Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This is my life

 And this is what my little man has been up to lately:

At his one year appointment he was 21.3 lbs, 28.5 in tall, and his head circumference was 18 in. 
He had his first big bleeding boo-boo, he sliced his finger while flipping over our scale, he took it like a big boy and I think I cried more than he did. 
he LOVES to go up and down our stairs, the only problem is that he usually wants to go down when I want him to go up, and he want's to go up when I want him to go down...nothing a little puff bribery can't solve!
He is starting to repeat a lot of things I say, the first clear word being "dirty" I couldn't help but chuckle....seriously, of all the words I say he chose "dirty". :) 
He also says his own version of "I love you," "thank you" "good job"(he usually whispers this when he turns the lights on and off) "mama" "dada"and "doggie".
He is starting to point with one finger vs. four fingers (to be honest, this kind of makes me sad, I loved it when he would tuck his thumb under and point all 4 stubby little fingers at what he wanted)
When asked what a lion says he will respond with a whispered "ar-ar" he says it so soft and sweetly.
He loves to sign "more" and would sit in his high chair all day long asking for more cheerios if I let him...the kid has a bottomless pit for a stomach!
Speaking of eating, he is not a dainty eater and can usually clear his tray in about 5 seconds flat.  I am always worried he will choke because he likes to "chipmunk it" as my brother-in-law says, meaning crams his cheeks full of food and will continue to shovel food in until it's gone....usually two fists at a time...and for the record he has never choked (knock on wood).
He still will have nothing to do with meat....perhaps we have produced a vegetarian.
Blocks are currently his favorite thing to play with, he LOVES to knock down towers, and fill and dump out his block box. 
Actually I think cell phones and remotes may trump his blocks. While my in-laws were watching Cole while we went on a date they let him play with their cell was all nice and dandy...until he figured out how to turn it on and call people....they took it away and tried to distract him.  we came home maybe about 45 minutes later, and the first thing he did when I picked him up was start pointing to the counter where the phone was hidden and saying "dah, dah" (which means I want that!). He doesn't forget or give up easily.
Yes, he is extremely persistent.
He also has mastered a toy similar to a shape sorter that makes music.
Cole definitely has a love of music, while playing he always keeps several music making toys close by and will continually push buttons to make music at all time.
Recently he has started trying to hum along and will do a little bob up and down dance.
He likes to dance on command.
I sing to him before he goes down for his naps, and lately he has started to hum along with me, it is so precious.
I think he is in the process of dropping down to one's been pretty hit and miss lately. I mostly try to just pay attention to his cues and will put him down for a second nap if  he acts like he needs one.
we are working on weaning and he currently only nurses right before bed and first thing when he wakes up.
He is getting stronger and stronger on his feet and will walk with a walker and holding onto my hands, he will also stand for a little bit on his own.....but still very much prefers crawling.
He is still my little sidekick and likes to be by my side constantly, I am trying to encourage him to be a little bit more independent. Usually when I do this, I will find him in a corner "reading" a book.
he is beginning to get a definite opinion about what he likes and doesn't like.
Currently his biggest dislike is getting his diaper changed. I spend more time staring at his bare buns in the air and trying to corral his octopus-like arms and legs that sometimes by the time I get the diaper back on I am done and he is this is the final outcome.

I suppose it could be worse.

Good thing he is so gosh darn cute! 

All in all he is growing and changing everyday, I love seeing his little personality develop.  We have our moments but for the most part he is extremely easy-going and such a loving little boy. My favorite is still when he crawls over and nestles up next to me for "snuggies and lovies". 
I could give him snuggies forever...I have a feeling that too will come to an end one of these days. So for now I will soak them up as much as I possibly can.

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