Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Davis: 9 months

Nine months. 18lbs and 27 1/2 inches big of perfect scrumptiousness.

If babies could come out of the womb covered in ridiculously sweet sugar, that would be Davis.

From day one, he came to us with this gentle, sweetness about him. It was in his bleating little cries, his calming nuzzles, his coos, his calm presence, and the loving adoration that radiated from his eyes.

He's still dripping in such sweetness, so much so, that some times he catches me off guard.

9 months, and he's still got it. People still fall in love with him all the time. And he still loves with abandon....as long as mama is within sight.

He still has incredible separation anxiety.

And doesn't like me to get too far away from him. But he is starting to love his freedom. I find him digging in the plastic container drawers, rummaging through the odds and ends that his brothers leave behind. Or trying to console his oldest brother while he is rolling around throwing a fit on the floor.

He's perfectly content crawling around whatever his big brothers are doing. And if he is heading somewhere he knows he shouldn't be going (stairs, bathroom) and you make eye contact with him...he goes into turbo mode. He speeds up his arms, not bending them which gives him a little bulldog effect.

He will stand if you let go of his hands, he cruises the furniture, and walks with my hands. I can see him growing in strength and bravery.

He likes to help out with the rearranging of my pantry while I cook dinner. And then pads his way over to wherever I may be. Often pulling up on my pant leg until I bend down pick him up.

He loves to dance by bopping up an down and will often be found doing so while shaking his percussion egg.

He finally popped through one of his top front teeth. And boy, were we ever glad to see that little glimmer of hope that maybe more sleep would be on the horizon. This month gave us some incredibly long, rough nights.

Like I said, he's had a terrible month of sleep. Up every one to two hours, sometimes for 3-4 hours in a row, when most people are already in deep sleep mode. Kyle and I are definitely not our best during those loooooong middle of the night parties. There are a lot of apologies to be said when the sun rises.

However, for what he lacks in sleep, he makes up for with his perfectly relaxed personality. Everything is no big deal, it's cool, we've got this thing called being a baby. He is so nonchalant about everything that most babies would be throwing fits over, so  much so, that he actually boosts my parenting factor.

God knew I needed a little boost!

He still takes two naps. His first one a couple hours after he wakes in the morning. And then i try my best to time his second one around the same time his brothers nap. (I call it, mama's time to breathe)

He's yet to turn down any kind of food, except for one single pea, and that was mainly because he had just eaten a whole tray full of other food. He's blown my mind in this department. Never before have I seen a kid so completely excited about whatever food is placed in front of him. He literally accepts it all, and eats with vigor.

FYI: future wife, food is most definitely the way to this guys heart. :)

He is still a breastfeeding champ. Every single time I switch sides he lets out a long "Aaaaa-ummmm" as if to say, "Um, did you forget the others side....or hurry it up" I havent' decided yet. At least he doesn't nearly hyperventilate like Cole used to. And for those that don't remember...

Clearly, he wasn't wasting away or lacking in the roll department. Talk about another irresistible baby! I do believe he has Davis beat by a few....ok....a lot. No wonder I remember my back always killing me.....

Speaking of brothers, he still loves them, but I'm noticing that he isn't entirely as accepting of being smothered and pushed around as he used to be. And I have actually seen a wee bit of fight back when he gets fed up. And I don't blame him, his brothers have their overbearing moments.

His face says it all......

There isn't much more I can say to sum up my Davis boy. He's truly a blessing and a refresher for when the days are  hard. He seems to know when I need extra juicy kisses, and squeezes. I love him so much that sometimes I just pretend I need to kiss him all day, every day. He likes to "bump the rock" be tickled, act goofy and be right in the middle.

His eyes dance and shine. He is talking and I've heard something that sounds like "mamamamama" (I will take it). We all just love him more every day. And every day I am blown away by how much older he is seeming. I really wish there was such a thing as a pause button. If not to slow time, to at least give me a few more seconds to break up fights and save a baby from pummeling down the stairs.

Davis we love you. Sorry that you 9 months post is almost a month late. Oops. But know that it's only because I've been spending my time soaking up you and your brothers and recovering from not much sleep.

Love you sweet boy!

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