Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Annual Hockey Puff Day

It should be considered a national holiday...at least it is within my family. Hockey puffs, little roll puffs of heaven. We still can't decide if they taste as good as they do because we have eaten them every year for forever, and it's tradition. Or because they truly are delicious! And the name, well the credit goes to my older sister, she named them about 30 years ago, and we have never called them anything else since. In fact, I don't know if anyone knows the real name any more.....

This past weekend was hockey puff day, and as usual, it did not disappoint. We got to open some presents, enjoy each others company, eat a lot, and the little ones were enamored by Papa's train that he set up around the tree. Something that I'm sure will be repeated in the coming years...it was a big hit!

Believe it or not, there were no train casualties. Even with this train wrecker.

He was eying it though. And just for kicks, look at this pic of Cole around the same age....

Bennett now wears that same "Hello my name is Handsome" outfit, only he swims in it. He doesn't have the cheeks to fill it yet. :) I just want to reach into that picture and squeeze Cole's.... look at him all so little and baby-like. And those eyes....

And now here he is all grown-and-big-boyed-up.

Golly, Cole why you gotta go and steal your mama's heart with your big blues.....over and over again.

I caught him in that sweet look when I interrupted some more train gazing...

Then there were four....train gazers, that is.

Papa, your trains were a hit, as if I'm surprised.

And Nana, your hockey puffs were a hit, as always. 

Hockey puffs, check. Happy tummies, check. Little boys happy as clams being able to run around with their cousins, watching trains, ripping open presents, giggling with delight. Check, check, check, and check.

Little helpful hands....

Little hugs with big impact.

Little stories to be told, and many memories made.

Yep, Christmas is in full swing around here.

And someone is very, very happy about that...


  1. They are as good as you describe them. The only thing this post was missing was the recipe!!! :) I remember getting to eat a hockey puff and I still think about them this time every year. *Hint Hint* Recipe *Cough Cough*.

    1. Anna, I told my mom what you said and it meant a lot! Watch for your christmas card, she just may slip in the recipe for you! :) I actually thought about posting it and might still, I didn't realize that I had a copy of it. :) When you move back I will start sneaking you some more! :)