Monday, November 25, 2013

My big boy at 3

So where do you even begin a post when there are so many things to talk about? I have been absolutely amazed at each one of my boys lately. They are growing, learning, and changing in leaps and bounds. I fear if i don't start recording some of these things I will forget them. Because let's be honest, my brain isn't what it used to be. I think I pushed some of it out along with both babes.

Let's start with this guy.

He is talking up a storm. Every moment of every day he is saying something, repeating what he hears, questioning things he doesn't understand. And this mama LOVES it!

One of my most favorite things he has said thus far....during a conversation where I was praising him for obeying me, I proudly said,  "Cole, that makes me soooo happy that you listened and obeyed!" He then looked at me, and said, " AND DESUS TOO!!!!"

Yes, yes, Jesus too....I'm sure He was beaming down like one very proud Papa at that very moment.

Although, Cole has also tried using this same sentence when trying to convince me that he really wasn't misbehaving, and that "Desus" was truly happy about his not-so-great decisions.

Lately, he has been wanting to pray before dinner. And it usually goes something like this, "Desus, mumble, mumble, squeak, dub-a-dub-duh....and it's barely audible, we usually have to wind it up with an  "AMEN!"

Both my Grandma's took all of us girls and our kids out to lunch at the Olive Garden the other day. Cole got his first taste of bread sticks and decided that they were quite the thing. In the middle of lunch, he started yelling "BREAD STICK!" (only stick did not come out as 'stick'). I quickly tried to quietly correct him and really enunciate the 'st' part....only to which he repeatedly enunciated his version over and over again. We have got to get those S's figured out!

And while we are talking about things that Cole shouldn't say.....let me share with you his favorite phrase to say, he gets in trouble every time for saying he has changed his tactic of being able to make sure he gets in his two cents.

"Whadda Heck" (what the heck).

I didn't think I used this phrase, but apparently I do. And apparently he homed in on it right away. And apparently he thinks it sounds pretty cool to say. The first time he said it, I got down and looked him straight in the eye and said, "Cole we don't say what the heck". To which he now will sit down next to me, scoot in real close, and whisper "Wha-da---heck...heck, heck, heck....." I look at him (trying not to laugh) tell him not to say that, and in between every word I say, he whispers "heck".

Seriously, you try and keep a straight face.

Awhile ago we were over at my parent's house with my sister and nieces. All of a sudden Cole leaned forward with big eyes staring right at my niece. In a very serious and deep voice he goes, "Na (Jenna) NOOOOOO, WHADDA HECK!" He is now the "what the heck" monitor and takes it very seriously.

My other favorite word that he says currently is finger...or "binger" as he calls it. And he is obsessed with them! Or I should say he is obsessed with hang nails. He examines his fingers all the time, and if he see's the slightest resemblance of a hang nail that is all I hear about. Until finally he will announce, "Mama I got da hang nail on my binger, and it aaaaaall better!"

He has picked up biting his nails, drives me up the wall.....

Cole loves to help Bennett walk, which usually consists of him holding both Bennett's hands and dragging him around the house. Poor Bennett's little legs spin like wheels trying to keep up and stay upright at the same time. Usually there is a face plant involved, but Bennett either gets up, smile on his face, ready to be helped by his hero of a brother all over again. Or he squawks really loud, letting everyone know that he is incredibly displeased.

He loves to sing, and I often here him humming different tunes or singing his own versions of songs.

He loves to count, and count with his fingers.

He just learned to sign "I love you" I always know when he is trying to sign it because it takes him a good five minutes to get his fingers in order, and a couple tries to get the correct fingers in the right position.

He loves to give kisses that end with a nice little pop of the lips. And has taken up talking with his hands, he uses them to emphasize important words, or to make me really understand what he is trying to get across.

While out shopping he came across the jewelry section at Banana Republic. He was so enamored at all the sparkly stuff and immediately started loading up his arms with great big bling-bling bracelets. All the time saying, "oooooh, dat barkley!" He was so proud of his "barkley" arms that he had to run and show daddy. Kyle's face was priceless.

He loves puzzles....and of course trains, I'm sure he will always love trains. I have realized that Kyle and I have a weak spot in our hearts for Cole and his trains. while at Ikea he spotted the newest drawbridge addition to the Ikea train set, he stared at it for a long time, carefully picked it off the shelf, looking at it from every angle, and then asked his dadda if he could have it. I watched as Kyle tried to make him put it back but then melted when Cole hugged it close to his chest. Saying "no" wasn't an option, plus he walked all the way through Ikea without even one little fit. And obeyed practically every word we said. This same scenario replayed the other day in Home Goods when Cole spotted a Chugginton train.....we have a problem.

He is such a sweet blessing in our lives. He makes us laugh, and sit amazed at the big boy he is becoming. He has a heart of gold. While out shopping a lady accidentally knocked some toys off of a shelf....Cole went right over to help her pick them up. Seriously, made my heart swell. He loves presents, to both receive and give them. The presents he gives usually end up being a bunch of miscellaneous things he finds around the house, trash, and bobbi pins....and sometimes even his beloved trains.  Such a giving spirit. He dotes on his baby brother and often showers him with hugs an loves. Such a tender soul. He is amazing, made me want to have 10 babies after having him (Bennett helped me scale that number back.....) I just love him so so much, and I feel incredibly blessed to be called his mama, even when I don't deserve it.

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