Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Pictures.

I'm convinced in motherhood if you choose to not laugh, you will for sure be in a puddle of tears and pounding your fists on the floor..... and probably more often than you would like to admit.

And for a perfectly queued example. let me introduce you to my morning.

Which actually seemed to have began last night. All the boys went to bed an hour late because it was our Bible study night. And as every mother soon discovers, those that go to sleep late NEVER sleep in late. Ever.

The littlest was up at 4AM, the middle at 5 and the oldest at 6 on the dot.

We made a new smoothie and muffins while I drank the equivalent of a gallon of coffee.

Things were going about as well as they could given the time of day it all started.

BUT then....

Bennett decided it would be a great idea to use his undies as his own portable outhouse. Only his outhouse was defective....I will leave it at that.

While I was cleaning him up, gritting my teeth, and trying not to breathe....the actual toilet decided to start overflowing. And I had to grow a third arm to try and keep Davis from crawling in and out of the mess that was now covering my bathroom floor.

Cole jumped off a chair and hurt his ankle.

Bennett slung his body over our couch and landed on his head.

They tore my entire living room to shreds, and I declared it a movie day.

There were many moments when I wanted to cry this morning. There were times I probably could have spoken softer, sweeter, and kinder. But after all was said and done, I found myself giggling to myself as I replayed the string of events in my mind. Probably helped that everyone went down for their naps at the exact same time, and mama got a much needed break.  

I wish that I could remind myself to laugh more when dealing with the moments that are less than ideal. Such as how life pans out when trying to raise 3 little boys.

Or when I thought it would be fun to try and get some Christmas pictures with the boys.

I learned very quickly my patience is super thin when trying to take pics of my own little herd.

I forgot to bring Cole a regular pair of shoes.

Kyle missed the memo that he was supposed to be my assistant and fix stray hairs, help perfectly pose and calm the wind and the cold.

I felt like I spent most of the time running around, trying to get them to stay close enough to get them all in the same picture. Not surprisingly we had one little boy who kept running off....not gonna name names, but porta-potty might steer you in the right direction.

But he picked that bouquet for me, and softened my heart a bit.

Cole was actually a pretty good ham as usual.

And Bennett, after getting him to look in the direction of the camera, leave the flowers alone, and cooperate a tiny bit....we got a few good shots.

I may have been talking through gritted teeth.....but, we still managed to capture a couple.

Just to give you a taste of the personality I was dealing with....

Bennett. There really is no one quite like him. Something I'm quite thankful for.

And Davis. I felt bad because it was cold, so he spent the majority of the time wrapped up in daddy's arms with a wool blanket, while I worked up a sweat chasing after the boys.

Just the sweetest thing. I can literally hear that giggle through the picture.

Then bam.

The three of them. All together. Just don't look too closely at Cole's hair. Let's just say, I went straight home and tried to resurrect that bad hair cut.

By the time we were done,  I was in a horrendous attitude and the last thing I felt like doing was wrangling the boys yet again, and smiling for the camera. And later after looking through the photos I wished to myself that i could have laughed more. That I could have had more fun capturing my boys, it probably would have made the whole experience way more pleasant for everyone involved.

I need to learn to laugh more.

To not take everything so seriously.

My boys are teaching me that, daily.

And Thankfully, we coordinated our outfits for Thanksgiving and my dear Mother-In-Law snapped a few family pics. We literally ran outside, snapped them in 5 minutes, ran back in....and still had genuine smiles on our faces. Ironically. they actually became some of my favorites.

Again. Laugh. Relax. Stop stressing the details.

My motto for this next year.

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