Tuesday, December 16, 2014

32 weeks: Getting closer

We are just moving right along in this pregnancy. Sometimes I look at a calendar and am caught off guard by how down to the wire we are getting. And then i start dreaming about meeting my little man, and what it will be like to kiss his cheeks, stroke his warm skin, and hold him as close to my chest as possible. I start allowing my mind to wander about when he will come, will it be early like his brothers? Will he keep us on our toes right up to his due date and tease us with more time there after?

All I know is I am completely paralyzed with fear,  yet eagerly excited to meet my third little boy. He's it, the piece to our family.

How far along: 32 weeks and 3 days

Weight gain: I had only gained 1 pound since my last appointment. And my OB said that she didn't want me to be so strict with my GD diet, she wants to see the weight gain...but I still need to watch the starchy carbs and crazy sweets. So I'm adding in a few more carbs, but trying to make sure they all count (well, except for the sugar cookies...pretty sure she didn't mean eat them to my hearts content.....) 

Best Moment this week: Having an ultra sound and seeing my handsome boy. One of the snapshots he looks like he is doing the whole "duck lip" selfie, so funny! he has beautiful lips (even all ducky) and the same pug nose as both my other boys. He is also measuring smaller than "normal" babies, but they are calling it normal for me. They estimate that he weighs just over 3 lbs! and have him at about the 20th percentile. I cannot even say how amazing it felt to get another good report. Makes being able to enjoy this pregnancy so much easier.

Sleep: This has not been a good week for sleep. I got a TDAP shot at my appointment and by the second and third night every time I would move at night I woke up in pain. Reminded me to be a little more sympathetic the next time one of the boys get a shot and their crankiness is all flared up. My youngest little rascal also decided the other night to throw himself over his crib and then master climbing out. We are now transitioning him onto his mattress on the floor...something we were hoping we could hold off on until he was a little older. But when they spend all night climbing out, and not much time sleeping.....you don't have much a of a choice. Thankfully last night was a bit more successful. It still stresses me out knowing that he is free to get up and roam...he is my little instigator after all.(And tonight is proving why we wanted to keep him in his crib for as long as possible.....I finally handed off the duty to Kyle after carrying him back to his bed at least 20 times!)

Food cravings: SUGAR COOKIES (Still! Even after practically finishing off a whole entire batch last week!) Seriously, go try the recipe that I posted last week...it will change your life.

I also, want baked oatmeal like none other. My new favorite has been this one (LINK HERE) I mean, it's healthy, tastes like a cookie and has chocolate chips on it...what could make breakfast any more delightful? It even tastes great reheated the next day. I have already made it twice in the past week, and both boys think I am spoiling them rotten (side note: I always add flax meal, leave off the sugary glaze and throw on a dollop of peanut butter right before serving for added protein--yum). I know it's not the lowest carb breakfast, but it's better and healthier than a bowl of cereal. And it's warm, I'm always so cold in the mornings, I just want something warm to eat. I have also been starting my day with hot water and fresh squeezed lemon. Apparently there are a ton of benefits, but it helps give me energy and warms me up instantly. Plus, I have become quite addicted to the tartness of it.

I am back on a green smoothie kick, but have adapted it to be more diabetic friendly. I no longer share it with the boys, and save the other smoothie for a mid day snack.

I still secretly want twizzlers. And eat the occasional spoonful of peanut butter with either butterscotch or dark chocolate chips on top.....even though I want it all the time! Weird how my cravings  have changed to the sweet when I couldn't stomach them for so long!

Aversions: Anything super heavy or greasy. Chinese food. And this cabbage dish that I made last week...couldn't even bring myself to look at it the next day.

Labor signs: Still having Braxton Hicks like crazy. I had several days last week where my uterus felt like it had been working overtime with all the contractions, and I just hurt all over. My OB said it is very important for me to listen to my body and take it easy when that happens.....so I'm going to say scrubbing the floors will be out...and I think I may add cleaning all bathrooms as well ;) We want this little guy to stay put as long as he can! He is in the head down position (good boy, lets keep it like that shall we?) And has set up post right on top of my bladder.

Movement: Oh, this boy knows how to rock and roll! Lately, he has really been loving to stretch out all limbs. I can feel him moving his hands and head at one end and jabbing me with his toes at the other. We spend lots of time together, tickling his little feet, tapping his knees, and patting what I think to be his back or hiney. He is starting to get hiccups a lot! And I tend to get more BH the more active he becomes.

How are you feeling: Except for those weird couple of days with my overactive uterus, and the shot that made it impossible to sleep. I am feeling pretty good. I seem to have started getting some morning sickness again, but it doesn't last that long, maybe a couple of hours in the morning and then it subsides. I have only dry-heaved from it once, so I have not been taking anything to help other than trying to keep something substantial in my tummy and drinking lots of water. Some days I am blown away with the energy I seem to find, while others, I practically have to drag my bum up off the couch. Honestly, I think the diet change I made when I found out I was borderline GD has helped tremendously. I pack in more veggies, eat more protein, snack on energy giving foods, and over all I think it has helped make me feel better.

My Thoughts: Last post I talked about being completely unprepared. Well, this post I am proud to say that we have made some headway on our lists of things that needed to get done. My hubby finished up painting and putting on the new hardware on two dressers (one for Cole's room and one for the nursery) AND they turned out soooo perfect! I need to take some pics, I completely forot to take a before pic though :(  Also, it's pretty sweet that they are the same dressers I used growing up, my niece used one in her room, and now they are passed on to my boys. Plus, can't turn down free! My in-laws ordered us a monitor. I found the car seat that we need to buy, my mom ordered the bedding I picked out. I found a garland for the nursery I want to make (or possibly just buy off of Etsy....crafting still makes me cranky!), we got some pallet wood for a wall decoration (thanks to my MIL!) I found a few other decor items to make the nursery more complete. For some reason it was totally stressing me out, so it's nice to see some progress being made. And now I just need to convince Kyle that we absolutely NEED a new white Jenny Lind style crib! Priorities, priorities. :) It would just look so cute in there!

 I also went through all of our old baby clothes, tossed what needed to be tossed, washed what we will use. (still need to put them in the dresser...that is the goal for this week!) Can I just say how sentimental I got looking at all of those teeny tiny pieces of clothing. Totally brought back all those first memories of bringing home each one of our boys. How fast they grow.

We are still on the hunt for a car, and keep praying that the right one will pop up on Craigslist.

And I'm just happy to see things being checked off my mental list. It makes me feel like we are getting more and more ready to meet this little boy. And I like knowing that he will be able to come home to a room decorated just for him. We didn't get to do that for Bennett, and it always kind of made me sad.

33 weeks here we come.....baby boy we are waiting for you to join our family! keep up the good growing and strong karate kicks. Mama loves you, Cole can't stop talking about you, and Bennett likes to give you swift pats as he saunters on by.

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