Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bridesmaid 101: Don't Turn Green

Duties: (Resource: Bridesmaid

bridesmaidAsk if the bride needs anything (food, water, etc) all the way up till the time she is walking down the aisle. She will really appreciate it!

bridesmaidHelp make sure the bride has privacy if she needs some quiet time before the ceremony.

bridesmaidTake some deep breaths and walk slow when you walk down the aisle since it is common to speed up. If a groomsman walks down the aisle with you, make him refrain from talking or fooling around.

bridesmaidAlways look for the unexpected since it is common for the most uncommon things to happen (i.e, something falling down at the alter). If you are close enough, fix what needs to be fixin so the bride, groom and their families can focus on the ceremony.

We are going to stop there, and I am going to talk about the "unexpected".  

Let me rewind, my baby sister finally got married last weekend after 8 years of dating her high school sweetheart. They shared their first kiss when he dropped to his knee and asked her to be his wife.   This wedding was both a monumental and long-awaited affair.  She is the last to be married off and leave my parents house.  As her big sister I have watched her grow into a godly young woman who has chased after God's own heart for many many years.  I think I was as excited to watch her walk down the aisle as she was....ok, maybe she was just a teensy bit more excited, but seriously, can you blame her?  

That's the look of joy my friends.

As one of her bridesmaid's I assumed all of the roles that typically come with it and I was thrilled to be able to be a part of her special day.  The day of the wedding was a perfect 82 degree day and the sanctuary was decked out and looked nothing short of lovely, thanks to my Mom and Aunt....they truly have a gift.    I made cupcakes several days ahead and then spent the morning of the wedding making sure they were all frosted, topped, and ready to be devoured.  Everything was moving along smoothly and seamlessly...I knew there had to be a catch.  Here is where the unexpected happens....

Let me back up again and set this story up.  

See, I am known for awkward red-in-the-face "moments".  Immediately my head is filled with shameful, run and hide kind of memories.  Like when I was walking through the halls of my high school and some how my backpack got caught on the door jam and flipped me over with such force that I lay on my back with the wind knocked out of me.  Or the time I had finished giving a speech for a woman's conference at my college, and as I was exiting down the side staircase I must have missed a major step and ended up piled in a heap at the bottom of the steps....nearly taking out the dessert table along the way.  Or the time I was giving a very serious speech during class and spent much of the speech gasping and giggling, red-faced with tears streaming down my face....all composure lost and never to be regained.  Can you say "unexpected" and completely awkward? And those are just the tips of the gigantic iceberg.  I suppose I could say I have a rare talent....let's just leave it at that.

So, back to the beautiful wedding day.....
The bride was ready.
The bridesmaids were ready....well, sort of.   It was about this time that I started to feel like this...
I know, I know...super highly attractive photo of myself.....I'm trying to prove a point here.

Thinking it was due to not eating enough or drinking enough water I began to stuff my face with ritz crackers, greek yogurt, string cheese and water.  Then before I knew it, it was show time! I began praying the queezy geezy feeling would pass. It didn't.

I made it through the slide show, down the aisle, and through most of the pastor's speech.....and then everything started getting a bit fuzzy.  I kept praying "Lord, DO NOT let me pass out or pass chunks."  I knew my reputation of making grand awkwardtastophies.....and this definitely was not the time nor place for that.  However, I just remember someone grabbing my arm and taking me out the side door of the church...where I immediately keeled over.  Just in the nick of time! 

Some fall flat on their faces, I am happy to say at least I made a dignified and somewhat graceful (if being escorted counts)exit off the stage before saying "hello" to the ground. Knowing my luck I would have done some sort of ridiculous flip off the stage and landed sprawled below. 

I will count my blessings.  

However, I am sad to say I missed the vows, the "kiss, the dinner, the cupcakes, and the farewell to the new bride and groom. :( Sad day for me.  But a very very joyful one for my sister and her now husband! They make an amazing couple who will bring much glory to the Kingdom of God. 

Congrats Shannon and Kris...glad I could make your day extra memorable....after all, isn't that part of being a bridesmaid? 

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