Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkins and Milestones

Fall has always been a fun season, it's the season that brings on so many changes.  We have been enjoying all of the new sights, sounds, and tastes that fall has brought us here in Idaho.  I still have not had a pumpkin spice latte, but plan to fix that problem when I am home visiting family next week.  I'm just glad my mom shares my love of everything pumpkin.  She has sweetly informed me that there are about ten loaves of pumpkin bread hanging out in the freezer awaiting my arrival, throw in a cup of coffee and we will be set for the week. I am blessed by my mom. 

In an attempt to get more into the fallish spirit we decided to pack up our little punkin and head to Cole's first ever pumpkin patch! I think mama was a wee bit more excited than he was.

Cole did a lot of staring people down, and seemed somewhat interested in the animals at the petting zoo....which, I have decided was my least favorite part of the day. It's stinky. It's dirty. There are flies everywhere.  And kids are running into you, stepping on your feet, shoving, pushing, and shrieking over animals that look less than excited to be there. Needless to say I dowsed my hands with some sanitizer and made a mental note to pass up the petting zoo in the future.

We did however, manage to play on some tractors.....
Cole discovered hay for the first time, and immediately started plowing through it with both hands!
He offered some to daddy.....
And then took it back....
After the mini photo shoot and hay extravaganza, we took a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch.  We had all of the right intentions of picking out some beautiful pumpkins.  But after looking around and seeing that many of the pumpkins looked like this.....
I immediately envisioned the two of us trying to carry Cole, find the perfect pumpkins and then attempting to lug them back to the front of the farm.  Birthing another child seemed easier. 

So we loaded back onto the tractor....pumpkinless.

While bumming along on the tractor.... I whispered to Kyle, "how about we just pretend to pick out our pumpkins and then head to the nearest store to pick out the real deal." He chuckled and nodded his head in agreement. So we cheated. I figured Cole wouldn't be too scarred since he most likely won't have any recollection of our failed pumpkin patch experience.

Instead we took advantage of the beautiful day and the amazing fall surroundings to get some fun shots.

It was a wonderful time with my family.  As I look at the pictures I am reminded of God's goodness. And as I stare at that baby boy and his baby blues I can't help but think that in 10 short days he will reach his one year milestone (deep breath).

Here is what my little mister has been up too thus far:

He says "dada" all the time (boo)
I was worried that he didn't know who his "mama" was with all of the "dada's" being thrown about. So the other day while he was in his carseat I looked at him and asked, "Cole, where is your mama?" he immediately smacked me in the face.....guess that answered my question.
He has started a high-pitched shrieking, that is like nails on a chalkboard. Apparently he likes the sounds of his voice.I do too, but wouldn't mind if he toned it down a bit. :)
He points to things when asked where they are, for example the other morning I asked him where the fan was.....he hardly skipped a beat in his crawling, stuck his whole hand up in the air pointing towards the fan without even looking up in the slightest (as if to say, duh mom, it's right there...and to make it apparent I was cramping his style).
He still loves to be by my side during the day. If he is playing and I am sitting somewhere else in the room he will take breaks ever so often to come over and lay his head in my lap. He is my lover boy.
He is not walking yet, but stands up on everything, walks along the sofa and fireplace hearth, and will take steps while holding onto my hands.
He loves to open drawers, and empty them. He loves the dishwasher and will come barreling over if I as much as unlatch the door (the kid has excellent hearing).
He is still mainly breastfeeding and doesn't seem slightly interested in giving that up or cutting back. 
He also loves solids as far as veggies and fruit....still working on getting him to eat meat, so far unsuccessful.
He has 4 teeth and is clearly working on a couple more, as he has two constant streams of slobber dribbling down his chin at all times. This has also caused quite a bit of night waking again.
he still needs and takes two naps a day, they range anywhere between 1-2 hours at a time.
He goes to bed no later than 8 every night, wakes up religiously between 10:30-11:30 pm to be topped off, and then typically sleeps in until 8:30-9:00. (Praise the Lord! I actually manage to get a good nights rest)
He doesn't like loud noises and will cry if I try to vacuum or turn the blender on.... so much for trying to clean the house and prepare his baby food!
He flaps his arms when he gets really excited about something I ask him.
He is OBSESSED with Happy Baby puffs, and lately when I ask him if he would like some puffs, I get a squeal and something that sounds like a "YAH"! 
He is learning to throw a ball back and forth with me.
He loves to play "so big" (or Kyle's version "touchdown!")
He plays peek-a-boo every chance he gets, whether it's with a t-shirt, door,shower curtain....you name it, if he can hide behind it he will happily initiate the game!
He would rather play with all his toys flipped upside down. It always looks like he is investigating how they work.  
He loves cashiers, in fact he will just sit and stare with his laser eyes and a smile on his face, if they don't look at him his smile gets bigger and the stare more intense..... as if he is daring them to ignore his cuteness. Once they look, he will giggle and flirt...mainly with the ladies. :) Oh man....

He is still the sweetest most low-key baby I know. I can hardly stand not being around him 24/7. I am in awe as to how fast he won my heart and how quickly time has passed. I thank God everyday for my precious little boy and pray that he will grow into a man of God, with a heart sensitive to His calling. He keeps me on my toes and brings a constant joy that is overwhelmingly wonderful. He makes my life full and abundant.  I can't wait to celebrate this little man's birthday!

Thanks Cole bug for being who you are, I love you dearly.

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