Thursday, March 12, 2015

Davis: Month 1


It's going fast. Today I actually held my sleeping baby for nearly 2 1/2 hours while his brothers napped and he snuggled into the perfect crevice of my chin. Much of those minutes that turned to hours were spent crying and pleading with him to stay little, to never stop snuggling, to stay in that moment with me for awhile longer. I whispered in the stillness, that I didn't want this to change, the special time that we share.

I remember with both my other boys I eagerly anticipated what was coming next, with Cole everything was new. And with Bennett I couldn't wait for him to be able to join in and play with Cole. But Davis.....I want him to just stop time. It's hard to imagine him not needing me this much, or him not wanting me this much.

So I will write about it and take pictures of it, so that at least time can be frozen in picture form, and I won't forget the little pieces that make up this present time.

The way your eyes meet mine, and we just...connect. You stare at me, and I at you. (today, you gave me a slight delighted smile, and I nearly lost it right there)

You start to wrinkle your forehead and stick out your lower lip before any cry leaves your lips.

Yes, you have perfected the most adorable pouty lip. And sometimes I can talk you out of whatever it is that pushed that lip out in the first place. And then sometimes I can't.....

Once I scoop you up and nestle you into my neck, your crying subsides. In fact, I have been surprised by how little you cry. Usually it's for the oh-so-stereotypical hungry, tired or really don't like dirty diapers.

You are my mellow one. Calm, sweet, easy, with such a gentle spirit.

You like to eat from one side at a time, often. And are the only one of my boys who have dowsed me with projectile spit-up over and over again. So we have to be very careful not to move you around too much after eating.

You are getting some super scrumptious little cheeks regardless. At your 2 1/2 almost 3 week appointment you were up to just a little over 8lbs. In the 30th percentile for weight, 20th for height, and 95th for your head (I'm going with brainiac?).

And that 95th percentile head gets kissed, rubbed, pet a million and one times a day. And not by myself alone....

You still love to hang out with your brothers and they you. Especially when it's in your crib.

I think your brothers actually get a kick out of this more than you...but you go with the flow, even with them taking up your space. So far, this has been the only time you have spent in your crib. You're still in our room with us, and usually join me in bed around 4 or 5 in the morning. I absolutely love the feel of your head laying on my arm, your froggy legs tucked up next to my tummy and the gentle in and out of your breaths.

Whenever you sleep next to me or on me, you always tilt your chin up towards mine. I love this. It makes staring at you and soaking in all your precious little details easier.

Can I just kiss those toes one by one?

You spend most of your day either in my arms, attached to me by form of a carrier, or eating. One of my favorite comments from a nurse while we were still in the hospital was when she came in shortly after I had layed you down in your bassinet for a few moments...probably so I could get up and use the restroom. She looked at you and then at me and said, "Wow, I think that is the first time I haven't seen him attached to you or on you." I prefer it that way, for you will learn to sleep on your own when the time is right. And I won't ever look back and wish I had held you more.

My baby, you have made this month lovely and beautiful. The joy you have brought to my heart, to your daddy's heart and both your brother's, it's unquenchable. You have been the answer to all my prayers for the completion of our family.

You. Everything about you, I love it all.

But I especially love that you are mine to snuggle you in close. (And sometimes I share your snuggles, because they really are the best.)

I'm sure I will cry many more times in your ear to stop growing up, to stay little, to never stop sleeping with your chin turned up and your head nestled under mine. Because time is fleeting. And you, my boy are growing and changing daily.....already.

Baby Dabis you have our hearts, such a short amount of time.

Thanks for breaking us in easy, thanks for making this past month feel like a dream. Thanks for being so snuggly and so completely irresistible.

Happy 1 month sweet boy. We love you fiercely. 


  1. This is such a heart-felt post with breath-taking pictures. I want to nibble on those scrumptious looking baby toes. Is that weird? Thank you for sharing sweet little Davis with the world!

  2. I so enjoy our blog posts ... I often remember the precious moments in our family life as you share.