Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Teeth

Wow. I cannot believe it is the new year already! Let's just say we started it off with a bang....gone are the days of staying up to watch the ball drop. Here are the days of staying up all night because your sweet baby boy is teething something awful. I'm not really all that surprised, he was due for a new tooth as it's been about 5 months since his last one. I knew it was coming when my little man turned into a beaver....chew marks all up and down his beautiful crib railing. Then came the "jaws" moment while I was feeding him before bed.... Yep. Something was definitely a brewin.  Teething always comes as a bit of a surprise for me, most moms always seem to have a clue when one is about to pop through. Me on the other hand, couldn't be more in the dark. Don't get me wrong, I try to stay in tune.  But whenever I go to check or feel around.....Cole clamps his little trap shut so tightly I would need a screw driver to pry it open! He does not like anything up in his grill. So I have to watch for the other signs, hence the beaver fever.

I knew I was in for a long night New Years Eve when he screamed and cried while I was trying to feed him before bed. With the help of my dear husband we finally got him down. Only for him to be up an hour later, and then again.....and then again. Every hour brought on another abrupt wake up call....and every hour the same dear husband slept right on through it. All.

Oh how I wished that I was able to sleep like a log.

At that point I only assumed that the culprit was a tooth or two or maybe even three.  Finally, last night before bed I rubbed some orajel gel on his gums just in case.....and there it was on his upper left! A sharp little toothie poking through. I patted myself on my back all puffed up with pride, secretly congratulating myself with such a great blind call.....should have reminded myself that pride comes before the fall...... 

After getting up several times to rock and snuggle my poor baby, I finally fell asleep.

And I actually slept like a log.

In the morning I awoke to Cole I made my way down the stairs I was greeted with something awful and sour that encompassed the very air I was breathing.


My baby boy was covered and reeked.  And I had slept through it all. And I felt so so guilty.  I should have been there to give him water, to help get the nasty taste out of his mouth. I should have been there to hold him and tell him it would be ok.  I don't think it had happened long before I got to him but that didn't matter in my head....I should have been there the second it happened, just like my mom always was for me.

Thankfully my little punky seems to be doing much much better. I will keep a close eye on him, but I have this feeling that all of this was due to his teething and perhaps the fact that he chugged an over excessive amount of milk all day yesterday.

I stripped him down and stuck him in the bath tub...which he seemed to think was pretty cool and treated it more like a lap swim and modeling shoot.

"don't mind me, I'm just laying here trying to look natural."

feeling better.
"hmmm...this would make me look really cute."

"hmmm.....maybe I should try the 'deep in thought' pose."
"Now this is just getting boring."
"fine, I will give you one more where I look debonair."
"Time for the model lips and puppy dog eyes."

As you can see, he was feeling much better and spent the whole bath time striking poses. we were laughing so hard I couldn't help but grab my camera to catch a few of the many.

We had a bit of a tough start to the New Year but I have no doubt that we are going to have an amazing year ahead. It's pretty impossible to have anything short of amazing with this little guy running around. :)

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