Monday, February 8, 2016

ONE Cute Lumberjack and his party

I've been sitting here pondering how one year has come and gone so quickly. There is so much I want to put into words, so many emotions, so much disbelief that my baby has reached this milestone. But I need to allow my heart a chance to catch up a bit. It needs to fully accept what is happening to that tiny baby who I met in the hospital a year ago today. Instead I will share how we celebrated our sweet boy.

The theme was "Flannel up for some fun, Our little man Davis is turning ONE"

We were so PLAID that our whole family was able to make it out for the celebration dawning their best flannel and plaid.

We were also thankful that the party was able to go on after what seemed like a month long bout with the nasty, Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.

So we rejoiced that we could actually be around people again and feel like we weren't completely living in a bubble and modern day lepers.

My Davis LOVES anything that has flavor and even remotely resembles something of food. And pancakes (or FLAPJACKS as we called them) happen to be among his top 10 favorite foods. So flapjacks for the lumber jack were a must.

We ate out of tin plates, and filled them with chocolate chip oatmeal cookie or regular flapjacks topped with the choice of quadruple berry sauce, maple syrup, almonds, peanut butter, and of course freshly whipped cream. (Cole was bummed there were no sprinkles or cherries to put on top)

We had maple leaf cookies, chocolate mint pretzel bark, and trail mix (just for theme kicks).

I served homemade hot cocoa at the cocoa bar where anyone could go crazy with as much or as little toppings as they fancied. (Again, major fail in the Cole sprinkles.....)

I will let you guess who fancied a lot....the more sugar, the better. And getting them to bed that night was a whole lot of fun.....

And then there were cupcakes, of course.

Snickers cupcakes to be exact. Because who doesn't like snickers? Davis appeared to be a big fan....big, huge....super fan. And in true lumberjack form, he took down that cupcake with swiftness and ease.

He took one look....went at it face first....then shoved the rest in his mouth. I think I heard some mutter, "is he even breathing?"

Once he tasted that cupcake, neither his face nor his mouth lost any type of contact. and in a second....milliseconds even, it was gone. One big gulp.....gone.

He did a good job cleaning up all the crumbs that escaped their doom. He made our job as clean up crew quite easy.

Big brother Cole took it upon himself to do his own little videography of the event.

Look at how well he cleaned himself up. Then he just kicked back in true Davis fashion, and let that sugar pulsate through his veins. 

What a fun day, filled with so much joy celebrating such a genuinely joyful little boy.

Baby Dabis, you have been such a treat. We love every single thing about you (although, i would not complain if you decided you liked to sleep at night......)

One year down, and hopefully many, many, MANY more to come. I love you so much by baby boy.

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