Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Davis: 6 Months


6 months.

One whole half a year.

This boy.

He softens me in ways that I never thought possible.

When the days seem long and hard, our eyes meet and it's like a soft breeze gently takes over my soul.

God knew I desperately needed him in my life. And I knew from the moment I first held him that he was special. That our relationship would bring refinement to my heart, and a tenderness to my days.

He's changed me for the good. And I love him for it.

He's teaching me that I don't need to take life so seriously. That I can relax, breathe, and cherish the moments. That sometimes my schedule, my plans aren't really what our days need. And sometimes-sometimes we just need to be. All of us.

So we do. And those are usually the days that are the most beautiful.

At this point he is so used to being part of the action, he would be hurt if he wasn't. Always right in the middle, always being touched, pulled, pushed, and loved on.

(Bennett insisted he was just trying to tell him a secret....)

And he just goes with it. As if he doesn't have a care in the world.

99.9% of the time he just deals with those prodding brother hands. He loves watching them, giggling when they jump up and down saying "boo" and "whaaaaaaaaaattttttt".

But even while they are desperately trying to get his attention, his eyes always seem to be scanning the room for mine. Oh, how I love glancing over and meeting his gaze.

He giggles and smiles easily. It really doesn't take much to make his frown turn upside down...even though there's rarely frowns. But if there is, you just have to look at him in the eyes and talk. Or bite his neck. The other day I had him both crying and laughing at the same time. It was as if he desperately wanted to be happy, but just couldn't quite kick the funk he was feeling.

His eyes made the final transition to green this month. They were hanging on to a small rim of blue for the longest time, then one day I looked and--gone. His hair is coming in super light, and I wonder if he is going to turn into a toe head like Bennett....kind of looks that way.

This month has been one of growth. He seems to have sprouted over night. He's still wearing 3-6 month clothes (they still work as long as I can get them shimmied up and over his chunk-a-monk thighs) and wearing a size 2 diaper....although, I borrowed some 3's from my sister to see if they were what he needed at night. He always seemed to wake up soaking wet. And looks like I may be bumping him up a size real soon.

I can see how determined he is to master new things. Like grabbing and holding tight to his favorite toys....his rings seem to be the most desired. As well as anything he can get to his mouth to gnaw on.

I think this kid is going to LOVE to eat. (Lord help me when they are all ravenous teens....) I noticed he had been craning his neck, intently watching me whenever I drank something or brought food to my lips. So I gave in....

On his 6 month birthday, which happened to fall exactly on our 6 year anniversary, we celebrated with some Salt & Straw ice cream. He came absolutely unglued about the whole situation, so much so that I gave in to his demands....and low and behold, he could not get enough! Then Kyle and I laughed at how never in a million years would we have given Cole ice cream....at 6 months! I figured 3rd child needed a few little perks.

He's also had mashed avocado, which he loved.  Mashed baked peaches. And some apple in his little mesh feeder, it was a big, big hit. Only time I have seen him upset when something was taken away from him. Bennett, you little rascal!

Sorry buddy that it was pink....I promise to get some more boyish ones since you liked it so much!

He still loves to nurse. And anticipates it by suckling the air when he sees me preparing. And if I don't move fast enough, he gets impatient and starts to squeal.

All within the past week or so I have seen many changes. He started to be able to sit up more and more on his own. He rolls, scoots, and pushes himself backwards while on his tummy. He has been making himself into a human bridge and getting up on all hands and knees...and rocking. My gut is telling me that he will crawl before any of his brothers....but I'm not placing any bets on it, my gut has proven me wrong many a times.

He is so strong. He likes to pull himself up by my hands and stand, then jumps up and down while holding on. Probably why he loves his jumparoo so much.

He made the big move to his own room this month. And I might have gotten very sad, and secretly shed some tears when I woke up in the middle of the night and realized he wasn't within arms reach. I may have also crept in to his room to get him up to "eat" when the real truth was, I missed him.

He also became a tummy sleeper. He had a horrendous time sleeping for awhile, because he kept flipping himself over, and then getting angry over it. Finally, he discovered that he actually preferred it.  And now, I'm glued to his video monitor.

Why have I never had a video monitor until now? How does anyone get anything done? I spend so much time just staring at it, waiting for him to move, wiggle, wake, anything.....

I'm having an internal battle over this 6 month milestone. Part of me just loves everything about this stage, while the other part is in mourning over the loss of the squishy-frogged-leg-itty-bitty-baby stage.

I guess I shouldn't be completely mourning the squishy part, because he still has plenty.  And some times I just hold his cheek next to mine, letting it linger. Not wanting to forget the feel of it there.

And I kiss those arms and legs and chubby little fingers. I memorize them in ways I feel I should have with my other boys. Because this time, this stage, is flying.

I mean, 6 months.

6 months.

15 1/2 lbs. (20th percentile)
26 3/4 inches tall (30th percentile)

So many rolls, so much softness, so many sweet giggles, and a perfect combo of his brothers.

Then him, in that hat, perfect reflection of inclusion.


Of course.

It's perfectly suitable summer attire. Just keeping baby brother up to snuff. Because they love him.

And he thinks they are pretty great too.

So do I. All of them.Triple greatness right there.

Happy 6 months sweet Davis.

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