Monday, November 14, 2011

A Momified week

I just realized that I have neglected my blog for several weeks now and the truth is I had better things to do....and perhaps I couldn't get my pictures to download because I am very bad with change....especially when it comes to new computers. My darling husband helped me get squared away, so I'm officially back!

My mom came to visit! So of course I dropped everything so I could truly enjoy every moment with her. We tromped all over Boise and I was able to show her some of my favorite spots around town.  But I think we most enjoyed laying low with coffee in hand and some yummy treat in the other. And of course Cole LOVED having his Nana's undivided attention. I absolutely melt with how delighted my boy gets when he is around his Nana.  In fact, he enjoyed her so much that he refused to go down for his afternoon nap all week long. I suppose in some crazy way he knew that his time with her was limited and he was determined not to miss a minute of it. I don't blame him, she is pretty darn special.

She has since left us to head back home, and I am now pouty and sad and more homesick than I was before she even came.  So in honor of my mom I am going to heed to her suggestion of dedicating a post entirely to my menu for the week that she was here.  I tried to make a very diverse menu as I know my mom likes to try new was a little like a tour around the world as we sat down for dinner each night.

Mom, this is for you......

Snack:  Pumpkin Scones
(Source: Sweet Peas Kitchen)

(Source: Eating Well)

(Source: A Farm Girls Dabbles)

Ummm....this soup is A-Mazing!
(Source: Skinny Taste)

(Source: All Recipes) 


Mom watched Cole and Kyle and I got to go out on a DATE NIGHT!  Thanks Mom!

(Source: Good Life Eats)

This tastes like eating dessert for breakfast, and it's healthy!

 Then I kissed my mom good-bye and proceeded to mope around the house all day....alright, fine....I'm still moping and counting down the days until I get to go home for Christmas. 

Love you mom!

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