Friday, June 20, 2014

Two pretzels down, one up....

For those that missed the big announcement on facebook, this is why I have been MIA for the past several weeks.

After being completely shocked that I was in fact pregnant. So shocked that I called my oldest sister to see if she could grab me a box of pregnancy tests at Target before coming over. But not because I really thought I was pregnant, but because I get too antsy, and use up every single one if I am a minute late.

But surely, I was not pregnant yet...I had just weaned Bennett like two days prior. I had already taken several tests and they were negative. And I had convinced myself that this wasn't going to be "the" month.

She giggled, mainly because of how ridiculous it would look for a very obvious pregnant woman to be purchasing a box of pregnancy tests. But she did anyways, because she is like that. Always helping out her crazy, scatter-brained little sister. However, she had one condition....she had to be the one to read the test. So I did my thang, handed it to her and went to the kitchen, mumbling not to get too excited because it was going to be negative anyways.

And then she came out, and with a straight face said, "Well, I have the results".....and with some tears in her eyes, she half whispered, half squealed...."You're PREGNANT!"

And then we stood in the middle of my kitchen screaming, jumping up and down while hugging one another....all the while gathering quite the audience of little wondering eyes as to why their moms where making such a ruckus.

We're going to have another baby! Once again, God has completely blessed us with His timing, and we could not be any more grateful for this beautiful gift.

We shared the news with the boys later on. And Cole took it upon himself ti investigate where this so-called-baby really was. While Bennett just stood there saying "Mo" (No) over and over again....Mmmhmm.....just as I suspected. Someone isn't quite so keen on handing over his baby reigns just quite yet......hopefully we can warm him up to it within the next 9 months......

The first few weeks after finding out, was hard not to blurt it to everyone I passed. And I felt so good, like really, really good. I seemed to have leaps and bounds of energy. I kept thinking, is this normal? Maybe the test was a fluke. But my belly seemed to be expanding at a rapid pace.

And then week 6 rolled more like hit me with a vengeance. I have never been so sick in my life! And that growing belly is no more, first time in all my pregnancies that the weight didn't start hopping on the second the test turned positive. Also, the first time I have actually had to rely so heavily on the toilet being within a close proximity.

And food....lets not even go there. I really didn't think it was possible to have aversions to absolutely everything that could be consumed. Except for pretzels and seltzer water. Those were my saving graces....that is, until yesterday. Pretzels are no longer on the good list and come up as quickly as they go down.

Bennett takes it upon himself to  follow me into the bathroom, squeeze between the wall and the toilet and mimic me...and then he laughs, like it's some kind of entertainment. And when I am finished he then resumes my position in front of the toilet and pretends to pick up where I left off. Oh Bennett, thank you for helping me find the giggles in the midst of this!

This little one is definitely making itself known, and despite the ick, it has brought us so much joy already. We have already started dreaming what he/she is going to look like, what they are going to be like, and whether they will bring lots of pink or more blue! And would you believe we actually have names picked, agreed upon, and ready to be written on that sweet birth certificate?! Usually we are going back and forth up until delivery, so this my friends, is kind of a miracle in itself.

Also, contrary to what many are thinking. No, we were not "trying" to have a girl. No, we would not be disappointed with another boy. And yes, we are ready to welcome whatever God has created just for this family. Either way, boy or girl, my heart could not be more joyous. The thought of a little girl with two adoring big brothers makes me want to burst! But the thought of another rough and tumble boy makes me smile with such delight. There just isn't an ounce of disappointment either way. How could there be...I mean, I will get to breathe in baby skin, and snuggle baby wrinkles, and have a milk-coma-baby sprawled all over me. I'm just so happy, and grateful that we get the opportunity to experience all of the firsts again. And soak them up, because they will probably be the last firsts.

So there, I spilled our secret that has been bubbling up in my heart for the past 3 weeks. I've never been good at waiting until the recommended 13 weeks. And I'm still getting over the shock that we will be a family of 5. FIVE. That's a good number, it just might be my new favorite number. 3 sweet babes, they have my heart.


Even the one that's making me all barfy. Totally worth it. :)


  1. I'm so excited for you and your family. Congratulations!

  2. Congrats Caley! So excited for you guys.