Monday, July 28, 2014

A belly at last

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that as of this morning (I know, I may be jumping the gun) I feel like I may be turning a corner. I actually woke up...quite early (thank you Cole), and my first thought was, I don't feel like I need to bolt to my zofran! Then in my head I decided I would try not taking one and see how it goes......

So far so good. (fingers and toes crossed)

With that being said, I'm going to take advantage of this greatness I'm feeling and whip up a little belly post. All while watching the Food Network, something I have had to avoid like the plague. Aaaah, this is lovely. It really is.


Truthfully, I was a bit surprised when I actually looked at this picture. Because in my own mind my belly appears to be much larger than what the picture shows. But whatever, there IS a bump and by the end of the day I swear it is 3x's larger than that picture. I even caught Kyle staring at it the other night, and he kept saying how he couldn't believe how pregnant I looked. He meant it in the sweetest way possible.

Alright, here we go with all the stats and stuff.

How far along: 12 weeks! We are almost peeking over at the 2nd trimester, so crazy...yet, I thought it would never get here!

Total weight gain: Not sure, I go in this week. But I'm guessing at least 3 or 4 lbs.

Maternity clothes: Nope, not yet. I can't stop buying stretchy maxi skirts comfy!

Sleep: I am tired All.The.Time. I fall asleep at about 9:30 every night, on the couch, while trying to convince myself I can make it through my favorite shows. I haven't been taking naps during the day any longer though, so my energy level must be coming up some. I also have to say how incredibly thankful I am that I am not dealing with the horrid pregnancy insomnia I had while preggers with Bennett. I honestly don't think I would be able to survive on 1-2 hours of sleep a night.

Have you told family and friends: Absolutely! I am terrible at keeping secrets and can usually only hide it from FB until weeks 8.

Best moment this week: Not feeling like I needed to take my zofran...and then not regretting it (yet).

Food cravings: I have been on this tomato kick. And have been eating avocado, tomato, and cream cheese sandwiches sprinkled with salt and pepper. Sooooo good! I also crave anything fresh: peaches, apples, salads.  And lime Greek yogurt, it's the only yogurt I want to eat. Salt and Straw ice cream (see below)

Food Aversions: Sweets. :( With the one exception of Salt and Straw's Salted ice cream with caramel and their Toffee and salted ganache ice cream. It's a terrible terrible craving to have....
I also can't think about or smell cilantro. I was growing it and had to let it die because the boys kept picking it and the smell would be all over their hands...and I, would be running to the toilet. Oh, and cumin....same thing, can't smell it or look at it. Garlic and onions, stay away.

So cooking has been real fun around here. ;)

Have you started to show: Yes, I actually started having a little bump pretty much right away.

Gender predictions: Oh man, I go back and forth. I say maybe girl...just because this has been a polar opposite from my other two. But honestly, I just can't imagine having a girl...I know boys. I eat, breathe, and play with boys. It's what I know, what I love. So who knows. I am always wrong with my predictions, so probably just shouldn't make them.

Labor signs: Nope.

Happy or moody:  Well......

Looking forward to: making it completely past the icky part, and getting to know this sweet little baby more and more.

There you have it, my 12 weeks in a nutshell! Hopefully soon (within the next couple days) I will be able to get up the baby shower we just threw for my sister's third baby girl! It was so much fun, we sure are getting excited to meet all these new babies around here!


  1. you look great!! praying that the sickness is over. love being able to catch up with you here.

  2. I would love to catch up with you in person one of these days. I live pretty close to your old neighborhood. You look beautiful

    1. Lindsay, I would LOVE that! Let's make it happen, miss you girl!