Saturday, July 16, 2011

Between the Sweets and Treats

So I have been busy searching, baking, licking, tasting, and sampling some treats that I have been trying out for my little sisters upcoming shower. I'm not sure why all of a sudden I feel like I need to do trial runs, I have NEVER done that before. I usually find some delicious creation online, attempt to replicate it the day of some big event. And then sadly I usually critic, criticize, stomp my feet and threaten to toss it in the garbage before it even has a chance.  My husband usually does an intervention, pries my white knuckled fingers off of the delicacy and calmly tells me that it looks great and everyone will love it.  I need that. Oh goodness how I need that, what would I do without my husband....there would be a million and one sad little treats meeting their final fate way to soon if it wasn't for his constant encouragement. Perfectionism is a crippling, one-eyed stink bomb...whatever that means, but you get the point.  I need to take Julia Child's advice and "serve it without apology". 

Good thing I have these sweet boys to keep that stinkin perfectionism in check, and remind me to breathe and smile.

So to take my mind off whirling cakes, cookies and desserts I turn to something a bit more simple.  Baby food.  People told me I would get tired of making my own baby food, they said the hype of making it would last all of two weeks.  Well, I am here to say that I have passed my two week dooms day, and it is my therapy.  It's simple, and it's beautiful. Beautiful? Yes, baby food is taking the healthiest food in in all it's purity and whipping it into vibrant purees. Two easy steps. One delicious deal. You better believe I serve this without an ounce of apology.  Thanks Julia, I'm learning.

Also, thanks to Cole's pediatrician. The best thing she said to me was that I didn't need to worry and fret about figuring out a whole food regime just yet. (Praise Jesus!) Since he is still mainly breastfeeding the introduction to solids should be fun and exciting treat in addition not in place of his mommy food.  She encouraged me to let this be an enjoyable time for the both of us, allowing him the chance to get a feel for all of the new flavors and textures, and me a moment to relax.  I took that advice and ran with it....or more like cooked with it!

Notice the longingly look in the background? This kid likes to eat!

Who me???

Give me some more!!!!

So I keep a stock pile in our freezer, see how pretty they are?  I was sold the instant I saw the difference between the jarred food and freshly made. See? SOLD on so many levels.  One level being that for about a buck I can have a weeks worth of food versus maybe 2 jars of the store bought.  However, I have to say there is one line of food that I am newly in love with. 

I love what they stand for. I love the simplicity of the line.  And I love that they use all organic natural foods. And if I must feed my baby something other than homemade, this is what I will reach for.  Ok, that's my plug for the day.  I need to go make this mama somewhat presentable for the day....too late, the little mister has awakened.


  1. In that case I will bring you over some more. Love reading the blog by the way!

  2. Ah, thanks Leah! You totally sold me on the "happy Baby" food! :)

  3. your stock pile is way prettier than mine ever was! I used ice cube trays and then transferred them into bags! those containers are great!

  4. Thanks Jen! I actually found them at Babysrus. They have worked really well so far!