Monday, November 4, 2013

One Word


Sums up this past week.

Both boys have rewired their sweet little bodies into thinking that they need to wake up all hours of the night....again.

Thank you daylight savings for making this new found nightly ritual even more pronounced in the part of my brain that says, "I can't do this."

And thank you sweet babes for reminding me that this is exactly what I should be thankful for. For these moments when my earthly body cries out for rest. The moments when I realize being a mom shouldn't rest on my shoulders alone, that I need to allow God to step in, pick me up and keep teaching how far HE can take me, and that together "we can do this!"

I know we can. And for that I am so grateful.

And then I look around and these little boys scurrying around, tackling each other, laughing together, and loving one another and I let out a long breath, clutching coffee in hand.

These moments are a mere mist.

Soak it up Caley. (I keep trying to tell myself)

Live it, breathe it, and enjoy it......even the days when it hurts to hold my eyelids open. Because one day they will be grown and on their own...and I know I will cry for it back.

I will miss this. Even with the lack of rest, there were many sweet memories I never want to forget

Lots of helping daddy "pick up leaves".

Stinks to be so little sometimes!

Trick or treating with the cutest little cow and bee on this side of Heaven. And the memory of a sweet big brother bee who made sure to get an extra piece of candy to give to his brother....he took the duty very seriously. And it made my heart melt over and over again.

If only I could train him to like hats....

Even with little to no sleep they still seemed to muster enough energy for this.....

Typical. And so is this.....

While loving on his brother, Cole looked at me and goes, "picture mama!"

Makes the exhaustion melt away for a brief moment.  And I think to myself, no place I would rather be...soaking up these two little sweethearts, playing play dough, wiping snot out of my hair, and going on safari hunts.

I'm going to run with this motto, and try to engrave it deeply into my tired tired brain, an exhausted life is a rich and full life, with much to be thankful for.

At least that was what this sweet face was telling me all morning! 


  1. I hear you!! :) Sweet faces, thankful hearts, tired bodies. That's what you and I are living with. Love you, Caley. Thanks for the encouraging post.

    1. Anna, if only we lived closer so we could bring our children over to each others house, dump a bunch of blocks in the middle of the room, and take turns taking naps.... ;) I have a feeling though, we would end up chatting instead, which would probably be more reviving than anything. ;) Hang in there friend.... WE CAN DO THIS!

  2. For me, I've always feel like the days with little kids are lonnnng. But somehow the years are ridiculously short, you know?

    I love your perspective! So good and so true. They told me it would go fast too- and it's scary how true it is! I feel like we're finally moving into the next phase, as my youngest is out of diapers now...hard to believe! It was the most amazing thing when I finally could take an actual sick day, and nobody needed me to be able to use the potty, and my seven year old could make them all a (sloppy, but edible) lunch. Every phase has been great and also challenging in its own way so far, but I have to say...there is some rest right around the corner for you!

    P.S. Your boys are adorable!

    1. Thank you Kayla! The years seem super short...already! I about cried the other day thinking about how within the next 3 years Cole will be in school :( While that makes me sad already, the thought of no diapers and having a boy that can actually dress himself makes me very excited! ;) And sick days......yeah, it will come huh ;) Glad you were able to take one and hopefully recover faster.