Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Christmas 2016

I keep saying I'm going to be better at documenting the most important little lives of my life. And then life moves on and I feel like I don't even have time to grasp that concept. So then I feel silly writing about things that are months past.

I've decided. Who cares. This blog is more for me than anyone else. And I don't want to forget the memories...because even though I think I never will, I do....already.

This year Christmas was magical. It really is true what they say, it gets more and more magical as you watch it unfold in your children's eyes.

The joy, excitement, and overly sugared up energy.

Cole was completely on top of every countdown he could find. We had countdown banners, books, advent calendars...and he loved it all. But I think all three would agree the chocolate countdown calendars were their mother, like son.

We of course kicked off the season with hunting for the perfect Christmas tree. It was going to be the most perfect day...until someone forgot shoes for the littlest.....

Thank goodness I still had my trusty Beco stashed in the back, we strapped him on and away we went. I don't think he was as happy with the make do situation.

but the sweet little thang didn't make a peep until Kyle tried to actually cut down the tree with him on his back. I don't blame him, it really didn't look to be the most comfortable of set ups.

This would also be the same day that I grabbed whatever two socks I could find for Davis, because they are never to be found when you are in a hurry and whispered in my head, "these will do, it'll be one will ever know...." That came back to bite me in the buns as we left and his boots did not. We found them neatly placed by the door when we returned though.

At least we had socks.

Cole is always so joyful running laps and leaping to and fro while tree hunting. And Bennett takes a little bit to warm up but soon follows the effervescent joy flowing from his brother...kind of hard not to, he's super contagious like that. 

Probably the highlight of the day was the cocoa and candy canes..... that is, until Cole's broke.

Holy Cow. don't break your candy cane. Ever. It was traumatic, i almost didn't think we would come out on the other side of it.....

Those were pre-breakage....obviously.

We never have to fear about having lack of help.

Once we got everything good and decorated. The season seemed to just chug along. We celebrated Christmas with my family with our beloved hockey puffs for dinner. Davis seemed to be pretty darn happy with getting those in his belly.

Me too little buddy, me too. I won't tell how many I managed to get in my own belly...kind of embarrassing but so completely worth it. Yum.

There were cousins, minimal squabbles (miracle!) presents of course. Papa's trains around the tree. (Cole set up a fluorescent race track around ours...just to be twinning with his papa)

And then something that has quickly grown to be one of my favorite part of our family Christmas is this.

Papa reads the story of Jesus' birth and all the grand kids act it out. It is sooo cute! I slacked on getting photos of everyone because i was too busy watching the cutest mini actors and actresses.

The following week our home was blessed with the stomach bug. And just as we were starting to feel ready to reenter civilization and the land of the alive again, we got hit with hand, foot and mouth disease.

How do we manage to get so lucky? So Cole's Christmas break was spent in quarantine but Kyle's parent's graciously and heroically still allowed us lepers to come for Christmas.

What a fun time we had. We made gingerbread houses.....which we never actually got to stay together....Grandma even broke out the hot glue gun!

And then we rounded up the fun festivities with checker and jenga. Cole is actually really good at both and it extremely competitive.

And then Davis be like.

Our Christmas season included lots of snuggling, movies, puke buckets, little sleep to balance out all of the fun festivities. We took the kids to the winter wonderland on PIR just to get them out of the house. And we may have snuck them to get ice cream one night and just told them not to breathe or touch anything while we were there. Because man, hfm during Christmas is no fun! But oh what fun we still did have. I have to say that through it all, they were pretty good sports.

And that there is our Christmas wrap.

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