Thursday, February 2, 2017


We got dumped on this year. Personally, I have kind of secretly loved it. I loved how it slowed down our mornings, we got to hang out in pj's and make cocoa and pancakes. I'm kind of a homebody, so being cooped up didn't bother me--for the most part.

My favorite day was when Kyle's work was closed, so he got to stay home with us all too. Which also meant I had extra hands to help with the bundling and know, for the whole 5 minutes that they play in the snow! He is also the best sled puller up and down our deserted streets. They all piled in and I can't even express the joy it brought to my soul to watch all of my boys playing with their daddy.

This year they all lasted a long time--definitely outlasted their abnormally cold blooded mother. I was inside downing as much coffee and chocolate I could before the stripping of the boots, millions of layers, socks, socks, socks, and boots accumulated with snow that missed being stomped off were left all piled by our back door.

Someone plum wore himself out and didn't even make it to the stripping down part.

Boots and all. I couldn't help but snap a million pics and smile at how cute he was, all bundled and drool pooling beside his mouth. It was his snoring that first gave away the fact that he had zonked.

Then they went out for round two and three.....and then kind of lost interest in the following week.

I don't think I will ever tire of how magical the snow is though. We don't get a whole lot of it, so I really enjoy watching it fall and the excitement and giddiness that it brings my boys.

Davis happened to think it was pretty great to eat, and managed to eat his weight (plus some) in snow. I suppose it was great hydration, I just had to make sure to steer him in the direction of the unstomped through patches.  We made snow ice cream to appease his snow tasting ways and he literally licked the bowl clean and went back started clearing house on the giant bowl that I had mixed it all in. Cole thought it tasted a lot like Papa's hand cranked ice cream...and just as cold. (for the record, Papa's ice cream is 10x's better...just sayin.)

He of course, loved joining in on the big boy fun...he never likes to be left behind. Despite the looks of disgusts in the following photos.

And Bennett.....well..... In his defense, he was only trying to give Davis a hug for the pictures.....but neck strangulation was more like it.

Davis, he puts up with a lot and is such a good sport, rain, shine....snow.

He is such a little punkin head...or fox head.

And Cole was on a mission to make the biggest igloo "EVER". He always goes about life with a big big plan, and by golly, he usually accomplishes what he puts his mind to. Thankfully he has a loving and patient daddy who tries his best to work within the parameters of such plans. Together, they spent a good few hours making all of Cole's snow dreams come true.

Geez, he's looking older and bigger by the minute. When I was editing this picture my heart stopped as I caught a glimpse of what he would like in 20 years from now. Ladies, I'm telling you...heart of gold this one has. He will make one special woman very lucky some day. He has learned the fine art of bringing his mama home flowers and chocolate whenever he helps daddy with grocery shopping. He holds doors and is the first to clear everyone's plates from the table after baby boy--heart of gold. Just you wait.

Ha ha...and this one has a heart of gold too.... it's just a bit more complex. But he is always, always up for a good laugh. He brings out all the stops to make everyone's eyes twinkle. (how did my snow post turn into future dating of my sons????) I'm going to just stop, because that is too hard to think about right now. I want to soak in them being little.

He also refused to wear a snow hat. You pick your battles with this one.

 I often ask things like "Will you always.....hold my hand" or "give me kisses" or "let me hold and snuggle you forever." So far they haven't learned to say anything other than "yes". I'll take it for now and pretend that it won't ever change. Even though, I know it will--all too soon.


They are talking more snow and freezing rain....and I might just be the only one who is secretly hoping for another bout of hunkering down, sipping cocoa, cuddling in blankets over the heater vents (although now I often have to fight Bennett for that perfect warm spot!) and doing things that bring all the warm and cozies. Because we probably won't have another winter like this for awhile. And that makes me a little bit sad.

I mean, come on...this is the beauty that erupts when you are stuck indoors.....


Snow, I'm ready for ya--you can come dump your sweet memories tomorrow if you want to. I won't complain! I want more coziness like this....

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