Monday, April 4, 2016

Christmas Rewind

My beloved camera broke. The one that I use almost on a daily basis to freeze moments of this life. It's been weird really, and some days I feel a bit lost without it. So naturally, since I have no new photos to edit or sort, I have been going back and cleaning up old ones. And then I came across the file from 12/24/2015.

And I remember now that I meant to blog about that day, and I never did. I think Christmas happened, and then life just kind of flowed onward like it always does.

So yes, this is about 4 months late. But I want my boys to look back on this blog and be reminded of all the sweet memories that their childhood was made up of. And this was one of those memories.

Making gingerbread cookies with their Nana.

We did this same things several years before and Cole (whose memory never wavers or fails in the least) would ask all the time when we would make them again.

So we did. And the smiles and Christmas spirit were so worth it.

Again, making cookies are a true testament to both individual personalities. Bennett just whippe em out, flopping them onto the trays. While Cole calmly remedied each cookie flop and tried to reattach some arms and legs. But no one seemed to mind.

Always the sugar rush.

Such a fun day.

But this. This was my favorite.

Nana, reading my favorite pop-up "The Night Before Christmas" book. And two little boys soaking it up.

Well worth being 4 months late in posting.

Thank you Nana for enduring gingerbread all over the place and for pouring your heart into your grandsons. They love all the special memories you create with them.

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