about Mary as she carried the weight of the world in her belly. As she kissed the King's sweet cheeks and snuggled him close. What joy must have filled her heart as she watched the Redeemer learn to crawl and take his first steps. How many times did she call out to God asking Him if she was messing up, if she had what it took to raise the king of all kings, the bridge of sin, the glorious one.What a beautiful story of a great plan God had all laid out. A story of trust, love, miracles, and sin shattering glory.

Yes, this season is a sweet one, especially as I carry my own baby in my belly. It  brings on a whole new perspective of the reality of Jesus' birth. 

May you all experience the truth and joy that comes with Christmas this year. Merry early Christmas from all of us!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

32 weeks: Getting closer

We are just moving right along in this pregnancy. Sometimes I look at a calendar and am caught off guard by how down to the wire we are getting. And then i start dreaming about meeting my little man, and what it will be like to kiss his cheeks, stroke his warm skin, and hold him as close to my chest as possible. I start allowing my mind to wander about when he will come, will it be early like his brothers? Will he keep us on our toes right up to his due date and tease us with more time there after?

All I know is I am completely paralyzed with fear,  yet eagerly excited to meet my third little boy. He's it, the piece to our family.

How far along: 32 weeks and 3 days

Weight gain: I had only gained 1 pound since my last appointment. And my OB said that she didn't want me to be so strict with my GD diet, she wants to see the weight gain...but I still need to watch the starchy carbs and crazy sweets. So I'm adding in a few more carbs, but trying to make sure they all count (well, except for the sugar cookies...pretty sure she didn't mean eat them to my hearts content.....) 

Best Moment this week: Having an ultra sound and seeing my handsome boy. One of the snapshots he looks like he is doing the whole "duck lip" selfie, so funny! he has beautiful lips (even all ducky) and the same pug nose as both my other boys. He is also measuring smaller than "normal" babies, but they are calling it normal for me. They estimate that he weighs just over 3 lbs! and have him at about the 20th percentile. I cannot even say how amazing it felt to get another good report. Makes being able to enjoy this pregnancy so much easier.

Sleep: This has not been a good week for sleep. I got a TDAP shot at my appointment and by the second and third night every time I would move at night I woke up in pain. Reminded me to be a little more sympathetic the next time one of the boys get a shot and their crankiness is all flared up. My youngest little rascal also decided the other night to throw himself over his crib and then master climbing out. We are now transitioning him onto his mattress on the floor...something we were hoping we could hold off on until he was a little older. But when they spend all night climbing out, and not much time sleeping.....you don't have much a of a choice. Thankfully last night was a bit more successful. It still stresses me out knowing that he is free to get up and roam...he is my little instigator after all.(And tonight is proving why we wanted to keep him in his crib for as long as possible.....I finally handed off the duty to Kyle after carrying him back to his bed at least 20 times!)

Food cravings: SUGAR COOKIES (Still! Even after practically finishing off a whole entire batch last week!) Seriously, go try the recipe that I posted last week...it will change your life.

I also, want baked oatmeal like none other. My new favorite has been this one (LINK HERE) I mean, it's healthy, tastes like a cookie and has chocolate chips on it...what could make breakfast any more delightful? It even tastes great reheated the next day. I have already made it twice in the past week, and both boys think I am spoiling them rotten (side note: I always add flax meal, leave off the sugary glaze and throw on a dollop of peanut butter right before serving for added protein--yum). I know it's not the lowest carb breakfast, but it's better and healthier than a bowl of cereal. And it's warm, I'm always so cold in the mornings, I just want something warm to eat. I have also been starting my day with hot water and fresh squeezed lemon. Apparently there are a ton of benefits, but it helps give me energy and warms me up instantly. Plus, I have become quite addicted to the tartness of it.

I am back on a green smoothie kick, but have adapted it to be more diabetic friendly. I no longer share it with the boys, and save the other smoothie for a mid day snack.

I still secretly want twizzlers. And eat the occasional spoonful of peanut butter with either butterscotch or dark chocolate chips on top.....even though I want it all the time! Weird how my cravings  have changed to the sweet when I couldn't stomach them for so long!

Aversions: Anything super heavy or greasy. Chinese food. And this cabbage dish that I made last week...couldn't even bring myself to look at it the next day.

Labor signs: Still having Braxton Hicks like crazy. I had several days last week where my uterus felt like it had been working overtime with all the contractions, and I just hurt all over. My OB said it is very important for me to listen to my body and take it easy when that happens.....so I'm going to say scrubbing the floors will be out...and I think I may add cleaning all bathrooms as well ;) We want this little guy to stay put as long as he can! He is in the head down position (good boy, lets keep it like that shall we?) And has set up post right on top of my bladder.

Movement: Oh, this boy knows how to rock and roll! Lately, he has really been loving to stretch out all limbs. I can feel him moving his hands and head at one end and jabbing me with his toes at the other. We spend lots of time together, tickling his little feet, tapping his knees, and patting what I think to be his back or hiney. He is starting to get hiccups a lot! And I tend to get more BH the more active he becomes.

How are you feeling: Except for those weird couple of days with my overactive uterus, and the shot that made it impossible to sleep. I am feeling pretty good. I seem to have started getting some morning sickness again, but it doesn't last that long, maybe a couple of hours in the morning and then it subsides. I have only dry-heaved from it once, so I have not been taking anything to help other than trying to keep something substantial in my tummy and drinking lots of water. Some days I am blown away with the energy I seem to find, while others, I practically have to drag my bum up off the couch. Honestly, I think the diet change I made when I found out I was borderline GD has helped tremendously. I pack in more veggies, eat more protein, snack on energy giving foods, and over all I think it has helped make me feel better.

My Thoughts: Last post I talked about being completely unprepared. Well, this post I am proud to say that we have made some headway on our lists of things that needed to get done. My hubby finished up painting and putting on the new hardware on two dressers (one for Cole's room and one for the nursery) AND they turned out soooo perfect! I need to take some pics, I completely forot to take a before pic though :(  Also, it's pretty sweet that they are the same dressers I used growing up, my niece used one in her room, and now they are passed on to my boys. Plus, can't turn down free! My in-laws ordered us a monitor. I found the car seat that we need to buy, my mom ordered the bedding I picked out. I found a garland for the nursery I want to make (or possibly just buy off of Etsy....crafting still makes me cranky!), we got some pallet wood for a wall decoration (thanks to my MIL!) I found a few other decor items to make the nursery more complete. For some reason it was totally stressing me out, so it's nice to see some progress being made. And now I just need to convince Kyle that we absolutely NEED a new white Jenny Lind style crib! Priorities, priorities. :) It would just look so cute in there!

 I also went through all of our old baby clothes, tossed what needed to be tossed, washed what we will use. (still need to put them in the dresser...that is the goal for this week!) Can I just say how sentimental I got looking at all of those teeny tiny pieces of clothing. Totally brought back all those first memories of bringing home each one of our boys. How fast they grow.

We are still on the hunt for a car, and keep praying that the right one will pop up on Craigslist.

And I'm just happy to see things being checked off my mental list. It makes me feel like we are getting more and more ready to meet this little boy. And I like knowing that he will be able to come home to a room decorated just for him. We didn't get to do that for Bennett, and it always kind of made me sad.

33 weeks here we come.....baby boy we are waiting for you to join our family! keep up the good growing and strong karate kicks. Mama loves you, Cole can't stop talking about you, and Bennett likes to give you swift pats as he saunters on by.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Best Sugar Cookie. Ever.

Alright. Confession. I know that I am right on the cusp of Gestational Diabetes, I know that the last thing I need to be making are sugar cookies. But I did. I made them.....and I'm not feeling the slightest bit guilty about it.

I have been craving them like no other craving. It was time.

And you guys, these cookies......oh, these cookies are worth raising a little blood sugar over.  And they haven't even been frosted yet!

I almost made the decision to plop, me, my belly, and a plate of cookies down on the couch while I balled my eyes out at yet another Hallmark Christmas movie. What can I say, I'm addicted. To the Hallmark channel ( and maybe the cookies too....) I used to always make fun of them, because they are all total cheese ball and bad acting (even with good actors). But they suck you in something fierce. Even Kyle has admitted to getting sucked in a couple times...he is going to hate that I admitted that for him. :)

But I was good, left the plate of cookies at the counter, and am patiently waiting for the boys to wake up to finish decorating them. Somehow, someway we got all the cookies baked with Cole only having a little nibble, rather they managed to cram fistfuls of sprinkles into their mouths instead. Thus still resulting in two rambunctious boys, who took it upon themselves to test the last little straws of patience I had.

Thank the Lord for naps.

Oh, and my kitchen is a mess, Cole isn't the neatest baker. But I'm sitting here pretending that there aren't piles of flour and sprinkles covering practically every square inch of my counters. And I'm letting myself drift off into dream land with each buttery, sugary bite.  

Here's to hoping those two boys wake up free from sugar hangovers and ready to obey and listen to their pregnant mother. Or I may take it upon myself to indulge in a few more cookies (any excuse at this point).


And several days later......I'm going to finish this post. Yes, the boys woke up, yes we decorated our little hearts out. I had red and green sprinkles rolling around my floor, in my slippers, and stuck to my sweater.


Bennett spent most of his time just like the above picture, stuffing his face full of the sprinkles instead of putting them on the cookies.

 And Cole was again, very methodical with his sprinkling. And has continued to ask every day if we can make cookies, bake cupcakes, make gingerbread houses.....this mama, is getting a little overwhelmed trying to keep up with the enthusiasm!

Bennett saw Cole showing off his cookies, so he had to take the credit and show off some for himself. Love those boys.

I do. I really really love them. In fact, I love them so much I'm not going to go into every detail of how well our day has gone today. Let's just say it started at about 5:30AM, with a screaming kick start (thank you Cole), and then another screaming tantrum when I let out the news that we would no longer be going to the library because of said tantrum.  We somehow managed to wrangle ourselves out the door to go to the grocery store......where I spent more time trying to convince Bennett to sit down, to stop grabbing things off the shelves, picking Cole up off the floor like 500 times (and he got mad at ME, as if I pushed him....pretty sure I got some looks for that one), he asked for everything he saw, but mainly REALLY wanted marshmallows, and anything that he thought would look great on a gingerbread house.... after battling a stubborn Bennett again, who refused to sit down, sit in the front seat or the basket (all the while trying to calmly and quietly yell at him to  sit his sweet self down). I actually had a moment where I felt hot tears burning my eyes as I buckled down that very persistent and very loud 2 year old.  The feeling of major meltdown was about to overtake my own being. I made a bee line for a checkout, got Cole his sticker that he kept asking for, paid the bill and bolted towards the door......without our groceries......

Yeah. Thank you checker for hollering at me all the way down the store, that yes...yes, I forgot to take all 3 bags of groceries with me....that I paid for.

And to the lady, who kindly said that some other woman  did the exact same thing a few check stands down. Thank you.  You made me feel like I wasn't the only brainless mom wandering around.

So yes, I love them....deeply, truly and madly.

But some days are harder than other and just call for a plate of these.

And a plate was devoured. By me. And boy do I feel so much better. Both boys are taking longer naps....and I have been able to do a little nursery planning (about time, nothing like cutting it close!).

So if you are having a day. Or if you are just craving the best sugar cookie that is both thick, rich, and melts in your mouth. Make these.

Twigg Sugar Cookies (link HERE) Disclaimer, I haven't tried the frosting in the recipe, but will next time. I made just a basic butter cream because I thought it would be better for decorating. I'm already planning when I will be making these again. In fact, the boy's may never convince me to make cutout cookies again, these are way easier and tastier and softer!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy Christmas happenings

With all the talk about our baby, I have not been so good at keeping up with what's been going on with my other two little punkins.

These two in fact. Brace yourself for this one.....

I may have squealed with joy when I was flipping through some recent pictures and came across this one. They are precious, truly truly precious. And despite the incredibly rough time we have been having in the getting along department. This is evidence of how much they adore one another. Bennett would follow "Tole" to the moon and back.

That sweet little gem was taken on our Christmas weekend kick-off. We decided to forgo their normal naps, let them sleep in the car ( prayed that our grand plan would not back fire on us!) and go do some fun, family Christmasy things.

We kicked off the festivities with some free cookie and cupcake decorating at a really yummy cupcake shop and candy store.

Cole took the decorating very seriously, and meticulously placed each of his candies right where he wanted them. And as you can see, Bennett.......well, he put them right where he wanted them as well. His belly. He wasted no time completely demolishing that cupcake.

And Cole sat and smiled, and chatted, and took a couple licks of his frosting, then said he was "saving it for later" a typical phrase from his lips. He is always "saving things for later".

We then tromped through the rain over to the candy store to decorate snowman sugar cookies. But unfortunately I didn't get any photos, it was busy and crazy, and too many people. The boys didn't seem to mind.

And they also didn't seem to mind at all when we had to leave to go get our Christmas tree. Come to find out Cole thought that the moment we put up the tree automatically meant it was Christmas.....and time to open presents!

We have finally seemed to get out of the ask-every-second-if-it-is-now-Christmas stage. Thank goodness. And our tree hunting was truly a success. We started off our trek by making a quick stop at our all time favorite donut shop. I gave each boy a crumb sized bite, in hopes of not getting the nasty sugar crash that usually follows.

At least it gave us the energy we needed to do this.

We trudged through mud in rain, sleet, and snow. Not even kidding.....we got it all. Bennett kept insisting we go in the opposite direction of every one else. And then they both enjoyed finding stumps to stand on.


The trees on the farm were HUGE, and I almost thought we weren't going to be able to find one that would fit in our house. After some annoying pregnant woman started complaining that she was cold, tired, and done with the endless walk in circles....her sweet husband chopped down a tree that was the smallest we could find. That same pregnant woman was still not convinced that it would look good. Someone really needs to remind her to get over her raging pregnancy hormones.....

But she did get swept away in the cuteness of two little boys eagerly watching their daddy cut down the tree that "they picked out" .

They yelled "TIMBER!" and Cole said "take a picture of this mom"

Geeze Loueeeeeze, he is growing up.

And then little brother offered to help daddy with the tree.

Such a big help, don't think daddy could have handled it without him. And yes, he held onto the tip of the tree practically the whole way back to the car. And Cole just walked beside them, with his hands in his new found pockets.

They both passed out in the car ride home, not as early as we had hoped....but when they awoke they were too excited to decorate the tree to be grumpy.

Yep, they decorate indeed.

Let's just say, the bottom of the tree is feeling the love.

And we finally told Cole that it would be Christmas when presents showed up under the tree. (They would never last if put under any sooner.....)

We've also been working through an advent book calendar, I think they are a little young for it quite yet. But Cole still asks to read a book every morning (and surprisingly he ALWAYS remembers what number we are on) So far Joseph has been referred to as the "The Word", "Kind" and "lives in a house". Although we made some progress this morning, and he told me he was the dad...couldn't remember who's dad. But we're at least getting closer. :)

All I can say is it has been so much more fun this year with the boys and watching their excitement and delight. We have heard a lot of "HAPPY Christmas" tidings throughout the week.

Happy Christmas indeed. Here's to making many more Christmas memories with my family.