Friday, November 29, 2013

Tis the season for....

Christmas Trees! We aren't usually the family that runs out and gets their tree the day after Thanksgiving. But after looking our calendar over, we realized that if we didn't go today....we might not be able to get one at all!

Thankfully, we had some good helpers....they may not have made it a speedy process, but they sure made it so much more fun!

That little stinker spent more time playing hide n seek, looking for mushrooms, and finding a sword then he did looking for a tree.

Kyle got his workout as both boys decided that they would rather be carried than walk. And apparently he has better arms for carrying then their mama.

And then while in his arms both boys got swept up in what I like to call a "love fest".

And as if that wasn't enough to make me wipe a tear....they had to kill me with this.

All the while I'm about a puddle of mush and Kyle is just trying to hold onto the two sweethearts that are feeling festive and full of brotherly love.

They could not be any more precious, really, they couldn't. And their love for each other just seeps out, sometimes at the most unexpected times, in the middle of a Christmas tree farm.

After the love fest came to a halt, we finally picked a tree....and it never fails, by "picking" a tree I mean we walk around, and around, looking for the perfect tree, find one, and then find something wrong with it....until we reach a point where we just grab the nearest tree and call it good. But we really couldn't haven't gotten a bad one here, they were all gorgeous.

Cole insisted on helping daddy haul out the tree....

That is, until he saw the tractor...and then was offered a ride in it.

Tractors trump everything.

Bennett didn't seem to be the biggest fan, but tolerated it. I mean, he was sitting next to big brother...all was good with his world. Cole on the other hand...well, just look at that face, happy as a clam.

Both boys passed out on the car ride home. I guess that fresh, tree air really did a number.

We let Cole sleep in his car seat while Kyle got the tree ready, we thought it would be a fun treat for when he woke up, then he woke up.....

There will be no pics documenting what happened next. Some one definitely was not feeling the "love" or Christmas cheer. We found ourselves with a flopping and flailing toddler, screaming on the to the tree.

Merry Christmas Cole.

Once he regained his composer, got a little milk in his belly, we were good to go. And we had plenty of help decorating that tree. Two extra sets of eager hands, just what we needed.

Bennett is about as determined as I assumed he would be. And I think he has learned how to say his first phrase. "No Touch!" every time I would say it to him, he would repeat it and then grin at me. Kind of like this....

Oh Bennett, quit being so cute and so stubborn....and put that ornament back.

Now to see how long the tree stays standing!

Can't believe we are actually moving into the Christmas season, so excited to build great memories with these little treasures.


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    1. Thanks Sarah! You have a pretty cute family as well, I love following your blog. :)