Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Showering Baby Girl #3

Though she may be #3, she is still just as cherished, just as important, and has made her way into our hearts just as quickly as #1 and #2.

And while this story may seem cut and dry, a family expanding. It is anything but that. It is a story that took many years of God's timing and planning to unfold. To some, three children seems like a lot and for a family to make it there, may seem easy. This journey has been hilly, tricky, heart-breaking, sad and joyful. While we celebrate this sweet blessing, we also think about those that didn't get to meet the world here on earth, we celebrate those angel babies, their precious baby feet that get to run with Jesus. Those chubby baby arms that are waiting to greet their mama, daddy, and 3 sisters one day. Though we never saw their face, some day, we will get to be embraced by their smiles, their tender hearts.

Life. It's a blessing. Whether 1,2,3 or 4,5, and 6.

And that is why, we wanted to celebrate this life. This sweet babe, that we get to welcome earth side...some day real soon.

So we threw a shower. And made it all things girly and all things sweet My sister in law took charge of this one as I was not in a state of being able to plan and orchestrate. I was able to shoot ideas over via Pinterest and together we decided on a "Sweet" theme.

And nothing says, "sweet" like a dessert bar, paired with mint green, gold, and pink. We had way more desserts than was probably needed, but we tend to get carried away when it comes to food for showers. Plus, options are always nice to have. Especially when pregnant with your last.

And since the Mama happens to LOVE cheesecake, we made sure we didn't deprive. Elaine, my SIL made the most amazing and beautiful lemon cheesecake with a freshly made raspberry sauce.

And Shannon was responsible for the cute garland both on the cheesecake and on the wall.  Have I mentioned before how thankful I am that she likes to be crafty? I love that I can literally send her a link with instructions and she goes and just whips it up for me! saves me from having tissue paper torn to shreds, and stuck all over my fingers, while I sit in the middle of it crying. I do enough of that when I make my cupcakes. :)

Speaking of which, this is where the second cheesecake comes into play.....

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes.

My oh my, you almost were the last straw for me. The whole purpose of Strawberry cheesecake cupcakes is to make sure you put strawberries in them.....yeah, well....lets just say after this cupcake escapade Kyle actually told me that I should stop trying out new recipes for parties like this....that, I....ummm....stress myself out too much.

Who me?

Well, thankfully Kyle was able to convince me through sobbing tears, that I should just stick some strawberry pieces into the already poured batter and call it good. Well, because he has common sense, these cupcakes were saved. And they were good, and well worth tear fest.

If you want to make these delicious little bites, then head on over to here.

My mom made my all time favorite little cookie, and it was probably a good thing that I cant' handle much sweets, otherwise I probably would have plopped myself down and eaten every last one. They are that good! If you want the recipe let me know and I will get it from my mom. :)

She also was the baby whisperer for the shower. Miss Ellie, just didn't seem to be a big fan of so many new faces in her familiar surroundings. But put her in her Nana's arms and she did pretty well.

See? What did I say?  And look at those totally scrumptious cheekers and thighs....gah, I love baby cheeks!

That same baby whisperer also is known for her homemade pudding. It is seriously the best! And it just so happened to be the only thing Joy could keep down during her first pregnancy. So we thought it would be sentimental to include some in this shower, for memories sake. And make them all prettified, as my mom has a way to do.

Aren't they darling?

And then Trader Joe's was kind enough to start carrying pretty little things called macarons, they just so happen to be one of my weaknesses. (well, prior to this pregnancy) And Elaine finished off the spread with cream puffs....those, my tummy handled quite well....and I may have popped more in my mouth than I care to indulge.

Overall, it was such a wonderful time together with close family and friends. And I am so thankful, that while I couldn't be involved in every single aspect of planning, and made as much as I would have liked.....I still got to be there and share in my sister's joy. To rub her big ole belly, and celebrate the precious life inside.

And we got to give belly kisses, because we lucked out and were able to share in our last pregnancies, together, just as we always dreamed. God's timing, impeccable.

Can't wait to snuggle more baby cheeks in a few weeks, she will help tie me over until I have my own baby cheeks to snuggle all day (and probably all night....) 

Baby Girl,
We love you so much, you are so dear to your mom, your dad, your sisters and of course the whole rest of the family you inherit as you live on this earth. Because of you, your parents get to call their family complete. Because of you, there are smiles instead of tears. Because of you, there is hope, and love, and so much miracle wrapped up into your tiny little hands and tiny little feet. we love you so.

Please Feel free to grace us with your presence any time soon, real soon....your Auntie is getting impatient!


  1. Looks like fantastic fun with lovely décor and delicious treats. Blessings to the new mom (moms).