Friday, October 18, 2013

Fishies and Referees

Someone is learning new tricks.

Aside from the grinding of his brand new teeth, he also found this....

I see a lot of that little tongue these days.

And also a lot of new faces, someone has been experimenting with his lips.

There are a lot of fishy and puckered lips going on around here.

A lot of reading books. He finally sits still long enough to read through one---sometimes he gets the quick and condensed version, but I'm just glad he is interested.
A lot of picking out his favorite book, standing up and then walking it over to me. (ah, my baby is growing up)

A lot of saying "cat" just because he can.

A lot of trying to keep shoes on.....and then finding this. (I give up)

A lot of following big brother around.

Followed by lots of kisses.

And then sometimes this happens.......possibly a million times a day.

Brothers will be brothers.

One brother screams because the other is driving toy cars all over his face.

One brother hollers because the other is sitting on him, steam rolling him, taking his favorite book from him.....

And so it begins. The joy of having two boys close in age. There will be competition, tests of strength, all out wrestling matches....and of course intense brotherly companionship.

I wouldn't have it any other way. Although lately I feel my title should be brother referee rather than mom. But I still wouldn't change a thing.

This is life with boys, and I can't help but be thankful for this season that we are in. (I just glanced over at my youngest just as he gives me a big grin and starts dancing to the alphabet song.....yep, love this season!)

Now I have some fishy lips crawling there way over to me, must go and soak those up while I have the chance!

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