Friday, February 27, 2015

Life as we know it--with 3 littles

Our Davis has stepped foot into our lives nearly 3 weeks ago, and it seems as if he has always had his two little footprints stamped in our family for forever. It seems weird to think of life before his little squeaks, soft snuggles, and observant blue eyes.

I was so worried about how life would change when he got here, and then he came...and life....just got so much better. Yes, life these days can be a bit of a juggling act. But honestly, I feel like we have all transitioned the quickest and best this time around. I might even go as far to say that going from two to three was far easier than from one to two. But then again, we are only 3 weeks into this adventure...I may be eating my words come tomorrow.

The moment his eyes open in the morning, both boys eagerly display their genuine affection.

Bennett usually screams, "Baby Dabis, he AWATE (awake)! Tole (Cole), baby AWATE!"  And then this.....

There's usually some bickering about who gets to be in the middle, and who gets to kiss what cheek. But all in all they love having "Dabis" around.  And don't even seem to mind how much I have to feed him, change him, and hold him. Usually they will go about their business playing with each other, and then one will saunter on by, rub his head like they are polishing silver, and maybe sneak in a kiss or two....

 Nursing usually consists of me trying to feed Davis with two other little heads bonking into each other, eagerly checking everything out. Claustrophobia usually comes to mind, as I have to stick my neck out just to be able to grab a few breaths of fresh air.

And then sometimes Bennett blesses his brother with some toys. (reminds me a lot of Cole and his "drive-by's" when Bennett was a baby).

I often find toys hidden under his blankets, and tucked in nicely next to his head, this time it was frogs, but of course.

And this little punkin just rolls with the punches. He stays awake the longest while receiving loving attention (or frogs) from his brothers. And then he passes out in exhaustion from all the excitement. Honestly, I think having older brothers has helped him figure the whole day/night thing out pretty much right away. Pretty hard not to know it's day time when there's ample yelling and fighting going on....and phones being stuck in your face....

He has been giving us 3 sometimes 4 hours stretches at night, eats, then goes right back to snoozing away. I know this probably won't last forever, and we are probably in the honeymoon stage. But can't say I'm complaining. I will take it while he will give it to us.

And I don't think I will ever, EVER tire of this. Prior to having Davis I worried I would never find any time to just snuggle with that little bug on my chest. I feared between the older boys and all their needs, we would never find time to just "be". Time for me to smell his little head, kiss his baby cheeks, and stare at his teeny-tiny toes, because toes just don't get cuter than that.

Surprisingly, I have actually been able to find a lot of snuggle time.  I love it so much that sometimes I wish that I could keep him this little, and needy of me forever. Because nothing can ever top a sleeping baby on your chest. The little puff-puff breathing, the nuzzling in, and sighs of perfect contentment. Or maybe that's really me sighing in deep contentment as I hold him close.

Apparently I'm not the only one who likes to snuggle baby Dabis.

He is always asking to "hold the baby". I'm so glad the novelty of having a baby brother hasn't worn off yet. And I can only hope the love will continue to grow and grow as these two become bigger and bigger.

So yes, life with three littles can be a bit crazy, a lot hectic, but the sweet and tender far outweighs the latter.

I mean, really....

 So so much sweetness wrapped up in that little love bug and our life as a family of five.

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  1. That is so sweet. Going from 2 to 3 was the smoothest for us, too. I hope it continues for you! Baby Dabis might just be that easy going. :)