Sunday, November 11, 2012

2 months already?

My Bennett baby is growing up way too fast, maybe if I snuggle him too much he will decide he doesn't want to grow up anymore....doubtful, but worth a try!

Where do I even begin? He absolutely could not be more perfect, he is an amazing baby and brings so much joy to our hearts. When I stare at all of his perfectly formed features I can't help but think, he lives up to his name in every possible way.

While trying to pick out a boy's name I absolutely fell in love with the name Bennett. When I saw it I just knew it was the name, it was sweet yet manly, cute yet as my husband would say "it will look good on his job application or a name plate when he is older." When I brought the name to Kyle he wasn't as excited as I was but he also didn't turn it down.....there was hope. :) Then one evening while I thought Kyle was studying and working on homework I heard him call me over. He happily explained that Bennett meant "Blessed" or "Blessed One". I hadn't even thought of looking at the meaning, because usually the names I really like mean something like a "tall hill" you know, nothing that I want to call mom and brag about. But as I heard the words "blessed" I knew secretly we had both made the decision that was to be our boy's name. Plus, I was dead set on using his middle name to carry on the legacy of two very important men in my life. My dad and brother. They both have Lee as their middle name and it sounded almost too perfect following Bennett.

As the months progressed and we faced the thought that he may need to come way earlier than expected , each day thereafter solidified the meaning of his name. Each passing day that I got to carry him further was a blessing, and I knew God had a far better plan mightier than our own. This boy was so blessed and he hadn't even made it outside the womb yet! Then on September 9th 2012, he came to us healthy and little blessing bundle! He made becoming a family of 4 one of the most incredible blessings ever.

Yes, Bennett we are beyond blessed to know you and call you are own. Now please stop growing up so fast!

You make my heart melt daily.

If I blink I fear you will become a grown man.

But for today you are my baby, the baby that breathes softly on my neck as you fall asleep. The baby that would rather be held close than anywhere else. The baby with big shiny eyes that dance when I talk to you. I pray they never lose their dance, for it is precious. 

You have yet to completely sleep through the night, but regularly give us 3 hour intervals between feedings....and every once in awhile you slip in a 5 hour stretch and we are so refreshed. 

You like to rise and shine with the sun...or before the sun, usually our mornings get started between 5:30-6:30.

You are slower than your brother to pack on the rolls and cheeks, but you are a great eater nonetheless. I call you my grazer, you like to eat from one side and want nothing to do with other until about an hour later....

You are finally transitioning out of newborn sized clothing and kind of fit into 0-3 months. Personally mama loves you in a onesie and leg warmers.

You LOVE to get your diaper changed, if you are fussy all I have to do is place you on the changing table and smiles and coos await. 

You are a snuggler, you insist on being held, and would rather sleep on my chest than anywhere else. 

You love to be carried around in my Beco carrier, and I love to carry you close to my heart.

You hate my cold hands.

You haven't been officially weighed or measured yet, but I'm betting you are around 9 lbs

You have a new fascination with your fingers, I keep waiting for the thumb to find its way in your mouth, but for now you settle for your fist.

You like to hold onto my hair, a wad in each hand,  kind of like it's your security blanket.

You have mastered the really adorable lower lip just like you brother.

If you are really fussy and the mama bounce doesn't work I hold you close to my chest and do squats....this works every single time.  I think you are trying to help your mama get her bum back in shape!

You are a complete joy, and I cannot even remember what life was like before you joined us. You keep me on my toes, teach me patience daily and never cease to amaze me with your ways. Happy 2 month birthday little dude, can't wait for many more monthly celebrations!!!

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  1. Oh Caley~
    The Lord has blessed you with a beautiful way with words. I can picture everything you're trying to convey and that is a gift not many have. Your boys are such blessings and I adore reading about them. "Sweet Abandon" is a great idea to keep your kids documented for their futures. I wish I had done that for my foster kiddos. Some I did, but others I did not because their time with us was so short. Plus the state of Oregon didn't want us sending those writings with the child when they moved on to adoption or permanent placement. However, now that the kiddos are getting older, they are seeking us out(Which is the biggest gift & joy from the Lord). But they ask question we can't always answer, but feel as if I had done something like "Sweet Abandon" I could answer some more of their question. It is odd having a 19 yr old recognize us in the grocery store and we hear "Mom, is that? Did I really find you?" come out of their mouths. To still be called 'Mom' after all these years and their memories is indescribable. It's a blessing I can not even begin to describe. Thank you for reminding me the hope is still there to see my foster babies again. And I think I'll start writing a brook regarding the memories I have to fill in them.
    God Bless,
    Mary L.