Monday, December 9, 2013

My Joy.

I wish sometimes I could give people a glimpse of what unfolds before my sleepy eyes.

I wish they could sit and soak up the love of these two boys and let it flow freely through their veins like I get to do.

As they feed each other cheerios, sit head-to-head playing with their farm, laughing in each others faces, kissing cheeks, the laughter as one sits on the other, steam rolling, and sharing their most prized possessions.

The way Cole demonstrates constant patience as he meticulously builds his train tracks, while little brother trails behind ripping it up piece by piece. (Oh Bennett, when will you out grow this?) 

The joy that lights up Bennett's face when I tell him we get to go get big brother up from his nap. The smothering. The kisses. The shrieks of delight. (Ben ben, I hope you never out grow this!)

The way Cole watches out for his little brother, protecting him as big brothers do.

They fight, yes, very much so. But the sweetness that follows sugar coats any bickering and seems to make it fade into nothing.

And I sit in awe that God chose me, to watch these two boys grow together. To watch them as they meld hearts, as they learn how to care, to love, to share, to apologize, to forgive, and to walk alongside one another.

That, my friends, is JOY. Joy, represented in the strongest way possible. By two brothers.

And I get a front row seat.

Thank you Jesus for these gifts, I need nothing else this gave me my world.

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