Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So it begins...

Put your hand in the air if you have officially decided you are much too mature for crawling.

Ta-da! That would be me

I put on my big boy diapers and grew up over night......

Yes, yes I did--big boy, right here.

I am sooooo proud, and so is my mama. 

Meanwhile, in the background.....this was also happening.....

Boxes. Life savers. Hours of entertainment, even when completely broken down. 

Then there was this earlier the same day....

Just when you thought his box outfit couldn't get any better. 

Mama's rain boots on the wrong foot: check. Mickey Mouse undies: check. Helicopter-24-month-way-too-small-but-still-squeezing-into-it-and not-wanting-to change-it-pajama-top: check.

Mama's delight: double check!

This little snippet into my every day life is what makes me adore my job even more. 

How Thankful I am of these little blessings and the joy, laughs, and love they bring.

May you be reminded of your blessings, big and small on this Thanksgiving day!

A very Happy Thanksgiving from the undie boy and his brother. :)

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