Monday, September 30, 2013

12 month milestones

So much has happened in one month. So much growing, so much changing, so much going from baby to toddler. All in one month.

Bennett may be larger than life, but apparently he is one little turkey. He is 28 inches long, and only weighing in at just barely over 17 lbs. he is wearing a solid 9 months, and can wear some 6-12 month clothing. he is still in a size 3 diaper. And his 6-12 months shoes are just now starting to fit. We are starting to see a slight decline in his weight, and so we have one month to try and pack on some pounds otherwise they are going to have to do a bunch of testing. They want to make sure there isn't anything internally that is prohibiting his body the chance to gain weight appropriately. Praying he is just following in his mama's footsteps for now and then will grow into daddy's later on.

He LOVES to eat, everything. Which is why I am baffled by his lack of weight gain. Personally, I think he is just burning off his calories too quickly, he is always moving. If he steals some of brother's food, and I start coming to get him...he crams whatever he can in his mouth and takes off as fast as he can the opposite direction. Smart kid.

He loves to walk holding my hands, and has recently been trying to ditch one hand. AND he actually took 4 steps to me all on his own this past week!

He loves to use any object that might move as his own personal walker. If it will move, he will push it. I find chairs, baskets, toys, highchairs all over the place because he has used them as his mode of transportation. Pretty cute.

He got his first two teeth this past month, they are both on the bottom and both completely adorable! It looks like his top two are about to follow shortly. With all the teething and being sick, he is back to waking up several times a night. And has thrown in a couple nightly parties as well. I always know he is planning a party when he starts humming while he nurses.....then he pops off, smiles at me and starts saying "dadda" and laughing over and over again. How can you not join in on the fun with that kind of invitation??? :)

He has resorted to giving the biggest, the wettest, the best open-mouthed kisses around. Seriously, I ask for a kiss, and he comes at me, slobber dripping and plants one right on my lips....melts me...although I could do with a little less tongue action...we will work on that little boy.

Little or not, he is such a sweetie pie. Seriously, he is so adorable you just want to squeeze him when he smiles at you. He is really coming alive in his own personality. I don't know if it was his turning one or not, but ever since, he has seemed extra content. He used to have to be hanging off of me to be somewhat content, but lately he is into exploring his curiosity.

My new favorite thing that he does is when I say "hello" he puts his hand up to his ear and says "hey-yay" and then grins from ear to ear. We have some lively phone chats this way. Nothing I love better than chatting it up with my baby!

I have truly been soaking up every moment with that sweet face.

I mean, how could you not? I am completely and utterly in awe that I get to call him mine. And completely in awe when I see him growing and changing right before my eyes.

His new favorite game is putting blocks and such into containers. He gets very pleased with himself. he also still loves to knock over anything and everything that big brother builds. It's as if it's his duty...when duty calls...

He is still so attached to his daddy, it's truly precious. He is also still very much attached to his older brother. Upon waking, all I have to say is, "go see brother" and he starts pointing downstairs and "talking". He has graduated from the head to head kiss that he used to give Cole. He now gets his lips pursed and starts homing in while making a "Mmmmmmaaaawww" sound.

He has been imitating me a lot recently.  The other day I sneezed. He started crawling around going "choooooo". Any time I would fake sneeze he would follow it up with his own sneeze. but of course when I tried to get him to perform for anyone, he would have nothing to do with it! Such a stinker.

Have I ever mentioned how this kid can climb?!?! Good night, he gives me a heart attack! I never had to deal with much of that with Cole, he was my cautious child. This one.....this one will try and climb anything and everything. If I turn my head for more than a second, I find him teetering on top of something, always super proud and always super happy about his achievement.

He also finally mastered the art of going down stairs. Those stairs are like cat nip to him.....

He seems to have sprouted over night. His birthday outfit used to fit him just right.....yesterday when we finally celebrated his birthday he was all high-waters and I had to let out his suspenders. Good. Let's hope that will make the doctor happy.

Speaking of party, we had so much fun celebrating this sweet little munchkin that has overtaken our lives and our hearts.  Hopefully I will have a post up within the next day or so all about the details in his party. I want to share with everyone the best printable alphabet set out there. And also share pictures of the cutest one year old out there, we are smitten...absolutely smitten with him.

How could you not be? Those lips, those eyes, that face...and his super charming little personality.

I can't get enough....

I love you baby boy, so much!


  1. Laney too only weighed a little over 17 lbs at 12months. The exact same weight she was at 6 months. She had a little height growth in 6 months, but nothing else. Yet, she is walking, beginning to talk, and perfectly healthy. Oh, and she eats like a grown man, ha!
    I would be shocked if you had a huge kid.
    He is beautiful and I'm glad he is doing so well. No more scares Mr. Bennett!

  2. Thanks Jody! Honestly, I'm not super worried about his weight...I never even made it on the charts! I would LOVE to see pics of Lainey, I don't think I have seen any since she was about 4 months old. Please send some my way if you get a free moment. :) Why is it that the biggest baby eaters always seem to be the wee ones?!