Monday, August 3, 2015

What We've Been Eating (while it's blistering hot out)

With three kids, my time in the kitchen just isn't as it used to be. I still like cooking, but sometimes it becomes more of a necessity than it is a want. So I find myself looking for the easy, the quick, the throw everything in one bowl and done kind of meals. Here are some that have fit the bill and were accepted by old and young tummies alike.

Aaaaaaannnnnd they are perfect for when the days heat up.

Homemade marinara or pizza my vitamix? Absolutely. And it was good and flavorful (especially when using fresh garlic from your parent's garden) and fun to make. Did I mention cheaper than store bought. We used this to make pizza at home one night, and the boys thought it was great! It makes enough for a pizza and then cooked over the stove for pasta. Find the recipe HERE at Live Simply.

I have tried for years to convince my boys to eat tuna fish. I realize it isn't the best fish out there, but it does contain some very beneficial fats that are great for growing brains. Up until now Cole would refuse it, and Bennett would flat out push it away and not even give it a second glance. That is until I made it colorful and incredibly full of flavor. This was great served as a toasted, open faced sandwich. While I enjoyed it over slices of ripe tomato. You can find the recipe from one of my favorite food blogs, HERE at Iowa Girl Eats.

This next one is a sure hit. So versatile, so flavorful, so much my favorite. We eat in with chips on the side, wrapped in tortillas, and my personal favorite way is on top of a tostada with romaine, sour cream and a sprinkling of cheese. It also makes a great side dish to grilled chicken...really the possibilities are endless. Oh, and I find that 10 Tbs. of olive oil is waaaaay too much. I only do 5-6 Tbls. and find it just perfect! Go HERE to find the recipe.

Apparently salads seem to be my solution to quick meals, especially with the incredibly hot summer we have been having it's a great solution for all. This next one I begged for the recipe from a friend. She served it at a baby shower, and I couldn't get enough. I decided to add chicken to make it a main's one of the first salads that I actually prefer kale in. I don't know where she got the recipe, but I snapped a photo of her recipe card, and then made this every week for like a month straight. I still could eat it every day and never tire of it.

Kale Thai Salad (with chicken)


5-6 cups chopped kale
2 lrg carrots, shredded
2 red bell peppers, chopped or thinly cut (I use my mandolin)
1 cup cilantro, chopped
3 green onions, chopped
1-2 Chicken breasts, poached (or grilled) then shredded
1/2 cup cashews (or peanuts) chopped
1/3 cup olive oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
3 Tbls soy sauce
2 Tbls water
2 Tbls apple cider vinegar (or rice vinegar)
1 Tbls sesame oil
1 tsp (less or more depending on preference) ground ginger
2 Tbls honey

Whisk until mixed together, pour over salad, gently toss then serve. (I actually prefer to let it sit for a little bit to soften the kale just a tad)

Southwest Pepper Jack Salad with Chili Lime Chicken. Doesn't that just sound delicious and fun?
This was a new one to me. And immediately I knew I would love it when I saw that it had a homemade salsa dressing with avocado in it.


I also headed the advice on the blog and made the chili lime chicken to chop up on top (yum). The only thing I didn't love about the salad were the pumpkin seeds, so I will leave them off next time. Luckily I have been using up the leftover seeds in my granola, so the big bag won't go to waste.

I was surprised that both boys actually ate this...not so much the green part, but there is enough going on in this salad that they found plenty to eat! Another plus  and bonus when you feel like everyone actually enjoys what you put in front of them. Find the recipe HERE at Carlsbad Cravings. You will LOVE it so much and I'm sure it will be added to any salad rotation you might have. 

There are plenty other recipes to share, but I will save them for another day. And I promise to try and be better about sharing the latest recipes we have tried.

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