Monday, June 20, 2011

And they made me eat blueberry ketchup....

That's right, you read it correctly....blueberry ketchup, apparently that is how those Idahoians do things.  And I couldn't be happier. I've been a little MIA because we have been trecking all around our soon-to-be home for a year.  We are packing up our Oregonian roots and heading on over to make friends with lots and lots of potatoes.  Good thing I got over being a potato hater thanks to my recent pregnancy.  It used to be that you couldn't catch me within a 10 foot radius of a potato unless it was cut, deep fried and smothered in ketchup.  But the minute I started cooking a bun in my oven I wanted potatoes like they were going out of style! 

There I am in all my potato-lovin be honest, I was kind of hoping the new found love would quickly die once I gave birth.  But how could you give up such a love when you are introduced to a place like this....

Perfect.  Good thing I wasn't pregnant, I would tried to eat for two.

I ordered a meal of the Okinawa fries, and they could have easily been dessert. They were blue fries with a thicker skin but a soft, silky flesh that literally melted in my mouth.  But the best part...yes, it does get better they have a ketchup bar!  I have an obsession with ketchup....just ask my husband, he is often grossed out by the copious amount that I cover my food with.  They had everything ranging from fiery hot to oddly sweet n' yummy.  I was quite taken with the blueberry fact, that was lured me to the joint in the first place.  I know, it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, but something about how it combine the perfect ratio of salty and sweet made me going back for dip after dip. It's dangerous to think that will soon be within biking least they say this is a "healthy" fry.  Boise Fry Co.  Thank you for the warm welcoming to our new home, I look forward to becoming better friends this next year.

So I wasn't planning on designating this whole post glorifying the fry....but I guess I couldn't help myself. 

In other news we jumped over the hurdle of baby's first flight.  This was our first time traveling with Cole....and once we got past the absurdly annoying flight attendant..... she literally stood by the passenger directly behind us and kid you not, this came out of her mouth, "Sir, is your device turned off? Why don't you take out your ear plugs and turn off that device that you seem to be so attached to....ok, I will just stand here so you can show me that it is turned off....." and I think this one-sided dialogue continued awhile longer.  This was also the same flight attendant that took it upon herself to reinforce the staying buckled up until the plane was at a complete stop by using the means of the intercom, her tauntingly annoying voice said, "I hear those seat belts clicking, you need to wait.....not now....not, not now.....ok now you can un buckle your belts." This was no joking matter, I think she needs to retire....someone has become a little too bitter while up in the air.  I think Cole agreed, as he didn't do so hot on the flight over.  We tried every trick in the book to ensure a nice comfortable flight for the little guy, and he would have none of it.  I think the real issue was the fact that is was his nap time and he was tired.  So after about 20 minutes he passed out...and I mean he was OUT.  I had to carry him in my arms all through the Boise airport, all through waiting for Kyle to get our rental car and then onto our hotel.  But I am proud to say that he was a champ on the way home! He was laughing and playing, and the flight attendants were much better and redeemed themselves, even though they had nothing to do with my opinions of them at that point. 

All in all the trip was a success.  And I look forward to many more adventures in the potato state in our near future.

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