Friday, April 12, 2013

I still remember writing Cole's 7 month post like it was yesterday.  It's such a nostalgic time, they are growing and I can no longer ignore the fact that they won't be my wee babies for much longer.

Bennett is officially becoming a little man.

He is changing daily, and blowing my mind. It's as if we turned a whole new page over night. Here is what is going on in this chapter of his life....

He is my loud-mouth. He is going to be the kid that has no volume control, the one that talks loud, laughs loud, burps loud....he will be all boy, and have no problem announcing it to the world.

He can also go from happy-go-lucky to mad-as-hades in seconds flat. Hence, being my loud mouth, with well tuned pipes. Thankfully though, he stays happy most days. But every once in awhile I get looks like this, it's my cue to act quickly.

At night he has decided to become a tummy sleeper, which means we no longer swaddle his arms. Which also means that we are dealing with a whole new set of sleep interruptions. (Not that it really has made any difference, he still wakes up about every 1-2 hours.) With his arms free he likes to scratch, feel, pat, thump, his way around his bed. I have to admit, it is pretty cute waking up to him on his tummy peaking over at me.

He rolls around like nobody's business. It's his means of getting what he wants. He has also started to propel himself forward, and tucking his little tush up as if trying to get into the crawl position. Yesterday while getting his bath ready, he was going crazy on the floor....I seriously thought he was going to crawl right on over to where I was! Everyone says that he will probably crawl a lot sooner than his brother (9 1/2 months). But I have learned not to hold my breath on those kinds of things.

He is soooo sturdy on his legs. He likes to pull himself up with my hands, I can even let go for a few seconds and he stands there looking all proud. I have to do a lot of convincing him to sit, when he does, he does great! 

And yes, he still becomes a little plank when I try to get him in the sitting position, it's quite impressive, he is going to have some mighty strong ab muscles if he keeps this up.

He is my jokester, loves to play peek-a-boo. And gets a tickle out of any kind of goofy antic I can come up with.

The other day he started a new game,  while I hold him in my arms, he pushes off of me, arches his back so that he can look into my eyes. Every time I look down at him he shrieks, giggles, and then nuzzles his face into my arm.  Only to repeat this scenario over and over again. I love seeing his goofy side slip out. Plus, any excuse I have to look into his blue eyes I will gladly take. Even if it means nap time is postponed a little longer, sleep will always come. But each moment, is just that, a moment that I will not be able get back. So I will indulge in his little game without feeling one bit guilty.

I have started him on some solids.  He immediately loved it, and handled it so much better than Cole did. Cole gagged and choked when I first tried, so I held off until 7 1/2, almost 8 months. With every bite he responds with, "Num, num, um, um". I gess that's a good sign! So far we have had great luck with avocado, pear, squash (home grown by my parents), and organic oatmeal. cereal. I had forgotten how much I enjoy making baby food, although I still wish that I could just solely breastfeed until he turns a year. But I don't think he would be satisfied with that, he just wants to do everything that big brother, mama, and dadda do.

He has eyes that sparkle and a smile that can turn my world upside down. he gets delighted over the little things, whether I just talk to him, or give him a new toy to play with....however, take that toy away....and his sparkle will start to spit fire.

Our latest battle has been during bath time. He loves it, loves to splash and play. And loves to grab the washcloth to suck and chew on. If I try to take the washcloth away and give him something else....he gets very, inconsolable upset. I am so not used to that kind of response, even to this day I can take most things away from Cole and he just keeps on carrying on.

Bennett is much more opinionated. And much more vocal about anything and everything.

Even more so when I take him out of his bath and put lotion on him. Still hates it, always did, and I'm guessing always will.

He still gets overwhelmed in social situations where there are lots of people, like at family gatherings. He is getting better, I just have to allow him time to warm up.

He weighs just over 16 pounds. Funny how different he is from when his brother was his age.

And just in case I am boring you,  I will wind this post up....

He may be little, but he has big personality. He may holler loudly, and cry when things don't go his way.....but he drips with sweetness just the same.

I wouldn't want him to be any other way. I love how he differs from his brother and is such his own personality. he is passionate, and keeps life interesting.

I love everything about him, I honestly didn't think I could love as much as I do my two boys. They make my world right.

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