Thursday, July 17, 2014

Famous last words.

Me: "Honey, I've been feeling really well the past couple days, I'm out of my Zofran.....I don't think I will refill it."
Kyle: "I really don't think that's a good idea....."

I even took the liberty to tell people that I thought I might be coming out of the sick-like-a-dog-all day morning sickness and was feeling pretty great.

I should know by now that I married a very smart and very right kind of man. How I wished I had heeded his caution when I was running to the toilet at 3 AM. And then again and again the next morning. And bless his heart, my husband, the one who warned me not to neglect getting my Zofran refilled, went and picked it up for me in the middle of his work day. Just so I could survive.

He's a good man, my husband.

I don't have any belly pictures, kind of slacking this time around. Hopefully once my Zofran gets back in my system I will feel like giving a smile to the camera. In the mean time I have pics of how we have been surviving.

It's taken a lot of creativity, a lot of (not so) understanding toddlers at times. But we are getting there. Day by day, little by little.

And some days required cookies. And I gave in, because it wasn't like I would be feeling like eating them myself any time soon. And then, this is the look I get after just one, "Bum more ooooeeee?"

So yes, I gave them one more.....survival mode folks.

But they were too cute, sitting outside munchin on their Joes-O's. Cookies on their mug. We may have dealt with the dreaded sugar spike and naughtiness later one, but it was fun for a few moments of me, with my feet up, avoiding the toilet.


And then some days, I managed to make it to the grocery store, and Cole, asked to pick out a watermelon. Sure, after all, I heard it was supposed to help with morning sickness.

It didn't.

But the boys enjoyed it outside in the beautiful sunshine. So I grabbed my camera, naturally. (P.S. this will be a dumping ground of pics for the past month....I'm playing catch up if you will.) Also, Cole has really been in to cheese ball posing....

They were sooo much fun to clean up, almost as much fun as after our rousing 4th of July we had.

We were kind of lame in the firework department. We both feel it is a waste of money to buy things that you just burn and blow up. However, we had a whole stock pile of sparklers that we had originally purchased for our wedding. But then were unable to use due to super dry weather we had that year.  They didn't seem to mind. Oh, and the lack of clothing in true patriotic spirit may have been due to the fact that I hadn't done laundry in like 3 weeks, and we were at the bottom of the barrel...which may explain the no pants on Cole...

Kyle was awesome (as usual) and set up a tent in the backyard, Cole had been begging us to "camp". We then had a "campfire" by lighting up a fire pit that had graciously been given to us, and the boys feasted on their first s'more and "camping" event ever. Oh, man oh man.


Oh, and for our dining pleasure, we upgraded our s'mores by using Lindt's salted dark chocolate. It was like a little heaven on earth. Fully, 100% recommend that one!

We then let them run and wrestle off their sugar before bed. We also were lame and put them to bed at their usual time, cranked up their sound machines and then promptly went to bed shortly after. Living it up true parent style.

Pictures courtesy of sugar spike.....

Geez, it really looks like we just load our kids up on sugar. Really, we don't. Promise. To prove it, here are some of my other survival (sugar-free) endeavors to try and give me a few moments of sipping seltzer water while both boys entertained themselves.

I got the bright idea to paint rocks.....Cole has been starting a "rock collection" and proudly displays them on our window ledge. There really is no rhyme or reason to his method of picking "cool" rocks. If it's a rock, it's in like Flinn. So I thought it would be fun to add some character to them. He thought it was a great idea.

Originally I was going to bake them and let them melt crayons all over, but visions of two little boys who may not follow the instruction "do not touch the hot rock" and I quickly moved on to plan B.


If your in the market for cheap paint, check out Dollar Tree.....I don't go often, but when I do I stock up on their paint. I actually liked it better than the Melissa and Doug ones that I was getting, and you can't beat a buck.

They were both doing great, following rules, keeping the paint on their rocks.....well, Cole at least. Bennett started finger painting, and making hand prints.

And then went rogue.

Apparently the chair was more of a blank canvas than the rock.....and this activity, my friends, took more time to clean up than the actual doing. But they enjoyed themselves to say the least. And in the end, isn't that what really matters?

This next one is a fun one!

Since we have had a strong of really warm days, I try to keep the boys outside as much possible. And this is an activity we have done before, and will do it again. My favorite part is to watch Kyle's face when he see's the patio for the first time after "chalk painting". For a brief moment fear glimmers in is eyes, until I inform him that it is not permanent. :)

Double fisting, true Bennett fashion.

Not only is this a fun activity for their creativity, but it is also a fun way to teach them about making colors. Cole loved to help add the food coloring and watch new colors form. Another bonus, it could not be easier or cheaper to make!

Chalk Paint:

1 C. Water
1C. Cornstarch
Food Coloring
- Mix it all together and let them paint away, when it dries it will look like chalk. ( we prefer regular brushes opposed to sponge brushes, but you can do either)

And there you have it, a summary of life in a nutshell. WE are making it, we are surviving this first trimester. Though Cole may get slightly upset when I can't make it out the door to go "somewhere" before naps. We are getting creative and making do. Although, I have to say I seem to have some days with much more energy and we try and take full advantage. I'm hoping that sometime within the next couple weeks the light at the end of the morning sickness tunnel will be seen.

In the meantime we will continue to grow more and more in love with this sweet little babe inside. Speaking of baby. Cole had quite the revelation the other day about babies in tummies.....

Cole: "Mama?"
Me: "What honey?"
Cole: "When you were little and in my tummy......did you wear sunglasses?"
Me: ....... No........

Life. In a nutshell. Makes me smile.

(Hopefully I will be able to get my act together and get a bump update real soon!)


  1. I wish we could have a play date with those boys and let mama fully enjoy putting her feet up! Guilt free! They will survive, and even enjoy the memories, of these 'survival' days. And you will have a sweet baby to add to the fun at the end of it. :)

    1. And then one day you will live right around the corner so that we can in fact get our whole litter of kids together for some massively fun play dates! Soon, very soon. I CANNOT wait for that to be reality! And yes, a sweet baby is totally worth this in the end! Completely. :) Love you friend.