Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Best Sugar Cookie. Ever.

Alright. Confession. I know that I am right on the cusp of Gestational Diabetes, I know that the last thing I need to be making are sugar cookies. But I did. I made them.....and I'm not feeling the slightest bit guilty about it.

I have been craving them like no other craving. It was time.

And you guys, these cookies......oh, these cookies are worth raising a little blood sugar over.  And they haven't even been frosted yet!

I almost made the decision to plop, me, my belly, and a plate of cookies down on the couch while I balled my eyes out at yet another Hallmark Christmas movie. What can I say, I'm addicted. To the Hallmark channel ( and maybe the cookies too....) I used to always make fun of them, because they are all total cheese ball and bad acting (even with good actors). But they suck you in something fierce. Even Kyle has admitted to getting sucked in a couple times...he is going to hate that I admitted that for him. :)

But I was good, left the plate of cookies at the counter, and am patiently waiting for the boys to wake up to finish decorating them. Somehow, someway we got all the cookies baked with Cole only having a little nibble, rather they managed to cram fistfuls of sprinkles into their mouths instead. Thus still resulting in two rambunctious boys, who took it upon themselves to test the last little straws of patience I had.

Thank the Lord for naps.

Oh, and my kitchen is a mess, Cole isn't the neatest baker. But I'm sitting here pretending that there aren't piles of flour and sprinkles covering practically every square inch of my counters. And I'm letting myself drift off into dream land with each buttery, sugary bite.  

Here's to hoping those two boys wake up free from sugar hangovers and ready to obey and listen to their pregnant mother. Or I may take it upon myself to indulge in a few more cookies (any excuse at this point).


And several days later......I'm going to finish this post. Yes, the boys woke up, yes we decorated our little hearts out. I had red and green sprinkles rolling around my floor, in my slippers, and stuck to my sweater.


Bennett spent most of his time just like the above picture, stuffing his face full of the sprinkles instead of putting them on the cookies.

 And Cole was again, very methodical with his sprinkling. And has continued to ask every day if we can make cookies, bake cupcakes, make gingerbread houses.....this mama, is getting a little overwhelmed trying to keep up with the enthusiasm!

Bennett saw Cole showing off his cookies, so he had to take the credit and show off some for himself. Love those boys.

I do. I really really love them. In fact, I love them so much I'm not going to go into every detail of how well our day has gone today. Let's just say it started at about 5:30AM, with a screaming kick start (thank you Cole), and then another screaming tantrum when I let out the news that we would no longer be going to the library because of said tantrum.  We somehow managed to wrangle ourselves out the door to go to the grocery store......where I spent more time trying to convince Bennett to sit down, to stop grabbing things off the shelves, picking Cole up off the floor like 500 times (and he got mad at ME, as if I pushed him....pretty sure I got some looks for that one), he asked for everything he saw, but mainly REALLY wanted marshmallows, and anything that he thought would look great on a gingerbread house.... after battling a stubborn Bennett again, who refused to sit down, sit in the front seat or the basket (all the while trying to calmly and quietly yell at him to  sit his sweet self down). I actually had a moment where I felt hot tears burning my eyes as I buckled down that very persistent and very loud 2 year old.  The feeling of major meltdown was about to overtake my own being. I made a bee line for a checkout, got Cole his sticker that he kept asking for, paid the bill and bolted towards the door......without our groceries......

Yeah. Thank you checker for hollering at me all the way down the store, that yes...yes, I forgot to take all 3 bags of groceries with me....that I paid for.

And to the lady, who kindly said that some other woman  did the exact same thing a few check stands down. Thank you.  You made me feel like I wasn't the only brainless mom wandering around.

So yes, I love them....deeply, truly and madly.

But some days are harder than other and just call for a plate of these.

And a plate was devoured. By me. And boy do I feel so much better. Both boys are taking longer naps....and I have been able to do a little nursery planning (about time, nothing like cutting it close!).

So if you are having a day. Or if you are just craving the best sugar cookie that is both thick, rich, and melts in your mouth. Make these.

Twigg Sugar Cookies (link HERE) Disclaimer, I haven't tried the frosting in the recipe, but will next time. I made just a basic butter cream because I thought it would be better for decorating. I'm already planning when I will be making these again. In fact, the boy's may never convince me to make cutout cookies again, these are way easier and tastier and softer!

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