Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Alphabet Birthday Breakdown.

Usually I make things easy on myself by deciding a theme, buying a full printable package, and then purchasing a few things here and there to complete a party. But this year I wanted to try and use what I had and spend money on some fun details. I didn't want it to be cookie cutter, and I wanted it to have charm and character.

Of all the years to try this approach, this probably wasn't the best. We have been beyond busy every single weekend, we had trips to the hospital, very sick little boys, and everything in between. We actually had to cancel poor Bennett's birthday not once, but twice. For a brief moment I even considered cancelling it all together......but I just couldn't do that, not for my Bennett boy.

For me, 1st birthday's are very very special. Not only are you celebrating a sweet little babe making his way into toddlerhood. But you get to celebrate the fact that you both made it, you both survived, you both learned the art of coexisting, how to understand, love, and participate in grace daily. You survived, they survived and it was beautiful.

So despite the odds, and what some may think on first birthdays I was headstrong on making it work....and thanks to some help from my mom I think we were able to pull it off.

I started by choosing an alphabet theme, fitting for any little kid party. I decided to use this adorable garland my mom and I had used for my sister's baby shower. Which proves that it is versatile for both boys and girls.

Plus, it's free! Can't beat that!

You can find the garland from The Handmade Home. Print it on card stock, cut and string or I used mini clothespins. Easy as 1-2-3.

For Bennett's garland I left out some of the more frilly letters like the ballerina, high heel shoes, and dress coat.....

Originally I had planned on having the party outside in our backyard. I had visions of lanterns hung in the trees, floating gently above long tables that were to host an ice cream bar (because my son is obsessed with ice cream!) a lemonade table, and a pretty back drop strung along the fence that would make super cute cake smash photos. That vision quickly vanished when the forecast predicted  40 mph winds and excessive amounts of rain.

So much for plan A, I had to get creative with Plan B. So the Sundae Bar was moved into our formal dining room....and the lanterns helped add color and frame the Sundae Bar.

 I bought the white containers from amazon, wrapped them with aqua bakers twine and finished them off with chevron wooden dessert spoons. While it probable wasn't completely necessary, it sure was nice to not have do a bunch of dishes after the party was over. Sooooo worth it to me!

Cole helped dip the cones in chocolate and roll in sprinkles. He loved it and had chocolate up to his elbows, naturally.

The garland was super easy and super fun to make. I just ordered some woolen felt balls off of Etsy, and then threaded it together with a needle. I might try and eventually incorporate it in one of the boys' rooms once I actually get around to decorating them! I also used the same felt balls to make fake Craspedia Billy Ball flowers. I plan on keeping those around and adding them to my shelves every once in awhile.

My parents battled wind, rain and awful conditions just to bring me fresh cut dahlia's. I know it's a boy's party....but a I just couldn't help myself, they are too beautiful.

Ok, I just have to take a minute to point out that adorable vintage truck! My Mother-In-Law actually just passed that down to me several weeks before the party. If I remember right, it used to belong to Kyle's Grandpa's, then passed to his dad and now our boys! I about died when I first saw it, so perfect and so special to have. Thank you Bonnie! 

Oh, and I couldn't have a party without using my milk glass bottles. I think I'm addicted to these guys!

Last minute I decided to try and create a present area....and maybe try and hide our ugly green fireplace. I used some ABC pictures that had originally been in Cole's nursery. And then I threw together another garland. You can never have enough garland!

All in all it was a wonderful day celebrating such a precious little boy. He deserved every ounce of energy that went into his special birthday. I still can't get over the fact that he is one. Seriously, why does it happen so fast? And how did I luck out to get two incredibly handsome, sickening sweet little boys.

Blessed. That's what I am. So amazingly blessed.

I don't deserve him, but God knew I needed him.

He is spicy, he is kind, he has an opinion, always.

He hates hats. Like, rips them off the moment they touch the tip of his curls....

Soooo...his party hat was a fun one....Leave it alone Bennett!


He was hesitant when it came to his cupcake. He seemed more interested in what was going on around him. At one point he was scooping frosting into his mouth without taking his eyes off of everyone surrounding him.

And then this happened.

It's not your first birthday unless you have cake on your mug and in your ear.

Happy Birthday little boy, you are my happy place, my joy, my life.

Your brother thinks so too, or at least he thought that of your cake....


  1. Aw, what sweet pictures of such a sweet and special day! It looks like it was tons of fun!

  2. Happy Birthday Bennett! Well done capturing special moments and making memories.