Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Showers in July

Ok, so I don't mean the typical showers that you find in Oregon during, well, most of the doggone year... I'm talking about Bridal Showers! A very special Bridal Shower to be exact.  My baby sister is getting married to her highschool sweetheart of 8 years. See, I have good reasons for my absence lately, her sisters and I have begun the process of planning the best bridal shower we can muster up.  I often get way to excited about planning such events that you have to reel me in and make me focus.  Perhaps it's my addiction to beautiful pictures and ideas you can find all over the web.  Seriously, have any of you browsed Style Me Pretty or Ruffled.  Sometimes I just sit and stare... ok, maybe drool just a little....fine, a lot! 

Hey at least with all that drooling I have also found inspiration....and focus.  My sister's must be relieved.

So cute and friendly to my pocket book is this idea......

Hook a sister up! Ok, so probably won't have mimosa's, peach bellinis or any sort of alcohol whatsoever, but this would be such a cute idea for a sparkling juice or lemonade bar....hmmm....the possibilities.

Folks, we have a problem.....I have a drool pool....

And just when I thought it couldn't get any cuter, they just had to go there with this....

Of course. You have to have something sparkly to add to the whimsy of the day.

Sorry Shanny, we probably won't have a chandelier, but you can bet your buns that we will have....

Bunting.  I. Love. Bunting.

Wow. I see busyness in the near future.  But I am thrilled with what we all have come up with. I have some further food inspiration, but will share that with you on a later date....I think a big bowl of popcorn and hot tamales, and my hubby are calling my name. 

(all photos are from Hostess with the Mostess)

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