Thursday, March 2, 2017

My baby is two

It's been two years since our eyes first met.

He is nothing short of sweetness...all around, bursting at the seams, sweetness.

I can't even imagine life without him in it. He's been a soother to my soul from the second I met him. He's like this calm, constant force that makes every crevice of my heart smile.

My how he has grown and changed in the past two years, but I would say, his personality and easy-going demeanor have remained the same.

He loves me. His first words, or the way I used to be able to really get him to chat it up were when we played the game "I love you, no, no....I LOVE YOU MORE". We would say this to each other (still do) over and over again, each time getting louder and giggling along the while.

He is by far my quickest talker and articulates many things well. His voice is soft and raspy, and he usually will half whisper his answer when he says "Yeeeeah". If I walk in the room in the dead of night or after his nap, he reaches for me and says, "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

Speaking of the dead of night....we've been seeing waaaaay too much of it lately. He's making me a bit crazy with the amount of time he seems to feel the need to get up. I seriously feel worse now than when he was a newborn. Every night I pray that this will be the night he sleeps through or only wakes up once...twice even.....three times would even be a charm.

I blame it on his molars (he just cut his bottom and hopefully the top are on their way in)

And breastfeeding.

Back in the day, I thought I would never be an extended breast feeder.....two years later....and absolutely zero interest in dropping one or any of his feeding sessions. In fact, some days I swear he is tricking me into MORE. Because, you guys, he's just so gosh darn cute and sweet, I have such a hard time telling him "no".

He calls it his "Mmm-mmm" and will walk up to me and say "Mmmm-mmm, peeeeeaaaassssseeee?" yeah, try saying "no" to that!

He's my singer, and really belts out the song "Be, just be. Come and rest, at my feet." There isn't anything sweeter than hearing a little voice singing in the backseat with so much enthusiasm, especially when he sings the word "be" and "feet" he draws them out way longer than the song...but it is so cute! I much prefer his version any day.

When he dances he always does so by nodding his head up and down to the beat, always.

He is almost the same width size as Bennett, and I'm pretty sure will pass him up soon. They are only one size away from where the same size pants. His thick little thighs and slowly thinning ankles are the cutest. At his two year check, he rang in at 23lbs and 33 inches (I think...I need to double check...because my brain....) which made him 12th percentile for height and 22nd percentile for weight. He grew 1 1/2inches from his 18th month check. Crazy.

He's my little love, seriously. This kid will cuddle until he won't. He is always happy but even happier when in my arms, or holding my hand, or sitting next to me. We've finally gotten him to go into his nursery during church. It's pure torture for me leaving him there.

The other week, he was having a particularly hard time letting go of my hand. So I squatted down in front of him and said, "Buddy, mommy needs to go to church, I promise you I will come back"

He nodded his head and said, "Otaaaaaayyyyy"....while his lower lip made it way out and his eyes welled up with tears. With every statement I said like, "You have your buddy Sawyer friend  Aleah is your teacher" He would nod and say "Otay" but that little lip got bigger and bigger until I scooped him up and held him close. He tries so so hard to be a big boy and buck up when he needs to. But there is absolutely no denying that he would rather just be with me. And I'm more than ok with that (secretly, I kind of love it).

He attempts to do whatever his big brothers do. This is both amazing and scary. He has no fear....none. I find him jumping off of couches, chairs, if he can jump from it...he will try. We took the boys to a place called Dizzy lives up to its name, in case you were wondering. Little did I realize upon going that I would be having to crawl around and climb up that whole dang, germ-infested palace right alongside, because Davis was determined to do EVERYTHING. (I earned mom of the year award that night--completely re-tweaked my neck all in the name of fun!) His favorite were the giant slides. The first time he went on my lap and squealed all the way down. After that, he would push me away and say "me own" and would go down by his big boy self! So we would race down all the slides. All of the them...even the ones I was scared of!

Speaking of big brothers, he loves them. LOVES.THEM. I still don't get this because they run him over all day long, and are always knocking him down, taking things from him, convincing him to do things they wouldn't do themselves. And yet, there he is, right next to them, big cheeky grin on his face. Gah, he is too cute for words.

He is a comforter. If someone gets hurt, he runs up and puts both arms around them and gets his big sorry eyes right in front of theirs. Sometimes he pats their heads and will lay his head on their backs to make them feel better. Both Kyle and I can't figure out where he learned this, because it's definitely not reciprocated from his brothers when he gets hurt....which is hardly ever, might I add. This kid is tough as nails. When he actually cries, I know that it's serious. But it's usually fixed with a kiss or  "tiss".

He loves to read books and has many of his Sandra Boynton books memorized. Currently his favorite are some little farm books of animals...hence why we ended up doing an animal themed birthday (details to come).

He loves Mickey Mouse and Peppa Pig.

He hates, HATES hang nails. If he finds one, he comes running at me screaming "FIT IT, FIT IT!" He will not continue on with his day until I fix it, usually resulted in me cutting his nails really short.

He cannot be trusted with markers, paint, crayons....anything that can potentially add color to my walls and furniture. He is worse than Bennett....I never though that would be possible, never. Which is why I have a serious love/hate relationship with letting my boys paint. I always know it's going to cause me to lose my marbles...because....this.

It all starts cute and creative.

Before I can say stop, someone has painted their hands and tummy...this particular day was not one of my finest. I ended up cleaning green hand prints off of chairs, walls and crevices of the faucet handles....

But then talking to the pancake kind of makes up for those days where my sanity is tested.

"Can you hear me now....."


Pancakes. His favorite. (notice the black finger....that would be the markers....)

He is the most compliant little person I have ever met. He shocks me sometimes. Every once in awhile he will get this teeny-weeny, slightly naughty streak and will shake his head and tell me "no" when I ask something of him. But then all I have to do is say, "Davis, look at mama's eyes....can you please obey mama and do (whatever it is he said no to)" Almost always he will look me in the eyes immediately and say, "Oh, otay" and scamper off to do the requested task. He is quick to help, and quick to remedy a situation in which he has wronged someone. I call him my little people-pleaser. I often wander how much of the sweet little personality will carry him through to adulthood.

While he is pretty much attached to my hip, there is a very special place in his heart for his daddy. He gets all heart eyes when he hears the garage door open and knows that daddy will walk through the door any second.

He loves being around his brothers so so much. And when he's not with them he's usually tailing behind me...but sometimes He wanders off on his own. And I find him playing quietly, building legos, doing puzzles or doing non-destructive drawing. (our motto is always, "only on the paper")

There is so much more I can say about my littlest dude. He is simply the sweetest human being and adding him to our family is one of the best decision we've ever made. He just completes us in a way that only he can. I have said over and over that he softens me when I need it the most, he calms storms in my soul in his own quiet way. He seems to know when I need one extra kiss or a little squeeze. He crawls into my lap and snuggles when I fear I've lost all my boys into boyhood. He reminds me of God's grace and commitment to hold us in His big big hands. I',m forever grateful for his tender heart and the kindness that flows from it. It is more of a blessing than he will ever know. He makes me excited for what he will become one day. I have no doubt he will lead others in a soft-like strength. Because that's how he does life. Always.

Ah, baby boy....your mama is infatuated with you. Everything about you. Words cannot describe how in depth that love is.

Happy two years sweetheart.

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