Thursday, June 23, 2011

I had cupcakes on my sleep-deprived mind

So in all honesty, I had plans of writing this really sweet post about how my baby just turned 8 months, and then I was going to share a cupcake recipe because I thought it would be perfect to commemorate the day.  However, my blog...or computer...or both had something against me yesterday and they refused to let me post any pictures of the delightful cupcakes.  So then I decided heck with the picture I will go ahead and share the recipe with no picture...super boring I know, but I was running out of time. Well, would you believe the site that had the recipe posted had been deleted by the author! Double bummer.....and....a big "oh no!" as that was the recipe I was going to use for my sisters upcoming wedding.  Perhaps in the long run this will all be for the better as hopefully I will find a new recipe that will be even more knock-your-socks-off good.  I am going to cross my fingers, and say a little prayer.  At least now I have a good excuse to whip up some more batches of cupcakes, and this cupcake saga will be resurrected.  And when I find the perfect recipe you better believe I will be sharing it because my mama taught me to share.

Onto other news we decided to begin sleep training again with our little Cole bug.  He used to be a good sleeper, until he learned that he could wrap mommy and daddy around his chubby little finger. 

It started off innocently slowly and before we knew it that stinker had us up all hours of the night, and he would cry and cry whenever we tried to put him back down.  I thought I had seriously damaged him for life or that the poor thing had inherited my horrible insomnia.  See, I am used to living off of very little sleep.....but I had reached a breaking point of near insanity.  I knew something needed to change.  After talking to the pediatrician she assured me that he was fully capable of sleeping through the night and that he had probably decided he would much rather hang out with us all night instead of sleeping.  Understandably so, I mean, we are pretty fun people to hang with, ha ha.  She suggested that we start sleep training as it would be healthier for all of us in the end. So together my husband and I devised a solid plan, we were going to conquer this thing....and then the crying began.....

the first night was the longest and hardest.  I got upset, I got weary, I got frustrated....and my poor husband got the brunt of it all.  We took turns going in to comfort the little one and after 1 1/2 hours he finally drifted off to sleep.....and actually slept for a full 7 hours straight! That was one big stride in the right direction! Last night was day 3 and I can honestly say he acts like a completely different baby.  He goes down for his naps without a peep, he has been sleeping almost all night long....and I feel like a new woman! I am praying that we have turned over a new leaf and that I didn't wreck my baby after all.  Time will tell.  For now I am a happy mama. 

For all you young moms out there that are going through this same battle, hang in does get better.  My advice would be to go with your gut, and get your husbands involved as you will need their support and encouragement...because believe me, you will want to cave.  You will think to yourself  "I can make the situation better by offering the beloved boob, and the crying will cease."  You need your spouse there to remind you that the best gift you can give your baby is the gift of learning to sleep.  They need sleep, I need sleep, we all need sleep.  So hang tight, be strong, and love that baby.

Hopefully you will get this as the end result.....

Good Luck!

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