Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One sweet monkey....

So I know everyone always warns you that once you have a baby time goes by faster than a speeding bullet. But seriously? A year? Already?  I cannot believe that Cole is now a big-boy-one-year-old. I am super tired and am having trouble putting into words the love I have for my little boy. (me, unable to find words? I know, it doesn't happen often.) So I will just say this:

I simply love him more than life itself.

It's true, I would gladly give my last breath for those sweet cheeks. Thankfully God isn't asking me to do that. So instead, I decided to throw him a birthday party to celebrate the joy that he has brought into our lives.

Oh, so much joy.

Here is a recap of the blessed day!

I fell in love with that sock monkey hat and decided a sock monkey birthday party would be absolutely perfect! I have this strange obsession with themes.....I think I may need professional help.

I also loved the idea of a cookie and milk underlying theme since up until this moment my little monkey hasn't had any other liquid besides breast milk and water (see? I told you.....theme mania) Out of that idea sprung the Cookie Dough Cupcakes and milk bar.

Apparently the mister loves sweets as he ate every last crumb and licked his mug squeaky clean. This was the first time he had any sugar besides could literally see it pulsating through his veins!

We also had a candy buffet bar where everyone had the opportunity to create their own goody bag to take home with them.  I loved that it added a fun and whimsical element to the party. Plus, it's more fun when everyone gets to load up on their favorite candy rather than just having to deal with what they were dealt.

It was such a surreal day....a day mixed with excitement, sadness, joy, disbelief and so so much love. I cannot wait to see where God will take our little boy throughout is life. I pray that he will grow and mature in a deep and passionate love of our Creator.  May he choose to love others above himself and may his sweetness be a constant reflection God Himself. I have no doubt there are great plans to be made for our little man, and I consider myself blessed beyond belief to get to walk alongside him as his adoring mother( I'm sure he will appreciate that during his teen years....)

Here's to our sweet little monkey..... Mom and Dad love you to pieces!

(Now where are my tissues?)


  1. P.S. The party you put together was amazing. Our little boy is lucky to have you as his mom.

  2. Thanks for the sweet comments and for being such a good husband and amazing daddy. Love you!

  3. Caley, I just stumbled upon your blog and OMG what a adorable idea and execution of your son's 1st birthday. Love it!

  4. Ah Jen you so too sweet! I had so much fun planning it all! :) Hope you guys are doing well!