Monday, October 28, 2013

Train Party

Cole has been talking about his train party since I first brought up the idea....months ago. He is OBSESSED with trains so I decided to capitalize on it while I had the chance.

I was so tempted to just purchase a package printable deal, there are soooo many cute ones out there. But in the end I opted to try and save the money and just use most of what we had or could borrow from my family.

I had found some super cute free printables online that I had meant to use, but ufortunately we don't have a printer and for some reason we couldn't find out flash drive, so taking them to kinkos was not an option.

So back to just using what we had.

I did splurge and buy a roll of tickets at the dollar store to make a ticket garland. An easy and cheap way to add color while adding to the theme.

My dad was kind enough to set up his American Flyer trains, some of them he had when he was Cole's age! Cole thought Papa's trains were pretty fact, I believe those may have been his exact words. It took everything in him to be a good boy and not play with them. Oh, but he wanted too.

(And notice that adorable train belt? That was his daddy's when he was a little boy, the buckle is actually shaped like a train! I about died when "Bramma" brought it over.)

We served Cole's favorites, popcorn and chocolate milk (or cocoa as he calls it...usually ovaltine, but home made chocolate for his special day). He would have that every single day if I let him.

Kid after my own heart.

So it was a pretty easy decision to set up a "Popcorn Station"....get it?

Themes....I have a problem.

I am going to share the popcorn recipes later this week, as they are super addicting and super easy to make! It was really fun for everyone to be able to walk over and make up their own popcorn mix with add-ins of their choosing. I may be repeating this idea for future parties, definitely cost effective and easy on the mama preparing it!

The "Happy Birthday" banner is one that has been hung at practically all of our birthdays growing up. with the sentimental value it was pretty sweet to be able to incorporate it into the party. The banner below is simply made out of red twine and burlap strips.

No party would be complete without cupcakes. The request was for blue cupcakes, but unfortunately I had ordered some special aqua coloring, and didn't realize it had been delivered until after I finished the cupcakes. But it didn't seem to phase the birthday boy in the least....

I love how he always keeps the same cupcake eating form every year.  He always goes straight foe the frosting and then munches his way to the middle. This year they were filled with peanut butter cookie dough....yum.

We had so much fun celebrating this little boy. He has blessed us richly and life would not be complete without him. I look forward to many more train filled days!

Life would not be complete with all 3 of my guys. Love them all.

And love everyone that came out to celebrate!

Just having a little man to man heart-to-heart with Uncle Chris

 Happy 3rd birthday my sweet man!


  1. What beautiful pictures and what a lovely party. I always love visiting your blog, Caley!

    1. Thanks Robyn! And thanks for all of your frosting suggestions :)

  2. Caley, this is so adorable! Also, there is a train ride from Gherabaldi to Rock Away Beach at the coast and it's really reasonable. During the summer they run a regular schedule, and the rest of the year there are special dates it runs. Anyways we took our kids on it once (and we will go again). I am sure Cole would love it.

    1. Thanks Melissa! And.....yes, I think we will need to check out that train ride! It sounds fabulous, Cole would be in heaven! :)

  3. What a cute party!! And what a cute boy!! :) Happy birthday, Cole. I can't believe it's been 3 years already.