Thursday, January 12, 2012

The crockpot gets an ethnic hug

I don't have a lot of time, the little one is sleeping...and I'm starving.  So I am going to be quick and precise.  If you have found yourself in a chicken-this, chicken-that rut.  I have a wonderful solution, and get comes courtesy of your crock pot!

I found inspiration once again from one of my new favorite blogs Skinny Taste.  If you haven't visited it yet you should take a look, she has the most amazing creations. I haven't tried anything that I haven't loved, and they are healthy, nutrient-rich recipes. Yippee! Perfect for jump starting the New Year.  This is the photo that had my mouth watering, and I new I absolutely had to try it.

Source for photo and recipe: Skinny Taste

While it cooked away in my crock pot, I started getting a little nervous....this was my first time ever cooking with Chinese five spice. And to be honest is was smelling a little....too....baking spice, spicy. Meaning, it was smelling sort of like I had used a spice that should be put in a coffee cake or something similar.  Also, several of the comments on the original recipe said that it was similar to the Vietnamese soup Pho'.  That thrilled me to death, but my husband on the other hand is not a fan. So I began to bite my nails in anticipation.  But let me say this....

You need to try this recipe. Period.
Yes it was that good.  I too, served it over some Pad Thai rice noodles....drizzled some of the broth over the top and I was in chopstick heaven. Even Kyle got excited about the dish, so excited that he said several times, "this is a keeper, you definitely need to make this again." He must have been telling the truth because he had the leftovers for lunch two days in a row. That is love my friends. 

So go ahead and make your way over to Gina's blog and then dust off those crock pots and get to crockin. I promise that you will fall in love with this recipe as well as many others on her lovely blog. 

Ok, now I am officially soup is calling my name! Which will be another recipe that will be shared soon, real in, maybe tomorrow soon. :)

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