Monday, April 18, 2016

Back in the sick wagon again

This winter sick season has got to stop. I'm about ready to lose my mind. We just went through another round of crazy, weird illness. We had the pukes, another ear infection, snot, coughs, fevers, strep, some form of hib, a nasty virus to sweetly pile on top of all the previously listed, and a mama who has ran out of steam, and cries when she thinks about coughing....because it causes her head to burst in to a migraine-on-steroids-type-of-headache. I have a new found respect for those that deal with chronic pain on a daily basis, it can be so very detrimental to your well-being and functioning capabilities.

Our families have been true godsends. My sister drove 45 minutes both ways just to drop off dinner, blow me a kiss through the window and run like the wind to avoid any contamination. My mom went out of her way to make several meals, homemade bread (all I ate for several days) and other goodies to help us out. I can't even  begin to describe what lifesavers those meals were. Dinner time was usually the worst time of day, some days I had a sick baby plastered to me, crying if the mere thought of putting him down even crossed my mind. Kyle took work off on Friday, because I was sinking...and fast. And he was sort of my hero. How I wish the boys could have got his immune system...he NEVER gets sick! 

Kyle's parents took the boys to a park one day so I could camp out on the couch and sleep off my fever...since sleep didn't really happen at night. They also came to the rescue again last night so Kyle and I could go out and get a quick happy hour. I can't even begin to describe how wonderful it felt to get out of the house! Thank you everyone!

Somehow, through it all we survived(ing). And I can't help but wonder how three little boys can be so incredibly exhausting yet life-giving all at the same time.

I also can't help but be thankful that we didn't go through all this sickness last year when Davis would have been so little and a lot more susceptible. I shudder to think about how much worse it could have been.

Especially with me having hib. Just another testament as to why I am/will always be pro vaccines. All of my boys could have been in danger of getting meningitis, from me. (which they actually thought I might have at one point because of my intense head pain, but thank goodness ruled it out)


Yes, I love natural living as much as one can, I can even be a bit obsessive about it.  I try to watch what my boys put into their bodies. However, vaccines are the one area I feel the benefits far outweigh the risks. And this is why.

Three sweet little boys. Who could have been ravaged with an avoidable illness. Makes my heart shake to even think about. And I would have been responsible for it. I just can't even go there.

On another note, while I step off of my soap box.....

Davis, has really enjoyed mama being too sick and passed out on the couch. And now feels that he is entitled to a free nursing session whenever he pleases. He walks up to me, presses his chubby, little finger right above my chest (like a little 'on' button) and bellies up to the bar. I feel a bit like a soda fountain. And if I don't give in to his commands, he has learned the fine art of throwing himself on the floor and scooting himself around on his back while screaming is disapproval.

I knew the day would come.

Those tantrums, they are learned so quickly.

Tantrums and all, we are so thankful. We have been covered in so many prayers. We all seem to be regaining strength and energy. We have some beautiful weather ahead of us.

And we have each other. It just doesn't get much better than that.

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